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To support the Tuttles prayerfully:

Read the blog or sign up for posts to your mailbox.  Pray.  :)

To support the Tuttles financially:

Please send a check to:

Christian Missions in Many Lands

PO Box 13
Spring Lake, NJ 07762

To designate money for us:
1. Write check to CMML (do not write our names on the check)
2. Attach a post-it or note saying that the money is to be distributed to Micah & Amy Tuttle. They automatically will send a receipt for use in tax-deduction.
3. Put both in the envelope and mail to the above address.
Call this number if you don't receive your receipt or if you have any questions, (732) 449-8880.

About CMML: 100% of funds designated to us get to us.  The organization exists to serve the missionaries commended by associated churches.

or Send amazon.com gift cards to be used to buy homeschool materials.  :) 

To support the Tuttles sentimentally:

Write e-mails. Respond to prayer letters. Call us. Send gifts often... heheheh.  ;)