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We have been involved in the Lord's reconciling work in Peru since 2001, in fact we were here when the towers fell. When we first arrived in Peru with our 2 little guys (Javen, then 2.5yo and Cullen, 1.5yo), we spent a number of months learning Spanish and shadowing Bert and Colleen Elliot. We also spent time in Cajamarca (N.Andes) and Puerto Maldonado (S.Amazon).  After 14 months, we returned to the US as planned to report to our elders and regroup. At that time we were surprised by Bria, and were delighted with the addition of the first girl in our family. We got back to Peru as soon as we could, and relocated to Cajamarca, a charming town nestled in a green valley at 3,000ft in the Andes Mountains.

Micah worked away busily there alongside a Peruvian elder, doing all that is entailed under the capacity of 'elder'. He evangelized, visited church members, worked with the youth group, visited churches teaching the leaders, preached the gospel in the established church Centro Biblico Cajamarca, as well as led a mission team in planting a new church in one of the small towns a couple of hours out of town. Amy concentrated on their growing brood, adding another to the number, our only Peruvian so far... Josiah.

After 3 and a half years, we decided to take some months to finish Micah's degree in Intercultural Studies/Theology. So, we packed up and spent 6 months in the US. We returned to Cajamarca for almost a year before heading back to finish another semester at Emmaus Bible College in Iowa. This time though just before leaving Peru, we lost a baby on the way. At 17 weeks of pregnancy, our 5th baby (a boy!) went straight to heaven. We arrived in the States just in time to receive much encouragement and to become heavily involved in growing a Spanish speaking Bible study made up of a pretty good mix of immigrants. During this time we were blessed with Aleya Mya Grace, currently our youngest, our second girl.

When Mya was only 3 weeks old, we headed back to Peru, this time to serve with IBEM (a Bible/Missions Institute),in Trujillo again close to the Elliots (we enjoy them SO much). Here Micah was, as usual, involved in regular public evangelism events, teaching in the Institute and supporting ministries of Centro Biblico Trujillo and in the mission points in the outlying areas of the city of Trujillo.

Over the years, Micah has made a good number of trips to the jungle region of Peru and has ALWAYS dreamed of being involved in the Lord's work in the more remote areas where there are few workers. He was tempted again during a trip in 2008 and this time he fell head over heels... we visited as a family in November of 2008 and again in January 2009. We decided to make a trial of 3 months in the city of Tarapoto, and then felt led to stay for an indefinite period of time to establish a church from a very small group of believers (10) who had already been meeting for some time.

We moved to Tarapoto in April of 2009, and have now been here for over a year. Along with the believers' savings and some designated gifts we have been able to raise a building to meet in, and we continue to labor with the material that the Lord provides, both spiritually and tangibly speaking. We are praying that the Lord would send or raise up workers to continue in the capacity of elder in the church here.

Micah makes a week-long trip every month to visit the churches along the river in the area. The idea is to visit 4-5 churches each trip, always rotating, with the idea of visiting all the towns over a year's time. Some towns have had churches in the past but do not now, and many of the churches lack leadership and may or may not be currently meeting. Micah's purpose is to evangelize, equip, exhort and encourage the believers to meet together and to get serious about studying their Bibles. It is an enormous opportunity... too big for one person to do alone. We are constantly praying for Peruvian missionaries to come and share in the Lord's work among their own countrymen.

Amy is working in the daily discipleship arena with our 5 little amazing children. She is currently concentrating on homeschooling the two oldest who are now in 5th grade, Bria who is in 1st, Siah in Kindergarten and Mya (who if we can keep out of trouble, we're doing alright!). The kids are doing well with their Spanish, they have friends from all over Peru (the places we've lived and visited). They enjoy our trips to Trujillo and the two older boys have accompanied their dad on more than one jungle excursion. We're pretty sure, this is valuable life experience. :)

Thank you for reading and joining us in prayer. Please feel free to contact us for current prayer requests.