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Where are the prophets?

Where are the prophets today? I mean those that preach the truth with conviction, with power, with authority, with courage. Where are they. I don't care about their education or if they have a seminary degree... I ask: Where are the men who have really met with God? .... Look at the men that God used in the Bible. Peter a fisherman, Gideon a nobody, David a shepherd.... Amos was a farmer but roared like a lion.... Jeremiah was a youth but he had fire in his bones... Elisha could see things that others couldn't. Where are these kinds of men today?.... They are busy playing on their I-phones. They are checking the scores of yesterdays game. They are catching up on twitter. They are looking at facebook. They are posting on their blog..... Uh.... I gotta go now....

Micah for the Tuttles

I arrived home from preaching in the villages on Tuesday and on Wednesday morning Amy went into labor (three weeks early). The birth was without complications but it was very long and difficult! Finally, on Thursday at about 4:30 a.m her water broke and after about two more hours the travail turned to elation as we got to meet Ellia Ana Alegra Tuttle. She was 7 lbs 14 oz, 19 inches long and very beautiful! Amy was amazing. I think if I was her I would have fainted from a combination of exhaustion, pain and fear but Amy had incredible stamina and courage to get to the finish line. Once the baby was born it was as if all the difficult labor was completely forgotten .... well maybe not "completely" :) But like the apostle said: "The anguish turns to joy" (Jn 16:21). Birth is a real miracle!

We are officially a BIG FAMILY! With the addition of Ellia we now have three girls and three boys. I can't think of a neater combination of kids! We thank God for His many blessings! Amy is the ultimate "Supermom". Javen and Cullen are the best teenage boys in the world. Bria and Josiah make us almost explode with joy. And now Mya has Ellia, the perfect partner to shine with in unspeakable cuteness. You might think I'm gushing.... but I don't mind. I just never imagined having such a great family.

Someone asked me the other day why we have so many kids and I replied: "My wife and I are extremely intelligent people and we feel that it would be a real waste if we didn't do our best to keep passing on these great God-given genes" :)

Micah for the Tuttle's

Flood the villages!

Missionary tidbit for the day: C.T Studd, famous English cricket player and millionaire, left all to be a missionary in Africa when he saw a sign at church with the words: "CANNIBALS WANT MISSIONARIES"

On a different missionary note: The rainy season has arrived! The river is blown out and several of "my villages" are flooded. The high waters have served to remind me that it is my goal to rain down the gospel of God on these villages and flood them with the glory of Christ.

A few days ago four Peruvian believers and myself headed down the turbulent waters of the Huallaga river to spearhead this months scheduled missions trip. Lizzi Espinosa from Trujillo, who ministers with Child Evangelism Fellowship, went along with us to work with children and to train some of the sisters in how to do Sunday school. It is a real blessing to see her biblical approach to reaching children with the gospel.

One objective that I had for this trip was to take a 13 horsepower "Peke peke" canoe motor to evangelist Kiker Napuchi. This brother is doing a great job of visiting his neighboring villages, preaching the gospel and encouraging the brethren. He was really excited and thankful when he received this new ministry tool. With this brand new "peke peke" he will be able to get around a lot faster and go to a lot more villages.

Before embarking on our trip I had told the team that I was going to cut out early and head back to Tarapoto so as to be with Amy for our imminent baby birth. So after preaching in Navarro and then sending the team off to continue in the next villages I headed back up river in the "Chasqui" toward home. I was really hoping that the baby wouldn't try to come while I was gone and thank the Lord... she didn't. Now I'm home and we're preparing for this big event. Please pray for us. She's coming any day now!

Micah for the Tuttle's


Someone recently asked us for a short "Bio" concerning the basics of who we are, what we are doing and how we got here. We know that many of you already know this information but I was thinking it would probably be good to put this on our blog for those that don't know and are interested. So here it is:

Micah and Amy grew up in Christian homes, attended Christian school and were high-school sweethearts, married shortly after graduation. Micah worked as an apprentice and later as a licensed electrician for about 5 years until he could no longer resist the missionary call. Eastgate Bible Chapel commended the Tuttles to the work in Peru in December, 2000. Accompanied by their six wonderful children, living and working in different parts of Peru for the past 14 years, they now reside in the northern jungles. Micah's ministry focus is divided between evangelism, the church plant in Tarapoto and river ministry to 30 villages along the Huallaga River.

This work is an extension of Burt and Colleen Elliot's river ministry discontinued about 30 years ago. Following the Elliot's refocus to the mountains and coastal areas, the work along the river began to decline. In 2008, the Tuttles recognizing the great need and encouraged by the Elliots, decided to move to a seemingly forgotten corner of the world. While focusing on being a living example of a Christ-centered family, biblical preaching and also spearheading exciting jungle treks, it is their goal to make Christ's name great in the jungles of Peru. There is much to do, and as always, the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few!

Missionary quote for the day by Charles Spurgeon: "Someone asked: Will the heathen who have never heard the Gospel be saved? It is more a question with me whether we — who have the Gospel and fail to give it to those who have not — can be saved."

Micah for the Tuttles

Dad! "Preach God"

Ten days ago brother Eber and I headed down river in the "Chasqui del Rey". The Lord really seemed to use us as we were able to encourage the brethren in several pueblos. Along the way we picked up a few key brothers to go and study at the much anticipated "Capacitacion Biblica" in Yurimaguas. We spent the night in one of my favorite villages (Achinamisa) where we preached in the square, taught in the church and worked on their construction project. After a great time with the church we continued our journey on to "the big city" where the Bible classes were to take place.

Before I left on this trip Bria wrote me a note admonishing me with several things including: "Don't be lazy" and "Preach God". I tried to follow her instructions.... In Yurimaguas I taught 40 students in two classes: Evangelism and Eschatology. The students had to bear with me for five hours every day and in the end I think they enjoyed the long and grueling study :) We desperately need God to raise up biblical preachers and teachers here in the jungle to carry on the work. Please pray for me as I keep to Bria's advice, make disciples and prepare key men in this forgotten corner of the world.

Each evening after the classes were over and after having rested a bit I took several of the students with me to go and preach in the open air. On most occasions we started out singing to draw a crowd. Then I would preach. After about 30 minutes my aching vocal cords and sore abdominals couldn't hold out and I'd have to quit. Then, being drenched in sweat I'd sit down to speak with heartbroken individuals. All the while the students passed out tracts, gave council and did one-on-one evangelism. These were great times of being used by the Lord and used up for His glory. Please pray that God would cause fruit to be born through our labors!

Missions quote for the day by George Whitefield: "I love those that thunder out the Word. The Christian world is in a deep sleep! Nothing but a loud voice can awaken them out of it."

Micah for the Tuttle's

Irresponsible missionary

I'm an irresponsible missionary! I had my monthly river trip all planned. I organized a wonderful team of seven people that would go with me. I had coordinated with the villages that we would preach in. All the brethren in these villages were excited about my arrival. Then, the night before our departure we all sat down to go over the last details of our trip and I announced with a big smile: "I'm not going!" "You guys will do fine without me."

The last two months have just been too full and and there is still a lot left on the calender. To a certain extent I've been neglecting my family. My family is more important to me than the ministry and I want them to know it. I don't care about a dynamic ministry reaching lots of spiritually needy people if I, in the end, lose my family. There are too many preachers who have tremendous ministries and their family is a disaster. I'm not going down that road.

The team (5 believers from our Tarapoto assembly, 1 from Trujillo, and 1 from Bolivia) went along without me and did a great job of preaching, teaching and encouraging the brethren in the villages. They are back now and all the reports are excellent. Here at home we had four wonderful days of "just us". It was awesome! We haven't been "just us" for months. Amy and I went out on a date every day for four days. We all did home-school together. We had a ping-pong tournament. We played football. We watched movies. We ate ice-cream. We played Stratego. It might have been the greatest 4 days of the year..... Maybe it wasn't so irresponsible to drop out of the river trip :)

Marriage quote for the day by Martin Luther: "Let the wife make the husband glad to come home, and let him make her sorry to see him leave."

Micah for the Tuttles

"Fire in the bones"

January has been very busy! I preached 52 times this month. All of those messages have been in different settings and to different kinds of people. I kept thinking of the prophet Jeremiah who said: "God's word was in my heart like a burning fire, it was shut up in my bones, I was weary of holding it back and I could not." We must press on! We must preach the word in season and out of season!

On Friday, as I finished up a week of preaching at a youth camp I was feeling quite exhausted but at the same time I felt "weary of holding it back". That night I ended up preaching at the camp-fire for about two hours. God really seemed to use it as the Holy Spirit worked on the conscious of almost everyone. I don't really know how to explain it... A lot of brokenness over sin. A lot of repentance. A lot of restoration. Please pray for these youth!

I arrived home from the youth camp feeling drained... But then rejuvenated as we had a "surprise visit" from some of the brothers at Heart-Cry Missionary Society. It was extremely encouraging and really great to see them. Just as they were leaving God blessed us again with the arrival of Chris Mattix (missionary to Bolivia). He will be with us for about three weeks preaching and teaching here in our Tarapoto assembly. We thank God that he sends help and encouragement at just the right time.

Missionary quote of the day by John Wesley: "You have nothing to do but to save souls; therefore spend and be spent in this work."

Micah for the Tuttle's

A quick breather

I'm on my way home! After two tremendous weeks of preaching and teaching on the coast of Peru I can finally take a quick breather. Aside from the class-room time, many hours were spent in counseling and exhorting and helping the brethren. It seems like God really used the time for the encouragement of many of these future church leaders. It was fun to see so many of the Lord's servants together in one place.... but now all I want to do is see my family.

I'm presently on my way back home to Tarapoto where I'll be with my wonderful wife and kids for about two days and then.... I have to travel (again) to take part in a week long youth conference in one of the villages along the river where I'll be teaching. Please pray for me as January and February are VERY full and I feel torn between ministry and family.

Micah for the Tuttle's

Coastal trip

Please pray for me as I head toward the coast of Peru. I'm sitting in the bus right now on my way to the city of Trujillo (17 hour drive). I'll be with the Bible institute for two weeks teaching through the book of Genesis and also teaching on the "Christian Home"

Tremendous opportunity to impact key church leaders! Please pray!

Leonard Ravenhill said: "A sinning man stops praying, a praying man stops sinning"

Micah Tuttle

It's a jungle out there!

Thank you for praying! The Lord really blessed our bi-annual convention of river churches! Brothers and sisters came from almost all of the thirty villages that are on my preaching circuit. Brother Mariano and myself spent 5 days preaching until our throats were raw. When we weren't preaching every spare moment was used up (during meals, between meetings and late at night). Sometimes it was marriage counseling, sometimes it was trying to heal church divisions, sometimes it was distributing medicine and at other times it was dealing with false teachers. It was exhausting but at the same time it was exciting to see the Lord work in lives of many people.

Huge vampire bats owned the night sky, and razor-toothed piranhas swarmed the waters of Navarro's lake. "It's a jungle out there!" As I preached during one of the mid-day meetings I couldn't help but notice a commotion at the back of the congregation. I had to stop when people started to jump up out of their chairs yelling: "Afaninga! Afaninga!" After a brief tumult we had one dead snake and about 200 shaken up brothers :) That's one way to keep everyone awake! Never a dull moment in the jungle :)

The boat that the Lord has provided continues to be a huge blessing as we were able to transport many of the believers to and from their villages. I was able to taxi from pueblo to pueblo rather safely and I only hit rocks twice.... I'm still learning :) .... We praise God for His protection! The convention was a great time and I loved every minute of it but my favorite moment was arriving home to squeals and laughter and hugs and back-slaps from from my family. So good to be home with my wonderful wife and kids! Just in time for Christmas. Thank you for your prayers!

Missions quote of the day by David Brainerd: "I care not how or where I live, or what hardships I may go through, I care only that I should gain souls for Christ.”

Micah for the Tuttle's