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To Peru And Back Again

While in Peru for the month of January I was able to preach and teach all over the place. I taught at the annual "Capacitation Biblica" in Trujillo and then after that there were several meetings in Cajamarca, Tarapoto and Yurimaguas. We visited many villages along the way doing lots of evangelism and encouraging the saints. Toward the end of the trip I had several meetings in Lima and then even preached in Miami Fl where I spent a weekend with the saints at Boulevard Bible Chapel. In all I preached 43 times in 12 different cities in 31 days. The Lord was gracious and gave me endurance all the way to the end of the marathon!

In our last blog post I wrote about how I traveled from the the coast of Peru to the mountains to the jungle and as I went I was able to pick up several men that accompanied me along the way. I've always taken groups of guys along on my trips but this time I was more intentional about focusing on these individuals more than on the masses. Prayer, Bible reading and worship were central to everything we did. It was amazing to see the contagious enthusiasm for discipleship as we went from place to place. One guy even quit his job to come with us! After all twelve seats in our van were taken I didn't have room for any more passengers but I did develop a long list of names of guys that were practically begging to be included in the discipleship group next time I do this! It was probably one of the most effective things I've ever done in ministry as I gave them all varying responsibilities and multiple opportunities to preach and lead and serve in the different communities that we visited. We traveled about 3000 miles in all and everywhere we went the saints would give their chickens, ginny-pigs, wild-boar meat and whatever else they had to feed us with a royal feast. News would somehow spread (without cellphones and internet) that we had arrived and people came from all over the place to listen as we held gospel meetings. Kids came out of the woodwork for children's meetings and the brothers and sisters quit everything to soak in all the bible teaching that they could get in our short visits.

About halfway through my adventures Amy left the kids with her mom in Dubuque, hopped on a plane and came to join me in Tarapoto. There are many stories we could share about Amy's visit but the following story was the biggest highlight: While flying from Lima, Amy struck up a friendly conversation with the young woman sitting next to her. The woman said that she was from a village in the area but that she now lives in Lima and was coming to see if she could get custody of her four year old son whom she hadn’t seen in about a year. Immediately Amy saw the pain, the darkness, and disconnection. Amy gently dealt with the sorrow and confusion that this woman was feeling and guided the conversation to the only One that gives peace in the midst of the storm. They ended up having a great talk about Christ and the restoration that He can bring. Near the end of the flight the woman said that she was from a village along the Huallaga river called “Achinamisa” and that she had a sister who belonged to the church there. Amy said “Wow, my husband Miqueas visits that church all the time!” The young woman was incredulous! She said: “Miqueas?!” “My sister named her son Miqueas after their missionary friend who preaches in all the villages! Amy looked at her new friend and said: “Thats my husband! and it’s not by random chance that we are sitting together on this airplane. This is a divine appointment, preordained by God so that we might talk about your greatest need at this difficult time in your life.” Please pray for AnaMaria who is now meeting with some of the sisters in the Tarapoto assembly!

I write all this as I sit stranded, because of a snow storm, in the Moline Illinois airport. I'm reflecting on an incredible month of ministry and at the same time I'm anxious to see my family, hopefully within just a few hours. I've never been away from my kids for this long. My heart aches for them. My real disciples! I've always known that but.... it just hit me like a ton of bricks.... Amy and the kids are my, real, life-long, most precious disciples! All the things in ministry that I might be able to accomplish don't matter if I fail with my family. You can get thousands of converts and plant dozens of churches, start multiple bible institutes and preach your heart out everywhere you go... but if you haven't made disciples at home you've missed the whole point. It's time to go home and do my real job!

Quote of the day by D.L Moody "I believe that the family was established long before the church and my duty is to my family first. I am not to neglect my family!"

Micah for the Tuttle's


For the past two weeks I tried to replicate what Jesus did on earth in His ministry with His disciples..... Of course, I'm not God and I fell short in every way, but as Christians we are to be Christ to the world as we walk in the power of the Spirit. With this in mind I did my best to invest in twelve men who ministered with me as we journeyed across Northern Peru. We were able to reach thousands of people in one way or another but the real impact, I pray, will be on those twelve men who will go back to their home churches with a passion for discipleship.

The last 14 days were a real whirlwind of evangelism, discipleship, and preaching. I started in Trujillo where I picked up 6 brothers who all traveled with me up over the Andes mountains and into the jungle. Along the way we visited several villages and acquired 6 more disciples as we went. Each brother that accepted the invitation to go knew that it was going to be a hardcore trip with little rest, lots of bible, prayer, teaching and evangelism. We prayed for hours each day, studied Genesis 1-11 and read out-loud all of Nehemiah, Daniel, Luke, Acts, Romans and Revelation. Every time we came to a new village we sang and preached in the main square, went house to house sharing the gospel and met with the believers that were there. We helped the poor, prayed for the sick, put together children's meetings, preached on the radio, taught in adobe church buildings and on one occasion, we even encountered a demon possessed man. Everywhere we went the brothers and sisters greeted us with great joy, vigorous handshakes, backslapping and hugs. They made us meals, gave us a place to set up our tents and helped to support everything we did. I gave all I had as I tried to make the most of every minute with individuals while not neglecting the masses that we engaged with everywhere we went. It was an incredible time and the Lord blessed us greatly! Several of the disciples told me afterward that it was the most impacting two weeks of their life! I pray that the Lord will continue to use this experience in the life of each brother that accompanied me.

Here's what a "normal" day's schedule looked like:

4:30 Prayer
6:30 Reflection from one of the disciples
7:30 Breakfast
8:30 I taught Genesis
11:30 Children's meeting
1:00 Lunch
2:00 Bible reading
4:00 House to house evangelism
6:00 Dinner
7:00 Open air preaching
9:00 Meeting with the elders/leaders of the local church
11:00 Prayer
12:00 Bed

Missions quote #1 by C.S Lewis: “The church exists for nothing else but to draw men into Christ, to make them little Christ's. If they are not doing that, all the cathedrals, clergy, missions, sermons, even the Bible itself, are simply a waste of time. God became man for no other purpose.”

Missions quote #2 by Bill Hull: “Discipleship is the only hope for this world-- it hasn’t worked because it hasn’t been done— it hasn’t been done because we are distracted, we are an impatient lot who have been more interested in ourselves and our kingdoms than Christ and His. Only when a person submits to a community of serious Christ-followers can they learn to do all that Christ commanded.”
~ Bill Hull

Micah for the Tuttle's

Happy New Year!
Amy and I and our kids have all had a great holiday season here in Dubuque Iowa. Christmas this year was quite different for us. It snowed on Christmas Eve and then the temperatures plummeted below zero.... -13 F, frozen pipes and snow is a drastic change from Tarapoto where it's usually 95 F and very muggy. It was a new experience for us as we wrapped ourselves in blankets, sat around our cozy and well stoked wood-stove and sang Christmas carols.

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In spite of the cold, I'm trying to start off the new year with the goal of having at least one good gospel conversation each day: Here's how my first evangelism experience for 2018 went: While at the gas station yesterday, I approached an African-american man and offered him a tract saying: "This is a little something about the bible. Read it when you have a chance." He said: "Thanks" and lingered a moment with a curious look on his face. I said: "What's your opinion about God and the Bible?" He said: "Oh, I believe that everything we see had to come from a higher power." I replied: "Do you think we can have a personal relationship with that higher power?" He said: "I think that you just got to be faithful to your religion whether that's Islam or Buddhism or Christianity." I said: "So you think all religions lead to God?" he replied: "Yeah, just pick a religion and be faithful to it." I said: "What do you think about Jesus' words: “I am the way the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father but through me."? He was dumbfounded... and then said "Whoa, I get it... fist-bump." After we fist-bumped I went into some of the 10 commandments.... He agreed that he had broken many of them and on judgment day he would be guilty. Then I asked: "Where do you think the guilty will spend eternity?.. He hesitated and said: "Well, I've heard the Bible talks about Hell." I nodded and then I showed him our need for Jesus as our perfect substitute who paid the price that we should have had to pay. He said “Woa, I've never understood that before.... give me another fist-bump man...." After that second fist-bump he said: "People in this world need to hear what you're talking about... Our world is so messed up with gangs and violence and racism and here you are a white guy sharing the love of God with a black guy." I said: "The Bible teaches that all human beings are created in God's image, and really, there are only two races in this world: Believers and Unbelievers...." He said: "Dood! Lets skip the fist-bump... give me a hug man." ........ Please pray for fist-bumping Don!

Upcoming Peru trip
While evangelism is exciting anywhere and anytime, I'm extra excited to announce that I'll be doing evangelism and giving fist-bumps and hugs in Peru within just a few days!! I fly to the land of the Incas on January 4th and a busy month of Peruvian ministry will begin as soon as I arrive. I'll be teaching through the book of Genesis for a week at "Capacitation Biblica" which takes place every year in the coastal town of Trujillo. After that event I hope to pick up a few disciples to take along as I go preaching from village to village in the mountains and in the jungle. Amy will join me when I arrive in Tarapoto where we will finally see the saints in whom we invested so much time and energy and love over a span of about 9 years. We look forward to this with great anticipation as we haven't seen any of them for about 13 months! After a week on our old stomping grounds, Amy and I will head to Lima to meet with some of the churches there and to do some unfinished work in the immigration offices. Then on February 1st we will fly back to our kids in Dubuque who should be having a great time with Amy's mom playing in the snow and stoking the fire :) Please pray for us during this packed month of preaching, teaching and evangelism in Peru!

2018 Schedule
We continue to plan and prepare and pray about how we can impact churches and young people in the USA. We are very excited about our "Spark" weekend conferences that lead to a "Light" week-long conference which, in turn, leads to the "Blaze" summer-long discipleship program. Apart from those events we have many other engagements on our 2018 schedule. Please pray for all of these opportunities and the many preparations that need to be made. Here is a run-down of some of the things that we have on our calendar for this coming year:

January 4-31 In Peru (Trujillo, Cajamarca, Tarapoto, Lima)
February 10-11 Amy speaks at a Women's retreat in Des Moines, IA
February 19 Chapel at Emmaus Bible College
March 5-9 "Light" conference in Dubuque, IA
March 23-24 "Spark" conference in Orlando, FL
April 14-15 NW Iowa Missions Conference in George, IA
April 17 Frontier School of the Bible Chapel in La Grange, WY.
April 20-22 Lakeside Bible Camp in Seattle, WA with Northgate Bible Chapel
April 29 Eastgate Bible Chapel in Portland, OR.
May 1-11 Emmaus Correspondence School conference in Bogota, Colombia
May 25-28 Youth conference in San Fransisco, CA
June 4 "Blaze discipleship" begins its 77 day marathon in Dubuque, IA.
June 24-30 High school camp at Camp Horizon in Orlando, FL
July 20 Flight to Peru for a super awesome missions trip with "Blaze" students
August 3-5 I escape from Peru to Dallas, TX to speak at the FIBA conference
August 6 Back to the super awesome Blaze team in Peru
August 13 Blaze team comes back from Peru
August 18-19 "Torch" weekend event to close out our first summer of "Blaze discipleship"
September 1-3 Youth conference at Camp Hope in Dahlonega GA
September 21-23 Family Camp at Dayspring Bible Camp in St. Louis, MO.
October 6-7 Youth Conference in Baltimore, MD.
October 13-14 CMML Missions conference at Believers Bible Chapel in Augusta, GA.

Micah for the Tuttle's

Missions quote for the day by John Wesley: “Unless God has raised you up for this very thing, you will be worn out by the opposition of men and devils. But if God be for you, who can be against you? Are all of them together stronger than God?”
― John Wesley


As I type this Amy and I sit at the back of an airplane and I can hardly contain my desire to get up and preach to the captive audience around me. I know its weird…. It’s just that I’m feeling the fire in my bones at this moment….. We are seated with five other exhausted team members. Each one poured himself out in an effort to encourage and challenge the brothers and sisters that were able to come to our first SPARK event which took place at Mount Hermon Camp near Cupertino California. We decided to limit the group to just 40 participants with the hope that we could really engage with each one and have more of an impact on a personal level. It was sad to turn away late registrants but it ended up being a good decision as we were able to do many things that we couldn't have done with a bigger crowd.

There were times of prayer, praise, teaching, reflection, evangelism, and brainstorming about how we can do a better job at discipleship. It was incredible! The Lord did great things! Several assemblies were represented and they all had a genuine desire for unity and action. We had a great balance of different age groups who all made an effort to bridge generational barriers and learn from one another. Tools were given, passion was imparted and a vision was mapped out. God blessed our planning and our efforts! We are so thankful for everyone on the team at Emmaus International! Each one employed their gifts and abilities in a wonderful way. It was like a spiritual symphony with each instrument complementing the other as the Conductor skillfully guided them all to excellence.

Missions quote for the day by Dietrich Bonhoeffer: "Christianity without discipleship is always Christianity without Christ."

Micah for the Tuttles

As I type this I sit in an airplane flying at 30,000 feet somewhere over the western United States. Praying for revival in the land that I see below me! I just finished up an incredible weekend with some great brothers and sisters from several assemblies at a missions conference in San Jose California. It was extremely encouraging to see a passion for evangelism, discipleship and missions from a very diverse group of different ethnicities and ages! Throughout the course of the weekend I was able to preach several times and it seems that the Lord really used it. God has been doing something special in the Bay Area for a long time and it was a privilege to see it and to learn from the body of Christ that is shining brightly in that dark place!

The month of October was filled with many opportunities to proclaim God's word as we traveled to several different churches around the state of Iowa. Sunday's are especially long days for us as we usually load everyone into the van at about 6 a.m and drive a few hours to wherever I might be preaching. After great food and fellowship with wonderful brothers and sisters we drive back to Dubuque, arriving around 6 p.m, just in time for the evangelistic Spanish study that we started a few weeks ago. After a very exciting time studying the Bible with our Latino friends, we finally get to unwind and catch our breath at about 10:30 p.m. Please pray for endurance!

Another noteworthy thing from the month of October was Halloween night. I'm not a fan of Halloween. It's a celebration of evil spirits and it glorify's a culture of death.... but I have to admit: it's an evangelist's dream come true! We had all kinds of people come to our very doorstep practically begging for gospel tracts! Everyone was wearing outfits that basically screamed: "I'm insecure, please talk to me about Jesus". Zombies and ghosts and demons all came straight to us.... even the devil himself showed up! I gave out almost a thousands tracts in less than two hours.... no exaggeration! Evidently our neighborhood loves to "trick or treat"! It was a great way to meet our new neighbors and share Christ with them from the very beginning!

New neighbors..... we are actually the new ones on the block. The Lord has blessed us with a house in Dubuque! It's a real fixer but we hope to turn it into a good home-base for our family and ministry. Hopefully it will give us some stability as we have been totally nomadic for almost a year now. Please pray that the Lord would be glorified and that much spiritual fruit would be borne at 379 S Grandview Dubuque Iowa 52003.

We continue to transition into an itinerant ministry here in the USA and we thank everyone who has been praying for us and supporting us financially. We do need it! Please pray for us as we endeavor to stir up a new generation that would preach Christ and go forward in the areas of evangelism, discipleship, church planting and missions.

Missions quote of the day by Hudson Taylor: "Brother, if you would enter that Province, you must go forward on your knees."
(apply this to missions in the USA today)

Micah for the Tuttle's

LIT Discipleship

When my kids are pumped up about something they sometimes say: "Whoa! That's totally LIT!" ... Apparently this means "Rad"... at least, that's how we would have said it in the 80's :) That term "LIT" is what our team at Emmaus International has decided to use as a name for our discipleship program. We are using it as an acronym that stands for "Life In Truth" and at the same time it brings with it the idea of something that's burning or on fire. We want our hearts to burn within us as we see Christ in the scriptures and live for Him. We want believers hearts to be set on fire with a passion to know Jesus more intimately and to preach His everlasting gospel.

A fire starts with a small spark which then ignites combustible material into a little flame and then that flame spreads and becomes a hot blaze. In the same way a spiritual awakening starts when the Holy Spirit puts a small spark into the hearts of His people, that spark then turns into a burning flame which can ignite others who can then trigger a blazing revival.

This L.I.T discipleship program that we are starting will be composed of 3 parts which we are calling Spark, Ignite, and Blaze. We are planning weekend "Spark" conferences for the west coast, east coast and midwest regions. Those spark conferences will point to a short week of "Ignite" meetings in Dubuque Iowa which will encourage young people to come to our "Blaze" summer discipleship program that will consist of three months of intense study, prayer, worship, and ministry that culminates in a missions trip to the jungles of Peru.

At the end of our summer "Blaze" program we hope to have an end-cap event called "Torch" where we want to emphasize the importance of passing that fire, that "torch" on to others. So everyone who participated in any of those events throughout the year (Spark, Ignite, and Blaze) will be invited to come and seek the Lord together and to think about ways to more effectively pass the mantel, set a younger generation on fire and fulfill the great commission.

Missions quote for the day written in the 1700's by Lawrence Tribble: "One man wakes, awakens another, Second one wakes his next door brother. Three awake can rouse a town and turn the whole place upside down. Many awake will cause such a fuss it will awake all of us. One man wakes with dawn in his eyes, Surely then it multiplies."

Micah for the Tuttle's

The adrenaline was flowing and my heart was pounding as I crept closer and closer to a herd of elk that was led by a huge 6x6 bull. I had never been this close to a bull that big!! I had been bugling back and forth with him for about an hour. It got to the point where he was absolutely screaming at me. They were coming down one side of the canyon as I came down the other. Every time I moved I made sure that there was sufficient cover and that none of the elk could possibly see me. I worked hard to get close. When I got within 50 yards (bow-shot range) I could see that they were going to file up a game trail just ahead of me. I thought I would maneuver one last time to get into a better position for the shot.... I decided to go for it.... but as soon as I moved, the lead cow spotted me. Huge eyes! Ears turned back! She snorted and let out a loud warning call and then the whole herd crashed out the other way. The bull threw his antlers back and charged after the herd. When they got about 500 yards away he looked back toward me and let out several long and mocking bugles. Then they were gone..... It felt symbolic. Peru is gone. The dreams and aspirations are gone. I got so close! I worked so hard.... I'm kicking myself... I know, I know, I just have to let it go.

While on that four day elk hunting trip in the wilderness of eastern Oregon I was able to get alone with God, throw rocks at heaven and cry out to Him.... This change hurts! The loss is gut-wrenching! .... I finally gave in.... I didn't get an elk but I got something much better... a renewed vision. It's been a difficult yet exciting month. There have been a lot of mixed feelings. On one hand I've felt like we've lost huge parts of our life (our older sons to college and Peru to the USA). On the other hand we've gained so much (a great team in Dubuque Iowa and amazing ministry opportunities). My heart has been torn with the idea of breaking away from the work in the jungles of Peru..... But, it's exciting to look to the future and see what God has for us in North America.

If you were supporting us because you wanted to support the work that was done in Peru you should stop now. Please support Jesse and Janel Mattix who are doing a great job in Tarapoto. We will still be full time missionaries and if you feel so led you can still support us through CMML, but we will now be based in the USA. Our mission field will primarily be North America but will also include visits to Peru and other countries as the Lord opens doors. We are trusting the Lord for His provision as we continue to preach the gospel in a full time capacity. Our home base will be Dubuque Iowa so that we can work alongside (not for) Emmaus International in hopes of starting a discipleship program there. Our prayer is that we can have a part in setting hearts on fire for God and that young people would be inspired to go forward with evangelism, discipleship, church planting and missions. We have been doing a lot of planning toward this end and our calendar is starting to come together. Basically, I will be doing a lot of itinerant preaching as we work together with our team toward developing a discipleship summer-school. Hopefully we can be a part of starting a contagious movement that spreads like wildfire as it invests in a younger generation.

So far our schedule looks like this:

October: Preaching in Des moines, Ankeny and Guttenburg Iowa.
November: Teaching at two conferences in the San Fransisco bay area.
December: Peru trip, preaching at the convention of river churches!!!!
January: Peru trip continued, teaching at a capacitation course in Trujillo
February: Peru trip continued, teaching at a capacitation course in Yurimaguas
March: Teaching at a "Spark" conference in NJ and then another conference in KC.
April: Preaching at a conference in Dubuque Iowa
May: Teaching in Bogota Colombia
June: 12 week discipleship summer-course begins!
July: Course continues as I escape for a week of ministry at a south Florida camp
August: The last six weeks of the course will involve an intense missions trip to Peru
September: Preaching at Camp Hope in Dahlonega Georgia
October: Teaching at a CMML conference in Augusta Georgia.

That's the basic idea for the next 13 months. Some things could change and there are a lot of other details that will fill out the calendar but that's the rough idea. Please pray! If God isn't at the center of all this our efforts will be in vain. We are really praying that God would spark revival as He works in the hearts of His people across the country. In Luke 24, Jesus shared with the disciples on the road to Emmaus the things concerning Himself. The disciples eyes were opened and their hearts burned with passion for their Savior. This is our hope for all who study with us! We want to see eyes opened and hearts on fire in churches everywhere. With that in view we have planned a few events that we are calling "Spark Conferences". The first one will be on November 17-19 in the San Fransisco Bay area where we hope to have inspiring times of prayer, worship and bible teaching. Please watch the following video and pray for this event.

Missions quote for the day by Martin Luther: "I'll preach Christ as if he was crucified yesterday, risen today and coming again tomorrow"

Micah for the Tuttle's

Painful.... but exciting!

I preface everything that I'm about to write with these words: "We are called to a person and not to a place." That person is our Lord Jesus Christ. The place may change but our God doesn't!

Several months ago I was preaching in an assembly and after the message a brother I didn't know came to me and said: "I feel like the Lord wants me to say to you that you should consider staying in North America for a few years to encourage the assemblies and try to stir up the younger generation to serve the Lord.".... When I heard this I thought to myself: "that's ridiculous, I'm going back to Peru." The next Sunday I preached again in another assembly and when I finished the message another brother came up and said the exact same thing. I thought: "Wow, that's what the guy said last week.... How strange"... The third Sunday it happened again! This brother repeated verbatim what the other two had said! On the fourth Sunday, when I finished up preaching, I was on the look-out for whoever it might be with this same message and sure enough an un-known brother approached me and said: "I feel like the Lord wants me to say to you that you should consider staying in North America for a few years to encourage the assemblies and try to stir up the younger generation to serve the Lord." ..... I just sat down and wanted to cry.... "All I want do is to go back to Peru, Lord!"

As we have traveled around North America we have seen a major need to reach a younger generation that is quickly disappearing from churches everywhere. There is also a major need to motivate and inspire churches in the areas of evangelism and missions. In the last few months the Lord has really opened up doors for us to do those things. God's leading has become even more evident as Emmaus Correspondence School has asked us if we would partner with them in trying to equip the next generation for evangelism and missions! We have a lot of brainstorming to do and we aren't sure what all the details will look like, but we are excited about the many possibilities. The primary vision is to train and equip young people for service by offering in-depth Bible study and training with application to daily life. There would also be practical opportunities to do evangelism and participate in extended missions trips. We have talked with our elders about all this and we feel the confirmation from them and from the Lord to go ahead with these ideas for the future. In the last two months things have really become more concrete and we feel like its time to start talking about this."

It has been exciting to see what the Lord has done over the last seventeen years in Peru. We have been able to share the gospel with thousands of people and help start a few churches and Bible institutes. The assembly in Tarapoto is growing and doing well with Peruvian leadership. The Bible institute in town (IBEM Selva) is doing well and under the leadership of Jesse and Janel Mattix. The village churches along the Huallaga river are thriving under their own leadership. The goal of missions is to make Christ's name great as you do evangelism, discipleship and church planting .... and then you hand the work off to the nationals and start all over somewhere else. We have arrived at that "start all over somewhere else" part.

"I love Peru, I miss Peru... It hurts to type this... I feel like my heart is being torn out... but, we have decided to transition into a different focus of ministry. We will continue to be missionaries supported through CMML but based in the USA while making frequent trips to Peru. Once all the details have been worked out my role will include itinerant preaching, teaching, evangelism and leading young people on extended missions trips to Peru that would enable students to see the work there in Tarapoto and along the river where the Lord has done great things. On these trips the students would be studying the bible and reading missionary biography's as they rub shoulders with missionaries and believers in a jungle context. Hopefully this would be an eye-opening and life-changing experience as they come away with something to inspire them with a vision of how God could use them in the future. Please be praying about all this! My heart aches to be in Peru but it's burning to be at the center of Gods will. It is a huge transition and very difficult for me but the Lord is doing it, so we go forward with much anticipation and excitement!

Missions quote #1: “Gods call on your life will often disrupt your plans and take you to places you might not want to go” -Unknown

Missions quote #2: "Expect great things from God, attempt great things for God" -William Carrey

Micah for the Tuttle's

As we flew over Fort McMurray Alberta in a tiny six-seater airplane I asked our pilot (Zack) if we had any parachutes on board. When he answered: "No" I asked what we should do if one of our wings fell off. He smiled, shook his head and replied: "the law of gravity is totally unforgiving." Later, when we had safely landed, Zack and I had a great conversation about spiritual things and I found that he was really searching. As we spoke together I reminded him that if he didn't have a parachute and he had to jump out of that airplane "the law of gravity would have been totally unforgiving with him." In the same way if we haven't put on our spiritual parachute the law of God will be totally unforgiving with us when we make the jump from life to death.... which we all have to do some day..... "It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment." (Hebrews 9:27). The big jump is coming! Jesus is the only parachute that will save you from the unforgiving law of God that you and I have broken! "Put on the Lord Jesus Christ" (Romans 13:14)..... Zack said: "Wow, that makes it pretty clear... Never thought about it like that before."

Since my last post we have traveled from Portland to Seattle to Spokane to Calgary to Fort McMurray and it has been exciting to pass out tracts and share the gospel with many people in many contexts. I've had some great conversations with many people of many races and many religions. Among the many races have been Arabs, Africans, Europeans, Orientals and Latins. The mission field has come to North America! Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and Atheists are everywhere and they all need Christ. What an opportunity! I've spoken with people in the park, at the gas station, on the golf course, in campgrounds, at restaurants, in airplanes and on the street. It's not too difficult when you are armed with tracts and looking to give them out wherever your day might take you. The end of the ages has come upon us... We ought to feel a sense of urgency in reaching the world with the gospel. It's good fishing out there!

Everywhere we go we have had a wonderful time with the body of Christ who has encouraged us greatly. We are thankful for the amazing brothers and sisters that have taken us in and loved us and treated us like family. As we visit with different assemblies in different places I continue to preach about three times a week. There is nothing better than opening God's word with fellow believers and encouraging one another in our walk with the Lord.

Tomorrow we will be leaving Northern Alberta and heading south toward Dubuque Iowa where we will be installing Javen and Cullen at Emmaus Bible College. After getting our boys set up, Amy and I will be involved in some important meetings about future ministry opportunities. After we wrap those meetings up I plan to do another post at the end of this month about how the Lord is leading us. We would greatly appreciate your prayers!

Missions Quote for the day by John Piper: “There are a thousand needs in the world, and none of them compares to the global need for the gospel.”

Micah for the Tuttle's

Tuttle-tidbits from June

Amy and Ellia and I just finished up a wonderful seven day trip to the Dominican Republic! We had the privilege of participating in two different conferences where brothers and sisters from assemblies all over the Spanish speaking world came together for a tremendous time of mutual encouragement in the Lord. It was a great week of worship and prayer and bible teaching and networking and strategizing. The language and the palm trees and the tropical climate all made it seem a bit like the jungles of Peru but the comparisons stopped there as we were pretty much spoiled in every way. Each day we enjoyed incredible accommodations, air conditioning, beautiful beaches, blue Caribbean water and lots of good food...... different.... but Peru is still better :)

In the last few months the Lord has opened up many doors for us to encourage and inspire and motivate His people in the areas of evangelism and missions. In many places we have been able to rub shoulders with "on fire" Christians who have encouraged us more than we have encouraged them. We are so grateful for all the brothers and sisters that have opened up their homes and shown us incredible hospitality. Everywhere that we have gone it has been a real privilege to preach in churches and in houses and at youth events and conferences along the way. At times our schedule has been feverish..... but that makes things all the more exciting.... Two weeks ago, Amy and I were asked to share at the southwest Indian brethren conference in Dallas where I ended up preaching 7 times in one day! It actually felt kind of like our river church conventions where I used to preach and teach basically from sun up to sun down. God seems to be doing something special in a lot of places and we pray that He would raise up a new generation to plow forward with the gospel.

Since our last update we have driven through Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho and Oregon. We have put 17,000 miles on our van so far and we've had zero problems. The van and trailer have performed amazingly for which we are very thankful! The few times when we weren't staying with fellow Christians we enjoyed camping in campgrounds along the way. One of our highlights last month was going through Yellowstone national park. On our very first day we saw a grizzly bear, a black bear, a wolf, a coyote, a few big-horn sheep, lots of bison, and elk and deer. All of this has given us a tremendous family time as we try to take advantage of our last few months together before Javen and Cullen begin life on their own at college.

Throughout our travels I have tried to share the gospel with as many people as possible. In the streets, in campgrounds, at gas stations, in restaurants, at barbur shops, on beaches and at tourist attractions. I have given out lots of tracts and had numerous one on one conversations with people in 28 different states. In all this gospel work one thing has really stood out to me: People are the same everywhere! Whether we were in NY City or in Wyoming in or the Dominican Republic or in Canada people are in great need of our great Savior. "Men love darkness rather than light because their deeds are evil" but when you share Christ with them in a loving and respectful way they will usually listen.

Missions quote of the day by Francis Chan: "Simon says: 'Pat your head' and we pat our heads... Jesus says: 'Go make disciples' and we memorize that verse"

Micah for the Tuttle's