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Missions quote for the day by Jim Elliot: "Father, make of me a crisis man. Bring those that I come into contact with to decision. Let me not be a milepost on a single road, rather, make me a fork, that men must turn one way or another as they face Christ in me."

Friday, January 25
This morning Nate Bramsen and I headed into the jungle accompanied by a team of eight Peruvians. As we navigated the muddy waters of the Huallaga river we cruised through a torrential downpour and then into a furnace of thick humidity. This river cuts through the eastern-most finger of the Andes mountains in the north of Peru and then flows into the lower Amazon basin. Breathtaking scenery! Brings back so many memories of the numerous river trips I've done here in the past 10 years. This never gets old! Along the way it was as if God unfolded a stunning canvas of His art-work with rainbow’s, waterfalls and vibrantly green foliage covering mountains that were shrouded in fog. All of creation screams of our God’s greatness! At about 3 pm we finally arrived in the port of one of my favorite villages, “Achinamisa”. Immediately we were greeted by a crowd of excited brothers and sisters. Wow! I’ve really missed these precious souls! There was plenty of joyful backslapping, vigorous handshakes and bone crushing hugs. It’s so good to be back! Before we knew it we were having a children’s meeting in the church building and then shortly after that an open air meeting in the main square. First day translating for Nate! Its fun to preach with someone that shares the same passion and urgency! This week is going to be a real blast!

Saturday, January 26
Last night I was awakened by a rat that ran right across my chest…. Didn't sleep very well after that! From here on out I’m setting up my tent! We began the day in prayer, bible and singing with our team that I’m calling: “the tremendous ten”. Elizabeth and Nancy are awesome with the kids. Our twenty-year-old youths, Dino, Eber, Roger and Jhon are eager to help with anything and everything! Lucho and Yuri are tending to the boat and do all the heavy lifting while Nate and I are preaching our hearts out three times a day. We need to be careful to not lose our voices at the beginning of this trip. It’s hard to hold back when you see lost and desperate souls sitting all around the main square hanging on every word of the message being preached. Both last night’s and tonight’s open air’s have been powerful! Listeners left stunned. Today was the first of seven full days doing the following schedule: Team prayer, Breakfast, Children’s meeting, Lunch, Children’s meeting, Dinner, Open air meeting, Personal prayer, Sleep.

Sunday, January 27
Great to have the Lords supper with the brethren here! The fruit of the vine is hard to come by in these parts, no grape-juice or wine to be found in this village so we used coconut water. God sees the heart! ….. After the church meeting we continued with our program and gathered the, more or less, 60 kids that we've been working with each day and we did one last VBS meeting for Achinamisa. Nate has been tremendous with these precious little children! It seems like he’s always got about 4 or 5 kids hanging all over him….. As we slowly motored the boat out of the port I yelled out to everyone on the riverbank a quick reminder from Revelation 22 that Jesus is coming quickly. I kept preaching it from the prow until we were out of earshot and then i flung myself into the river…. just don't want to leave this village! When the boat turned around to pick me up we went on to the thermal hot springs down river. Boiling hot water comes right out of the ground and then splits into two waterfalls. Great place to rest, recharge and refocus! When we arrived in the next village of Yarina, we immediately rounded up about 70 kids for an unforgettable “horita feliz”. So many special little souls! Tonight people crowded around to hear as Nate and I preached our hearts out. Now my head is throbbing and my vocal cords are raw but my heart is bursting with joy. It doesn't get any better than this!

Monday, January 28
At our team devotional this morning a demon possessed woman came into the room, fixed her eyes directly on me and took from her bag what looked like an animal fetus and waved it all around my face while murmuring unintelligible things and then she finally left. Very spooky! God is my rock and my fortress, my shield and my strong tower! We prayed! Torrential downpour all morning! When the rain let up we said our goodbyes, jumped into the boat and headed to the next village “Leche”. After installing our camp on the boarded up second story of a brother’s house we went around inviting all the kids to come out to the VBS. Its amazing how kids eagerly come out of the woodwork in all these villages! We had a great meeting! After a scrumptious meal of Yucca root and Cacao we went on to do the evening open air. The adults here aren't as eager as the kids are…. Not too many people showed up to sit on the benches that we put out, they preferred to hide themselves and listen from the shadows. All the same, we preached with every bit of urgency that we could muster.

Tuesday, January 29
Last night the river rose about 10 feet! Lucho and Yuri had to wade in chest high water for about a kilometer to get out to where we had tied up the boat yesterday! This is actually great news. The more water the better! The tributary we had to take is usually only about knee deep but with all this extra water we cruised all the way to Santa Rosillo with no problems. What’s usually a difficult ten hour hike turned into an easy two hour boat ride! Thanking the Lord!…… Upon arrival our team scattered throughout the village and invited all the kids for our usual meetings. When the kids descended upon the church building, the whole team sprang into action. Nancy and Elizabeth gave the lesson, Lucho taught the memory verse, Dino, Eber, Jhon and Roger lead the small groups and when they all came together again I translated for Nate who gave his, as usual, very dynamic message. The kids loved every minute of it!

Wednesday, January 30
Today we ate Powfil (jungle turkey) for breakfast, we had anyuje (a large jungle rat) for lunch, and we enjoyed Sajino (wild bore) for dinner. In addition to our usual schedule of children’s meetings and open air preaching we also did some hut to hut evangelism today. After everyone had some good conversations I wrapped things up by preaching on the towns loudspeaker. At the afternoon VBS Brother Roger organized an epic tug of war battle for the kids. It was loads of fun for everyone! After a great time with the kids I was able to escape for a prayer walk down my favorite jungle trail with the Lord. Golden moments alone with my Savior! The open air meeting tonight was especially powerful as Nate preached about trusting God in the midst of difficult circumstances. Wrapped up the day with a midnight swim in the river and gazing at a billion stars overhead while flashes of lighting lit up the sky on the distant horizon. Spectacular!

Thursday, January 31
We’ve picked up another team member, brother Milton from Santa Rosillo is coming with us to preach in the last two villages. As our boat pulled away from the crowd on the riverbank, Milton’s dog decided to followed us! He swam behind us dodging logs and rocks. When he came to exposed sand bars he would run along them and then dive into the water again. Nothing could stop that dog from following his master. What a spiritual lesson! Everyone was yelling at him to turn back but he would not be deterred! …. The river is way down. Couldn't use the motor so we had to float most of it, pushing our way through with a long stick (tangana). Along the way we got stuck a few times on sandbars. Each time several of the guys had to jump out and push. This is the life! When we arrived in San Jose they were smoking wild boar guts over a smoldering fire…. I might fast tonight :) ….. After exchanging hugs and greetings our team sprang into action and we held our usual children’s meeting followed by preaching the gospel to everyone who would come to the open air. It’s amazing how people can be so hardhearted so as to not respond to Nate’s convicting messages. Just a reminder to me; “You respond Micah, you respond!”

Friday, February 1
Didn't sleep much because of the all-night drunken party and pounding music across the street. It was a good opportunity to pray and learn patience. After stumbling out of our tents and having a good devotional time we enjoyed a breakfast of champions: Mashed plantains that had been cooked in pig lard accompanied by one inch thick bacon slices and corn chicha. Delicious! …… It’s Bria’s Birthday today! I called her from the satellite phone in town. She is becoming such precious and virtuous woman of God! She said it was -30F in Dubuque IA! It’s +90F here. After the VBS we jumped in the boat and motored our way down the Chipurana river and then up a portion of the Huallaga and finally after about four hours we arrive in the village of Huimbayoc where we went for it again. This doesn't get old! Precious kids. Precious souls. Tonight we preached our last open air message and we tried to leave it all out there, didn't hold anything back! Finished with head pounding, throat aching, chest heaving. “Lord, please use these messages to spark revival in the land!”

Saturday, February 2
Woke up with strained vocal cords, small price to pay if Christ can be preached! We said our goodbye’s and then we began our long boat ride up river toward civilization. As we cruised along we ate smoked pork, plantains and rice which had been wrapped in banana leaves and sent with us for easy transportation. Sitting here in the boat I reflect on some of the things that God has used Nate to teach/re-teach me this week:

1. Don’t waste the difficult circumstances that God puts into your life. Turn them into opportunities, and find joy in the midst of the storm.
2. You’ve got to leave the work in God’s hands. He saves souls you don’t. He brings them to maturity in Christ you don’t.
3. Make disciples! Invest in faithful, available, teachable young guys that can carry on with the work. Life on life, live with them, give them an example but also give them an opportunity.
4. Focus on kids! Children are sponges. They are the future. They want your attention. They want your touch. You have a chance to impact a life that hasn’t rejected God yet.
5. Love people. Christianity is not only taught it’s caught. People see your love or lack of it.

Micah for the Tuttle's

From Dubuque to Tarapoto!

I have arrived in the jungles of Peru! The next month and a half will be filled with many epic reunions and a plethora of ministry opportunities! The first big adventure will be a hard core jungle trip with my good friend Nate Bramsen. Those of you that know Nate are aware that he is battling through cancer right now. When I asked if he wanted to cancel the big trip he said: "Can't let a little cancer be an excuse to suggest that God's strength won't be more than enough"... "It's about Christ not about cancer." ..... So, we're going for it! Please pray for us as we will be taking 8 Peruvian brothers along with us to visit 6 villages in 8 days. We will be trekking deep into the jungle, swimming rivers and slogging through many miles of muddy trails. Can't wait to show the love of Christ to the villagers while preaching the gospel and pleading with souls to repent and trust in Jesus.

It's been quite the temperature change! Yesterday morning it was -7F in Dubuque and this morning it's +90F in Tarapoto! The humidity is what really hits you though. As soon as I got off the plane the sweat began to pour off my brow and it hasn't stopped since. Feels kinda good! Three days ago the kids and I had a blast sledding, throwing snowballs and making snow-angles together. In about two weeks Amy, Bria, Josiah, Mya and Ellia will all arrive here in Tarapoto and at that point we will have to look for some warm-weather fun :)

Please keep praying for our Spanish Bible study! There are several unbelievers that come from time to time. Our hope is that the Lord would save souls and that this evangelistic study would become a church someday! We have scheduled the study to continue in our absence and they should do well with brother Angel from Venezuela who will lead the study in the coming weeks. These next two months will be a good test for the group.

The Lord continues to open up doors for Amy and I to inspire a new generation in the areas of evangelism, discipleship, missions and church planting. Last week Amy spoke to the women at Emmaus while I spoke to the men. We both felt like the Lord really used the time for His glory as we tried to challenge and encourage the students. Dubuque is such a strategic place to be with so many young people that have tremendous gifts and abilities and potential to be useful instruments in God's hands. Please pray for us as we try to invest in many of these young people.

I want to share the gospel with everything that moves. I want to proclaim God's word everywhere whether that's in individual conversations in the street or in home bibles studies or in the mall or in church buildings. We are called to a Person, not a place. That Person is Jesus Christ.... the place may change but the Person doesn't! I'm definitely excited that for the next month and a half I get to proclaim Him in Peru! And I'm very thankful that He is the same Person no matter where in the world I find myself.

Missions quote for the day by Nate Saint: “I would rather die now than live a life of oblivious ease in so sick a world.”

Micah for the Tuttle's

Since I last wrote an update we've had many opportunities to preach God's word in churches, conferences, homes and in the streets. I've been able to, not only teach evangelism but also do it, in places like Philadelphia PN, Belmar NJ, Albert Lee MN, Boston MA, Chicago IL, Rochester NY, and of course, in Dubuque IA. There are many stories to tell about the great things that God is doing as He continues to open doors to preach Christ to anything and everything that moves. For the sake of "reader attention span" I'll just give a part of one of those stories.... The following conversation was one of the most epic I've ever had and it sets my heart on fire to keep fishing for the Lord! It goes like this:

"You don't realize what's going on".... the gangster said.... "I have a knife in my pocket.... I was sitting here planning how I was going to stab those two punks that are over there. I had just decided that it was worth going to jail for, if the cops catch up to me........ and then God sends you to talk to me!! Who are you!?! This must be some kind of a divine appointment!"

Mall stabbing averted!.......

This encounter happened on Saturday, at our Spark conference in Boston as I led 40 brothers and sisters to a nearby shopping Mall to do some evangelism..... I had approached this angry looking gangster type of guy who seemed to be just smoldering with hate. I tried to be friendly and I asked if he'd like to participate in a questionnaire that I was doing. He just looked at me..... so I proceeded by saying: "The first question is; Do you believe in a higher power?" His face kinda fell and he answered: "Yes, I guess I do." I replied: "If you could ask anything from that higher power what would it be?" With that question he paused, almost melted, looked down and sadly said: ........ "Forgiveness." I asked: "How do you think you can get that forgiveness?" He replied: "I have no idea.... I wish I knew."

At this point I abandoned the questionnaire and said: "I think you're spot on with your one wish... forgiveness is everyone's greatest need. When you think about it we've all sinned in more ways than we can count. Have you ever lied? Stolen? Lusted? Envied? Hated?" .... He had tears in his eyes and he said: "All of those things and many more have me in chains.... what can I do?" I said: "The whole message of the Bible tells us about how we, who bear Gods image, have rebelled against Him and broken all of His high requirements that are set forth in the Ten Commandments.... On judgment day, which is fast approaching, you will have to give an account for everything you've ever done, said, or even thought about."

Once again the gangster anxiously asked: "What can I do!?" I replied: "Your only hope is Jesus! God became a man and lived the perfect life that you couldn't live. He died on that cross enduring the wrath of God the Father and paid the price that you should have had to pay for your sins.... Friend, repent! Come to Jesus while there's still time! He's your only hope to be set free from those chains of sin that are holding you prisoner!"

That's when the gangster who, now had tears rolling down his cheeks, replied: "You don't realize what's going on"..... "I have a knife in my pocket.... I was sitting here planning how I was going to stab those two punks that are standing over there. I had just decided that it was worth going to jail for, if the cops catch up to me........ and then God sends you to talk to me!! Who are you!?! This must be some kind of a divine appointment!"

I told him: "Don't you see what's happening!? The Devil is destroying your life! He wants to wreck you and take you to hell.... and you're giving in... one decision at a time! .... Yet God loves you, he wants to restore you, fill your life with meaning and purpose and give you that forgiveness and restoration that you don't deserve but so desperately need! You need to come to Jesus in repentance and faith!" I said: "You're right about this being a divine appointment! I'm not from here, I've never even been in Boston before, I'm only here in this mall for one hour and it's because God sent me to talk with you! ..... What will you do with Jesus?"

More tears came, as he begged me to pray for him. After praying together we continued to talk about God's righteousness, coming judgement and His great mercies. Too many things were discussed to write them all here at this time but just let me ask you to please pray for "Angel" the gangster.

Missions quote for the day by C.H Spurgeon: "To be a soul winner is the happiest thing in the world."

Micah for the Tuttle's

Since our last update we've had many great opportunities to preach the gospel and encourage the Lord's people in Atlanta, Seattle, Portland, Sioux Falls, Dubuque, Baltimore, Augusta and Raleigh..... We have driven thousands of miles through several States and we've flown over many more. We are very thankful for those that have prayed for us. The Lord seems to be doing something special!

After arriving back in the USA from our epic BLAZE discipleship trip to the jungles of Peru, we kicked off September with a youth retreat in Dahlonega Georgia. About 200 youth showed up at Camp Hope and the Lord really worked in many lives. After the messages on both Friday and Saturday nights I talked with precious and broken souls until the early morning hours about God's great love and mercy and restoration that can be found in Jesus Christ. It was a special time and a tremendous opportunity to impact many people with God's word.

When things wrapped up at Camp Hope we had just enough time to load up the van and drive to Seattle where we did a SPARK event with the rest of the team from Emmaus International. It was encouraging to see 40 brothers and sisters who came with a serious desire to go forward in the areas of evangelism and discipleship! These SPARK conferences are really going well and the Lord is using them to inspire and encourage all those who attend. Please pray for this ministry!

After spending time with the brethren in Seattle we headed to Eagle Fern Camp near Portland Oregon. Over the course of that weekend I preached five times there at Eastgate Bible Chapel's fall retreat. Amy and I and the kids had a fantastic time with all the brothers and sisters that were able to come out. It was a real privilege to open Gods word together! A major highlight was to see three new believers baptized! We are praying that they would go on for the Lord and bear much fruit!

The following weekend I flew to Baltimore where I had the opportunity to preach at a youth event. It was a great conference and the Lord really blessed our time. The biggest highlight for me was crossing paths with Fred Ruff (Missionary to China). The very first time I ever preached a sermon was about 19 years ago in Seattle at a missionary focus event. I was a co-speaker with Fred and I'll never forget how he took me aside after the conference and he gave me 30 minutes of godly council about ministry and then....... he signed his conference check over to me! He never knew the impact that would have on a 23 year-old, prospective missionary kid. Thank the Lord for those old guys that encourage and pour into the lives of the next generation!

Last weekend Amy and I had a whirlwind of travel and speaking as we left the kids in good hands at home in Dubuque and then flew to Augusta Georgia. Upon arrival Amy rented a car and drove to Raleigh NC where she shared at a women's conference while I stayed there in Augusta to preach at a Missions event. We both had effective and encouraging times with the different groups and it was great to meet more of our family in Christ! Please pray that the Lord would raise up a new generation of missionaries and evangelists and preachers and brothers and sisters with a passion to live lives not wasted!

Missions quote for the day: "You cannot preach conviction of sin unless you have suffered it. You cannot preach repentance unless you have practiced it. You cannot preach faith unless you have exercised it. True preaching is artesian; it wells up from the great depths of the soul. If Christ has not made a well within us, there will be no outflow from us." -C.H Spurgeon

Epic jungle discipleship adventure
This particular discipleship event was physically demanding, it was hard, it was exhausting, it was humbling, it was heart-breaking, it was bonding and it was perspective shifting. The disciples saw a totally different culture, a different way of life and a whole new poverty level. It gave them opportunities to suffer well and to share the gospel with neglected and needy people. We did open air preaching, children's meetings and hut to hut evangelism while using skits, songs and testimonies. We struggled through lots of blisters and chaffing. We battled with chiggers, ticks and mosquitos. Many of the team members experienced vomiting, nauseas, fevers and diarrhea. Some ended up urinating blood and two of the team were even taken into emergency when we got back to Tarapoto... In the end everyone survived.... and it was definitely an unforgettable experience! The following are my journal entries for each day in the villages.

Wednesday August 8th:
The journey begins! This morning we drove from the bible institute in Tarapoto to Chazuta (one hour). Been traveling with the whole Tuttle-Tribe and twelve BLAZE disciples. After arriving at the launch we jumped into our boat and headed down the muddy and turbulent waters of the Huallaga river. The boat ride gave us three hours of spectacular jungle scenery, fragrant smells and suffocating humidity before finally navigating into the port of Huimbayoc (the foremost village in the whole district). There was quite a commotion in town as the villagers began to notice the crowd of gringos with heavy packs making their way down the main drag. After meeting with the town mayor and getting his help to locate a 4x4 truck we headed to the town of Leche. Half the team walked the 22 kilometers and the other half crammed into the back of the already half full pick-up (think 20 people in the back of a Toyota). Half way down the atrocious dirt road the truck ended up getting a flat tire and we all had to walk a large portion of the way. Finally, we arrived at about 8:30 pm and were greeted by a hand-full of eager saints. Being famished, we scarfed down the plantains and chicken soup that had been prepared for us and then it was off to the church meeting. Nothing better than worshiping the Lord together with His people deep in the jungle!

Thursday August 9th:
We have our first sick disciple! He's a tough one though... He powered through. Today we hiked about about 25 kilometers and the terrain was much more difficult than yesterday's. We had to do three river crossings, the deepest of which was only about chest high, so it wasn't too difficult, just time-consuming (drying off takes time but it's the key to avoiding blisters and chaffing). We decided to stick together on the trail, so we all went at the pace of the slowest team member. Four year-old Ellia switched from one persons shoulders to another all day long and 10 year-old Mya trudged on and on for the longest and hardest hike of her life. In all, the trek took us 11 hours! When we finally limped into Santa Rosillo we were received with hardy handshakes, back-slapping and hugs. After much conversation and story-telling and plantain feasting we went down to the river to freshen up before heading to our tents for the night. The stars! Incredible! Genesis 1:16!

Friday August 10th:
A few more sick members today.... the jungle is really hard on gringos! Woke up at 5 a.m and read few chapters of Revelation out-loud to the groggy disciples who slowly emerged from their tents that we had set up in Santa Rosillo's communal building. Soon we were off to the morning devotional with the village believers. We had a great time of prayer and worship and short thoughts from the scriptures by three different team members. The rest of the day was a whirlwind of hut to hut evangelism, children's meetings and unforgettable meals. We ate jungle rat... I even got to eat the brains! There was deer meat, fermented corn drink, yuca root, rice, chicken, plenty of cao-cao, and of course, plantains. Finished the day with an open air meeting. Many villagers crowded around to listen and even more listened from afar. The teams skit really drew people in and then they listened intently as one disciple gave his testimony and another thundered out the gospel. Great evening!

Saturday August 11th:
Our camera guy and fellow leader Sean Macdonald is in bad shape today... I think the river water and jungle rat are upsetting a few stomachs here... After attending to the sick we went to the morning devotional, ate breakfast and then had another amazing children's meeting. About 50 kids have been coming out and several of the disciples are incredible at connecting with them in spite of the language barrier. After lunch we gathered on the banks of the river, prayed with the brothers and sisters, said our goodbyes, put the sick and weary into two canoe's and then those of us that could still walk headed down the trail to the next village. As we hiked each disciple repeated, one after another, phrase by phrase the whole book of Ephesians. It was great to let the scripture wash over us and it also took our minds off the pain of each step. This time we made a really good pace on the trail and covered about 20 kilometers in five hours. Thankfully, those that travelled by canoe made it to San Jose about an hour before we did and were feeling well enough to begin setting up camp in a brothers home. After a scrumptious meal of Yuca and rice we headed out to do an open air meeting. San Jose is a tough village and we had a rather small attendance, nevertheless we preached our hearts out. Many people listened from afar as one disciple gave his testimony, others sang and two gave short gospel messages.

Sunday August 12th:
Tough night last night. Four team members were suffering with vomiting, diarrhea and fevers. Praying for them. Woke up reading the scriptures out-loud from my tent so that everyone could hear. When the team was awake, we headed over to the chapel building for a meeting with the brethren. Not many showed up. This church, that was once flourishing, is now divided and almost dead. Lots of problems, sin, false doctrine, rivalries and coldness. I'm so discouraged!.... Feels like all the work I did over the years was in vain. I had several difficult conversations with church leaders and all I could do was put a band-aid on the wounds. They need a lot of help here but I can't do much on this whirlwind visit. I feel pulled in different directions... Family, Blaze team, Village brethren. I feel like I'm not attending to any of them very well.....

After some of those difficult conversations and not a few tears we had to leave the brothers and the problems in the Lords hands. When the goodbye's were over, we were able to find a 4x4 truck for our sick and wounded which is now at a grand total of 15. The 25 kilometers between San Jose and Huimbayoc is drivable... sort of.... But the only truck in the whole region is usually out of service. I'm so thankful that God provided that rare transportation for the majority of the team. For lack of room in the pick-up, Amy and I walked this section with three other valiant evangelists and about six hours later we arrived in Huimba. The 15 Blaze members that went ahead on the truck got here about three hours before us and were well fed, rested and, for the most part, feeling much better. They had organized a children's meeting which was going strong when the five of us hikers limped into the village. After dinner I went through the streets calling out at the top of my lungs that everyone was invited to an open air evangelistic meeting.... There was an eager expectation. People crowded around to listen. The Lord really seemed to use it as we sang and preached our hearts out! There were many great individual conversations afterward. I'm praying that the Lord would use what happened here for real and lasting spiritual growth!

Monday August 13th:
Jonny is pretty sick... He's lost about 20 lbs... We are going to have to cut the trip short... Need to take him to the hospital when we get to Tarapoto... After the normal early morning, out-loud bible reading from our tents, we packed up and said our goodbyes to the precious saints of Huimba and then went down to the river port. Our boat was waiting for us and after cramming into the "Chasqui" we motored up river. Along the way we stopped at my favorite thermal hot-springs waterfall and had a very therapeutic hour of R&R. It was healing, rejuvenating and much-needed! From there we continued on to the village of Achinamisa where we were greeted by several saints that were waiting for us on the shore. Ten different sisters had prepared lunch for us in their respective homes so we split up and feasted in different places around the village. After the meal we canvassed the town inviting all the kids to come out to a VBS meeting.... and come they did! I even managed to empty out the grade school that was in session. I asked the director if I could take the kids to a bible meeting and before I knew it all the kids were marching in single file behind me all the way to the church :) After a wildly successful meeting we piled back in the boat and headed toward Chazuta. Along the way we witnessed an incredible sunset over the jungle as we cruised along the Huallaga river and into the darkness of the night. Navigating a large jungle river in the dark is no easy task! Our driver (Brother Roberto) has the route memorized and he did a fantastic job dodging submerged logs and rock outcroppings and sandbars. It was quite exciting! When we finally arrived at the port we loaded everyone into our two vehicles that were waiting for us and we drove toward civilization and the hospital.

Tuesday August 14th:
Just got back from open air preaching with the disciples in the main square of Tarapoto. It went well. Brought back lots of memories of doing this every week in this same place for many years..... We arrived last night and today was hospital day. Only two out of a team of twenty ended up in emergency.... That's pretty good :) And they are both doing much better now. No Dengue, no Malaria, no Meningitis and no Yellow Fever so we can take a breath of relief.... In the course of this trip we hiked about 90 kilometers in all while crossing 5 rivers and visiting 5 different villages. We traveled by truck, motor-boat, canoe, horse and on foot. We trudged through the mud, thick jungle and open fields as we weathered extreme humidity with sweltering heat. We slept in tents, bathed in the river, ate strange things and experienced a whole different world. We preached, prayed, studied, served and evangelized our hearts out. It was hard, but it was good. It was exhausting but it was rewarding. It was an unforgettable and growing experience for everyone and we thank the Lord for every minute!

MISSIONS QUOTE FOR THE DAY BY DEITRICH BONHOEFFER: "When Christ calls a man, he bids him come and die."

WILLIAM CAREY: "There are grave difficulties on every hand, and more are looming ahead - therefore we must go forward.”

Micah for the Tuttle

On July 9th, after much anticipation and preparation we finally kicked off our Summer Blaze Discipleship program with 12 students! It has been an intense 4 weeks so far with a lot of study, bible reading, worship, prayer, evangelism and fun. We have basically been going with sixteen hour days for a month straight now and the best is yet to come.... On Wednesday we leave for an epoch jungle trip where we will hike a total of 100 km and preach in six villages. Amy and the kids led the team to Lima last week and they have been participating in both a youth conference and a women's conference over the last several days.

As Amy and the disciples traveled to Lima I had to change my focus for a few days and go to Dallas where I was asked to participate in an Indian conference. About 1000 souls showed up and I was able to preached my heart out 7 times in three days. I had a great time and it seemed like the Lord really used it. I'm very thankful for the many brothers and sisters who were praying for me!

Amy escaped from the youth conference in Lima to go speak at women's conference a few hundred miles north of there in Trujillo. Despite not sleeping for about 48 hours straight she did well (from what I hear). She said it was a very special time as she was able to connect with many precious sisters that came from all over Peru. She said that the huge welcome and overwhelming love of the Peruvian sisters was amazing! What a life!

Missions quote of the day by C.H Spurgeon: "Of all I would wish to say, this is the sum: 'My brethren, preach Christ, always and evermore'"

Micah for the Tuttle's

Last week I had the privilege of traveling to the Orlando area to preach to about 100 high-schoolers at Horizon Bible camp. I started the week out with a nasty head-cold and a sinus infection but the Lord was gracious and helped me to battled through. The first two days it seemed that I just wasn't getting through to the campers and it felt like my messages were falling on deaf ears with no effect. By Tuesday night it was clear that a majority of the campers weren't believers and so I threw away the messages that I had prepared and began to just preach the plain gospel. I preached law, judgement, the reality of hell, and then Christ as our only hope.

On Wednesday... God broke through! While many brothers and sisters were praying, the Lord responded and began to work in several hearts. That evening, everyone was pretty shook up. Thursday night even more so... some of the kids were getting up, sobbing uncontrollably and leaving during the message... Several of the youth followed me out after the different messages and were trembling as they expressed their fear of judgment and their need of a Savior. Lots of great conversations were taking place between the campers and the counselors. There was a group of about ten guys that were wrestling with the truths of the gospel until about 2 a.m on Friday night. During the course of the week many made professions of faith in Christ! Please pray for these high-schoolers as continue in their new walk with Jesus!

Other immediate prayer requests:
1. Our Blaze discipleship program here in Dubuque IA starts this Monday (July 9).
2. We will be taking the Blaze students along with our whole family to Peru at the end of this month (July 31).

Missions quote for the day by Hudson Taylor: “There are three stages to every great work of God; first it is impossible, then it is difficult, then it is done.”

Micah for the Tuttle's

On Facebook I recently posted about a great evangelistic opportunity that I had at a local university in Dubuque. Here on this blog I would like to write about the bigger context of that event.

Back in April I took a group to Loras college to do some personal evangelism. As the group split up, myself and another brother went into the multicultural center were we found about six or seven college students hanging out. I asked if they would like to participate in a questionarre about religious perspectives.... and..... They all responded positively! They even pulled up a chair for me and invited me to sit down. We had a very engaging and friendly conversation for about twenty minutes about whether or not a higher power exists, what happens after death and where morality comes from... Finally I came around to the question of: "Who do you think Jesus is?"...... and that's where the trouble started. The professor of intercultural studies had been there and was happily participating in the conversation up to that point, but at this question of "who Jesus is" he said: "Im going to have to put an end to this questionarre, and ask you to leave now." I responded by saying "Oh, I didn't mean to offend anyone but Thank you for your time, it was great to hear all your perspectives on these things." I shook everyones hand (each one was quite friendly and thanked me for the conversation... except the professor). I went out the hall and down the elevator.

When the elevator opened up on the next floor down we were greeted by a security guard who said: "I've been told that there are some people ramming religion down others throats and I'm here to escort them off campus." I said: "Oh, I'm sorry they might have been referring to us but I assure you we weren't cramming anything down anyones throat. We were just doing a questionare about religious perspectives.... Here is the sheet, the first question is: "Do you think that a higher power exists?" Surprisingly the security guard was quite interested and responded: "Oh, I was raised in a religious home, I used to read the bible all the time and I've kinda drifted from it all" .... after a few minutes it was like he caught himself and he said: "Oh, I almost forgot, I have to escort you guys off campus and ask you not to come back again" .... It turned into a very friendly kick-out :)

Fast forward three months. I was invited by a brother who helps run a summer sports camp at that same university. They wanted me to speak to about 150 college age coaches and leaders, almost all of whom were unbelievers. When I was introduced as a missionary to Peru that was going to give a message from the Bible some of the youth immediately began to mock. Someone from the back a row yelled: "jungle-preacher" while others were laughing and rolling their eyes.... It was great! Just the kind of crowd I like! I began with an illustration that grabbed everyones attention and when I started to talk about sin, righteousness, judgment and Jesus everyone seemed stunned. When I finished, many of the coaches just sat there thinking in silence while others approached me, wanting to talk seriously about the Lord! One of those that came to talk to me said: "Do you remember me?" "I was in the multicultural center when our professor kicked you out a few months ago. I'm so glad you came back to pick up where you left off and tell us about "the person of Jesus." !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please pray that the Lord would work in the hearts of those young people as they think about these things!

Micah for the Tuttle's

Just got back from Sky Mountain Christian Camp in the Sierra's of Northern California where I was speaking at a bay area youth conference. A small group of about 70 brothers and sisters made the 6 hour drive from San Jose up into the mountains near the Nevada border. I preached 7 times over the course of the extended weekend and the Lord really seemed to work in the hearts of many!

After my third message, something broke and the Lord began to work in a special way. People were on their knees praying and crying out to the Lord. I tried to escape and just get out of God's way but before I could, I was asked to join a group of young men that were on their knees in the back parking lot. This was all spontaneous and outside of the schedule. These young men were crying out to the Lord, asking that He would break down the idols in their lives and that they would be men marked by God's presence.

Each message after that pretty much ended in the same way. Spontaneous prayer and worship. Even at free time, one of the brothers put a world map on the table and started praying for the nations. Thirty youths skipped their free time to pray over that map for the space of about four hours! Not your normal youth retreat! Please pray that there would be a lasting work of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of all the people that were there. Pray that the Lord would raise up a new generation that would fight the Lord's battles.

Missions quote for the day by Mary Slessor: "Prayer is the greatest power that God has put into our hands for service, praying is harder than doing, at least I find it so, but the dynamic lies that way to advance the kingdom"

Micah for the Tuttle's

Journals from a whirlwind month of ministry

April 16: Today we left a frozen and snowy Dubuque IA behind and journeyed west. A 14 hour drive to La Grange WY.
April 17: Preached to the student body at Frontier School of the Bible this morning.
April 18: Two days of interacting with students and speaking about missions. May the Lord raise up a new generation of missionaries and evangelists and preachers! Driving toward Seattle now.
April 19: Our journey west continues. Along the way they actually shut down a portion of the highway because semi-trucks and travel-trailers were getting flipped over by 70 mile an hour wind gusts! Thank the Lord we survived as the wind practically blew us all the way to Lakeside Bible Camp.
April 20: Our whole family is having a blast! It's great to be with the brothers and sisters from Northgate Bible Chapel.
April 21: Evangelism is my topic for the weekend, so, naturally I'm having fun with the subject matter.

April 22: Great Lord's day! Extremely encouraged to see the eagerness with which the brethren received the messages.
April 23: Good bye to our good friends (the Goff's) and off to Portland! Good gospel conversation at the gas station!
April 24: Hikes and BBQ's and fun with Mom and Dad, both sides of the family!
April 26: Today I flew solo to Cincinnati for an intense weekend of ministry at Northern Hills Bible Chapel.
April 27: Missions conference is going great! Preached once last night and twice so far today.
April 28: Abe and Joyce (my hosts) are amazing people! They know Ravi Zachariah who has been in this very house!!!
April 29: Nothing better than breaking bread with the Lords people, even if you just met them. Preached three times today.
April 30: Flew to Newark NJ, met up with Amy, so exciting to see her! Flew together to Bogota Colombia. A few good gospel conversations in the plane with fellow travelers.

May 1: Switched into Spanish mode! Preached five messages today to about 700 people! Awesome! Pandemonium! Exhaustion!
May 2: Voice is completely gone! Splitting headache. I couldn't speak at the missions conference so I sent a video :)
May 3: I whisper preached at a marriage conference today. Everyone strained to listen :) Amy spoke to the women.
May 4: Went and saw the underground salt mines. Amy preached twice at a women's conference. God really used it!
May 5: Big youth meeting today (several churches came together for it). Preached twice. Voice is coming back.
May 6: Crisscrossed the city to Preach at three different churches. God really seems to be working!
May 7: REST! time with the Killin's (Great missionaries). Explored downtown Bogota
May 8: Visited a Venezuelan refugee community. Super poor. Families living in 8'x8' rooms. Living on $1 a day. Need the Gospel!
May 9: Several Colombian believers accompanied us to the airport. Latinos culture is SO refreshing! Flew to Portland. Epic meeting with our kids!!! They had a great week with grandparents.

May 10: Packed up and began our drive east. Camped in the Rockies of Montana.
May 11: Drove all day. Camped near Black Hills SD. Spectacular scenery! Shared the gospel at a gas station
May 12: Drove all day. Arrived in Dubuque IA for a late dinner with Javen and Cullen, our first year Emmaus graduates.
May 13: Mothers day with all six kids. Proud Mama! Spring has sprung! Flowers and greenery everywhere in Dubuque.
May 14: Planning meetings for "Blaze" summer discipleship program. Real excited about this!
May 15: Began preparation for the "Summit" Youth conference in the Sierra Nevada mountains, California (May 25-29)

Missionary quote for the day by David Livingstone: "If a commission by an earthly king is considered an honor, how can a commission by a Heavenly King be considered a sacrifice."

Micah for the Tuttle's