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Traveling Bible institute

Last week I had the privilege of taking fifteen brothers on a 9 day mission trip. Each of these brothers are key men who live and work with the assemblies along the Huallaga river. They are hungry to learn more from God's word and apply what they are learning as pastors, preachers and evangelists. Every morning I taught for about 7 hours as I tried to give a general overview of each book in the New Testament. Our daily schedule was: classes in the morning, journey to the next village in the afternoon, open air preaching in the evening, sleep at night, then do it all over again the next day.

Some of the villages received us with joy while others weren't quite as hospitable, but in the end we always found a spot to set up our mosquito nets for the night. We had to skip a few meals because of a lack of food, but whenever someone was able to hunt or fish something we had a real feast :) Mazato, plantains and majaz meat were the main items on the menu. Yum!

On one section of the journey we had to walk for about 6 hours slogging through mud and swimming several blown out creeks. The latter half of that trek was after sunset so the journey became a “night-hike” where we had to feel our way along the jungle trail in the dark. It was great when we finally arrived at our planned destination point. After being warmly welcomed by the church there, we immediately went to the main square and preached our hearts out. The crowd seemed to be sort of stunned as the Holy Spirit used the message to convict many souls.

One man, “Carlos” wanted to follow the Lord but felt that he can't because he's been living in fornication for many years with two women (biological sisters). He has 6 kids, 3 with each woman and they all live under one roof forming one big not-so-happy family. What's the solution? I told him that he needs to repent and trust in Christ immediately. Secondly, he needs to stop living in this double fornication and start praying about which woman he should legally marry. Thirdly, he needs to give the other woman and her kids a separate house and continual financial support... We'll see if he takes my advice... Please pray for Carlos!

On the last day of our trip one of the believers in that village was bit by a poisonous viper. These snake bites will kill you if you don't get treatment right away so we thank God that there was an anti-venom shot in the village and she was able to receive it immediately. The big worry now is her baby. She was 5 months pregnant. We were able to get her to Tarapoto where the doctors are now trying to save the baby. Please pray for “Heidi”.

It was a great trip but it seems that the hours of preaching, the lack of food, lack of clean water and lack of sleep have all taken their toll. Now I have no voice my body aches and I'm sick with a high fever. I'm sure I'll recover soon but please pray for me too.

Micah for the Tuttle's   

Missions quote for the week:  "The biggest hindrance to the missionary task is self. Self that refuses to die. Self that refuses to sacrifice. Self that refuses to give. Self that refuses to go."
- Thomas Hale – missionary to Nepal

In my last post I mentioned a man named Israel who was plagued with the fear of demons that seemed to be tormenting him.  I called the believers in the village where he lives and asked how he is doing.  They reported that a dramatic change has come over him and he is a transformed man in Christ!  Praise God who frees us from bondage to the evil one!

It's always sad to not be in the States with family and friends at this time of the year... but we still did our best to have a good Thanksgiving.  You can't buy a "ready to cook turkeys" here in the jungle so we went to a friend who runs a turkey farm out of his back yard, we picked out the biggest turkey, butchered and feathered him right there, and before we knew it we were celebrating one of our favorite American holidays.  Amy made a real feast for which we were very thankful. 

One thing that I am very thankful for is my wife.  Amy and I celebrate 16 years of marriage on November 29th.  We were able to leave our kids with some friends for two days while we escaped to Lima.  We had a great time in the BIG city as we reflected on the importance of having a good marriage.  If you want to pray for us please pray that the Lord would help us to grow closer as a couple and to glorify him as husband and wife.

-Micah for the Tuttle's     

Thank you for your prayers

After a great week of ministry and fellowship in Trujillo we are now back home in our jungle town of Tarapoto.  We thank God for a safe trip and good health.  The Lord has really blessed us as a family.  Thank you for your prayers!

 Amy is doing an amazing job homeschooling our kids and trying to keep our crazy life at a manageable pace.  Javen (14 years old) is adjusting to life with braces on his teeth.  Cullen (13 years old) is getting good at playing the guitar.  Bria (9 years old) likes to read.  Josiah (8 years old) is learning to play basketball and Mya (5 years old) is learning to ride a bike.  

Last week I did a quick two day river trip.  The sunrise was spectacular on this particular morning as we headed down the rio Huallaga.  Even more spectacular was the opportunity to preach the gospel on the radio, in the boat and in a few villages along the way.   

After preaching in one of the villages a man named "Israel" came to me asking for prayer and protection from the demons that had been tormenting him (he's the one on my right in the picture).  When we had read from the scriptures and prayed together he decided it would be impossible to leave my presence for fear that the demons would kill him.  So the rest of the day he followed me around, half the time talking to me and half of the time talking to the invisible beings that surrounded him.  One moment he would be fine and the next he would run across the yard and hide wherever he could find shelter.  It was pitiful to see this man in such bondage to fear and the evil one.  After a long night with Israel he seemed to be much better in the morning and I was able to leave him with the brothers pictured above.              

It's good fishing on the Huallaga right now!  The "motas" are making a run upriver.  Sadly, I didn't have time to throw in a hook and line..... but I did have time to fish for men (the most exciting of all fishing).  I was able to share the gospel with the man pictured above and several others in the boat for the space of about 2 hours.  Please pray that evangelism would continue in these forgotten villages and that the brethren would be encouraged.

Missions quote of the week:  "God had an only Son and He made Him a missionary."  – David Livingstone

Micah for the Tuttle's

Conference in Trujillo

We are in Trujillo!  A few days ago we decided that the whole family should take the 17 hour journey out of the jungle, over the mountains and to the coast.  We will be here for just one week in order to participate in a conference that has been planned with IBEM (the Bible institute).  So far the conference has been really encouraging!  I've had the privilege of translating several sessions for Danny Crooks, an itinerant preacher from Northern Ireland that has come and is sharing some excellent ministry from God's word.  About 40 students have come from different places in the country and it has proven to be a very profitable time together.

Each day I've taken time to get out on the street and do some personal evangelism.  I have passed out a lot of tracts and had some great conversations.  Please pray for "Renson" who seems to really be feeling the conviction of the Holy Spirit.  He expressed a lot of interest as we talked yesterday.  We will be getting together tonight for a coffee and a more in-depth look at the gospel.            

Missions quote for the day:  "One Way: Jesus! One Job: Evangelism!"    – T.L. Osborn

Micah for the Tuttle's

The last couple of weeks I've been trying to  do a lot of pastoral visits with the believers here in town.  Yesterday I had a great experience when I was visiting the home of one new couple to our assembly.  As I was sharing some encouragement from the scriptures with the man of the house the whole family started to gather around and listen.  The people next door overheard some of what I was saying and they decided to come over.  Before too long neighbors on all sides started gathering into the crowded living room to see what was going on.  We ended up having a really great Bible study with a whole lot of interest.  Please pray that we can make this a weekly evangelistic study!     

Micah for the Tuttle's

Update on Hilberto

Many of you have been praying for Hilberto.  Thank you!  The Doctors evaluated his eye condition last Monday and determined that his case was a tough one to fix but they decided to operate anyway and pray that God would work a miracle.  It has been 5 days since the operation and Hilberto says there is a dramatic improvement in his sight but he is still recuperating and it is difficult to tell what the final outcome will be.  Keep praying!

I didn't mention it in the last blog post but please be praying also for his wife Laura, who was struggling with malaria and parasites when we sent them to the coast last week.  We were able to get her to the right doctors and now she is doing much better.  It looks like they will need a few weeks of treatments and check-ups in Trujillo before they come back to their village here in the jungle.

These people are very humble, very poor and very much trusting in the Lord.  This is the first time they have been farther than 15 miles from their village.  They are used to cooking either fish that they caught or game that they hunted over on open fire while living in an adobe hut.  Needless to say; the big, bustling city of Trujillo with honking horns and bright lights is probably a big shock for them.  We thank the Lord for our Peruvian brothers on coast that are taking good care of Hilberto and Laura.

-Micah for the Tuttle's     

Please pray for Hilberto

Amy and the kids and I made the two and a half hour drive to Yurimaguas yesterday for our monthly visit to the assemblies in that area.  The journey has one of the most spectacular panaramas you'll ever see.  A dense green forest covers everything, even the summits of the surrounding mountain peaks.  Every few miles you can see steep waterfalls with their powerful flowing torrents crashing down toward the raging Caynarachi river which then cuts its way along the mountainside and heads into the Amazon basin.  Praise God for his creation!

When we arrived in Yurimaguas the brothers and sisters were eagerly waiting for us and gave us a very warm welcome.  We had a great time of mutual encouragement and joy in the Lord as I preached from 2 Corinthians 4:17.

When the service was over the leaders of the church approached me and introduced a blind brother and his wife who had walked for 3 hours from their village in order to be at the meeting.  They explained to me that "Hilberto" is one of the leaders in a new church along the river and that he had recently lost his sight due to gloucoma.

We prayed together and then I asked if they were willing to travel to Trujillo where I know a eye-doctor that might be able to help them.  They were almost in tears as they said that they had already packed their bags and were ready to go if God opened the door.  I called my Peruvian doctor friend and he said to go ahead and send them on the 17 hour bus ride and that the operation Hilberto would need "is already paid for."  Wow!  What a blessing!

We were able to take them back to Tarapoto with us and then we immediately sent them on the bus to the coast were the eye-doctor will see what he can do.  The brothers in Trujillo informed me this morning that they made it safely and that Hilberto will be operated on tomorrow (Tuesday).  Please pray with us that this humble brother will be able to receive his sight back.

-Micah for the Tuttle's                   

The construction continues, the assembly is growing and our family is doing well.  We thank the Lord for His many blessings!

We are continuing to work on our construction project little by little.  There is still A LOT to do but we are advancing enough to see small changes each week.  We are so thankful that we have been able to push forward and we thank God for His provision.   

In our assembly here in Tarapoto we have seen a few new families make professions of faith lately.  It is both exciting and encouraging to see new growth and we pray that God would continue to add to those being saved.

Last week we took two days and had a great family-time at a nearby lake.  Everyone had a lot of fun swimming, canoeing, eating, talking and flying down the available zip line.  It was great to take a little break from everything and just enjoy being the 7 of us.            

Missions quote of the week:  
"If you take missions out of the Bible, you won't have anything left but the covers" — Nina Gunter

Josiah, the jungle kid

Last week Josiah and I were able to do a quick two day river trip.  We were able to briefly visit 4 villages and be at one very important elders meeting.  We had a really great father-son time on the trail and in the boat together.  This was Siah's first time spending the night in a village and he was pretty excited about it.  He was a real trooper as he insisted on carrying his own pack, drinking his own mazato and watching over the sloth that we caught. 

The believers were happy to meet our 7 year old boy and gave him a "Piwicho" (parakeet) which has since become a very dear friend for all the kids.  I think he really enjoyed himself, although he did fall asleep on the bench as I preached in the night service.... but that's quite understandable..... I gave the third of three long, boring sermons that night.  I'm sure it was tough on him :)

  "Someone asked Will the heathen who have never heard the Gospel be saved? It is more a question with me whether we — who have the Gospel and fail to give it to those who have not — can be saved." — Charles Spurgeon

-Micah for the Tuttle's
(Don't be tempted to think that the above photo might be of me) 

A few days ago I was able to meet a fellow American here in Tarapoto.  As he sipped his beer and laced his sentences with cuss words He explained that he's doing social work here for a few months and trying to establish programs to help the lower class people.  As we talked, I told him of the poverty and of the needs of people in the villages along the river, emphasizing that their greatest need is spiritual.  When he found that we are missionaries and that we've been in Peru for almost 12 years he just couldn't believe that anyone would stay in a country like this for so long just to do "religious work".

With a rather perplexed look on his face he asked: "Can I ask you an uncomfortable question?"  I said "Sure"  He asked: "Do you... really..... actually promote Christianity?....  I responded: "Only one life to live soon twill pass only what's done for Christ will last!".  He looked at me as if he couldn't believe his ears.  I continued:  "I'm not here to promote religion at all, but I am here to promote a real relationship with the living God through faith in His son Jesus Christ."  He was incredulous... He commented:  "I've heard of people like you but you're the first one I've ever met." ... Just then, Bria (9 years old) ran up and said:  "Daddy, Daddy I just got into a really good conversation with that lady over there about the Bible and she actually believes that the whole universe exploded into existence out of nothing and that there is no God....."  Bria and I had a good laugh about how preposterous that idea is...   My new American friend couldn't believe it....  He said:  "Even your kids talk to people about God!?!?"

Missionary quote for the week by Nate Saint: "People who do not know the Lord ask why in the world we waste our lives as missionaries. They forget that they too are expending their lives ... and when the bubble has burst, they will have nothing of eternal significance to show for the years they have wasted." 

-Micah for the Tuttle's                

After about 10 hours on the trail we finally limped into Achinamisa (our final destination).  The brothers and sisters there had been expecting us and were very excited about our arrival.  Hugs and smiles and laughter and back-slapping abounded.  Believers from some of the surrounding villages had heard of our visit and had come to what was turning out to be a mini-conference.....  And thank the Lord....  the open-air meeting was postponed an hour so we could wash up and eat something.

Someone had hunted a wild boar, a few others brought in heaps of plantains and some of the women had prepared several pots of chicha.  The feast boosted our energy levels, the bench at the table helped to rest our weary bones and the love of the brethren infused us with encouragement.  After this much needed recharge we were ready to go out and face the crowds that were waiting for us in main square.  That night, despite the aches and pains, we were able to preach and sing and testify to the greatness of our God.

In the course of our visit we had another open air meeting, a children's sunday school, 7 baptisms, and a few meetings with the church.  Joel Hernandez, missions professor from Emmaus, was a huge encouragement to the believers as we milked him for every drop of ministry he had in his bones.  The 7 students from Emmaus and 6 from Trujillo were all very helpful and had a "stretching" but great learning experience.  The way back home was much easier as we took a boat back to civilization and then capped off the trip by taking turns preaching on the radio in Chazuta.
Missionary quote for the day:  "If Jesus Christ be God and died for me, then no sacrifice can be too great for me to make for Him." — C.T. Studd

-Micah for the Tuttle's

still on the trail

After about six hours on the trail wearing rubber boots and carrying heavy packs everyone on the team was hurting pretty bad.   Most of us had serious blisters to go with our aching backs (not to mention that we all were quite muddy, sweaty and thirsty).  So when we finally came to a crystal clear mountain stream it was like arriving in heaven.  We plunged in and just sat in the refreshingly cool water for about a half an hour.  What relief!  After mending our wounds and boiling up some water to replenish our depleted water supply we were off again.  

How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!
Coconut milk!  Sugar cane juice!  Mazato!  We were thirsty and those were the drinks available at the lone hut we came to along the trail.  I was able to give away some tracts and read some verses as we took a much needed rest.  The woman worked on her spit juice and the man of the house proudly showed us their majaz (huge wild rat/rabbit thing) and a charapa turtle that they were raising for Christmas dinner....  Maybe we'll have to come back in December :)

The spitting process begins!

"The more obstacles you have, the more opportunities there are for God to do something."
           - Clarence W. Jones 

On the Trail

Thursday, August 2, 2012
Up at 3:45 a.m today.  Devotional with the church at 4:00.  The brothers in these villages have the custom of early morning meetings and even more so when they can take advantage of some visiting preachers.  One of the Peruvians on the team gave a short thought and then two of the Emmaus students shared from God's word as I translated.  It was an encouraging time that ended with the village mayor confessing his sins and coming to Christ.  Praise God!

After some boiled plantains and soup for breakfast we prepared for what would become a 10 hour trek to the next village "Achinamisa".  Believers and unbelievers alike were so excited to hear more of God's word that nearly 30 of them decide to walk with us.  When the packs, machetes, guns and horses were ready we set out through the jungle.   It was amazing to see little kids walking in bare feet, some of them carrying heavy burdens.  We thank the Lord for the horses which ended up carrying those of our group who fell wounded along the way.  

The section of trail that we had to walk was an extremely dangerous area about 5 years ago because of the coca production and terrorism.  Many people were murdered in this area in the time of the "shining path".  Now days there are still a few pockets of terrorism and coca fields but it's not nearly as bad as it used to be.  With our 30 "guides" we were quite safe :)  ....  Need I mention:  "if God be for us who can be against us"

Missionary quote for the day:  " "To know the will of God, we need an open Bible and an open map."  William Carry

Micah for the Tuttle's

Wednesday August 1st,

Today 8 Americans, 6 Peruvians, Javen, Cullen and I all headed out on a missions trip to a few of the villages in our area.  We piled into a 4x4 and drove to the end of the road where we met some brothers who then took us on a 4 hour trek through the jungle to their pueblo.  We had to cross a few streams, battle the blazing sun and deal with some serious humidity.... but in the end we made it without too many difficulties. 

Upon arrival we were given a wonderful reception and a great dinner.  Some of the believers from a neighboring village had heard that we were going to be preaching so they made the hike over to listen and to participate in the festivities.  Some of the sisters on our team did a children's "bible hour" and then later that night we all took part in an open air meeting.  After eating dinner, drinking hot coa coa, and washing up in the creek we got to bed at about midnight.  We thank God for His protection and for using us to exalt Christ in this village.          

The missionary quote for the day comes from Count Zinzindorf who said:   "I have but one passion - it is He, it is He alone. The world is the field and the field is the world; and henceforth that country shall be my home where I can be most used in winning souls for Christ."

Micah for the Tuttle's

We are home! After a grueling 17 hour drive up the coast, over the Andes mountains and through the jungle we are finally back where we belong. We thank God for His protection along the way. It is very nice to be back in our house here in Tarapoto after two busy weeks in Trujillo. I had a great time teaching 1 Peter, doing evangelism, leading home Bible studies and spending time with the students. Amy was busy with the Emmaus team that is visiting us right now and the kids had a great time seeing their coastal friends. Next up: River trip with Emmaus/Trujillo teams... launching on Wednesday.

Micah for the Tuttle's

4 baptized in Tarapoto

Last Sunday we packed about 40 people from our Tarapoto assembly into a couple of vans and we went to the river for a baptism celebration.  It was pouring down rain so much that the brothers and sisters on the bank ended up just as wet as the ones that got dunked:)  I was able to baptize 4 new believers.  Praise the Lord!

Please pray for us as our family will be traveling 17 hours to the coast for two weeks of Bible institute classes.  I will be teaching 1Peter and doing a lot of evangelism with the students.  When we return to Tarapoto at the end this month we will be hosting a team from Emmaus.  The schedule is quite crazy.  Please keep us before the Lord in prayer.

-Micah for the Tuttle's 

We baptized twenty-three new believers today! Crowds of people stood on the beach to hear the preaching and then witness the dunking. It was a great testimony to the village to see these new Christians taking this important step of obedience to Christ. Please pray that each new believer will go on for God's glory and bear much fruit.

Another very important meeting that took place today was that of the "delegados". This is where the leaders of the assemblies in the various villages come together for prayer and to make decisions about where, when and how the next convention will take place. We also deal with church problems, the questions and the needs that each one has. It is always a very long meeting (5 hours or so) but also extremely strategic in the health of these churches. One thing was very evident they all need help in the Lord's work.  So much to do and not enough workers...

This morning I preached from Matthew 2:11 "the wise men worshiped Jesus". More and more people are crowding into the church building every day. Word is spreading through the village that the preaching is worth listening to.

At mid-morning we had a double wedding. Two couples that had been living in fornication made professions of faith on the first day and immediately wanted to put their life in order starting with a legal marriage. I preached Ephesians 5 and Jairo did the ceremony, the village authorities came to sign the correct documents as everyone crowded around to watch this strange event. Not too many people get married in these villages so this was a really great testimony to all the onlookers!

At the evening meeting I preached from Judges 3. The house was really packed out and it was great to preach the word to listening ears. The Lord seemed to use it. When I finished I was able to talk with one broken couple extensively about their souls.

To wrap up the meeting we had a offering for a brother who got his leg shot off in his own shot-gun trap (He was hoping to get a wild boar but when he went to check the trap he forgot where it was and accidentally walked right through the trip-wire.)

On our way to bed there was a huge thunder and lightning storm and by the time we got back to our hut we were totally soaked. Some of the young guys and I decided that since we were already drenched we might as well go for a swim in the river. It was spectacular to watch the display of God's power in a lightening storm while swimming in the Huallaga river at midnight! Praise be to His name!

This morning I preached from Revelation 22. It seemed that the Lord really used it. Praise Him for the work He does in our hearts through the hearing of His word!

At breakfast we had turtle eggs that were mostly raw! Yum! No kidding they are quite tasty :)

Throughout the day I was able to pretend that I was a medical doctor. People in these villages are constantly battling with parasites, ulcers, and malnutrition. Because of limited quantities, I tried to keep it quiet that I had anti-parasite pills, vitamins and antibiotics but when the brothers realized that I was giving out medicine word spread quickly and soon the lines started to form. It was great to help these needy people :)

This afternoon I preached from Genesis 3-5. People listened well but I felt powerless as the seed seemed to fall on many hard hearts. Later that evening we moved the meeting out in the street, where I got up on a chair and preached from Mark 8:34-38. This time many seemed to be convicted of sin and drawn to the Savior. Only God knows what happens in the hearts of men! We finished the day with a video of Bert and Colleen Elliot's memorial service.

There are a lot of fish in the river right now.  If you watch the shore at certain spots you can see literally hundreds of fish jumping out of the water at the same time.  We even had two fish jump right into our boat as we motored along.

To give you an idea of what the convention schedule is like... Today went like this:

From 5-6 a.m  Prayer and praise 
From 6-7  I preached on knowing God (Lucas 10:39) 
From 7-8  Breakfast
From 8-9  Brother Jairo taught on Daniel chapter 9.
From 9-10  Brother Neil taught against witch-craft.
From 10-11  We split into small groups, one of which I led (eschatology)
From 11-12  Question and answer panel
From 12-1  Lunch
From 1-3  Free-time (during which we played soccer and swam in the river) 
From 3-4  Brother Neil taught against witch-craft
From 4-5  Brother Jairo taught on Daniel chapter 9
From 5-7 Dinner
From 7-10  I preached at the evangelistic meeting (Ezekiel 7:8-9)

That is what the hour by hour plan looked like these last couple of days.  Pretty much every spare moment at free-time or meals was spent with individual brothers in mutual encouragement and council.  We must make the most of every day!  Praise God for these strategic moments with His key servants in this region!     

The majestic Andes mountains sloping down into the Amazon Jungle is a spectacular sight to see as you dodge huge whirlpools and shoot the rapids of the Haullaga river. Fifteen brothers and I were on our way to the bi-annual convention of river churches. These conferences are always encouraging and looked forward to with great anticipation. Brothers and sisters come from the surrounding villages excited about the Bible teaching, worship and fellowship that takes place.

After a few hours in the boat we spent another hour or so in a 4x4. Mud flew, the truck lurched and we all hung on for dear life as our driver sped us down the bumpy dirt road. Finally, we arrived at the village where the conference was to take place: “Papa Playa”.

We made it safe and sound... but not without stiff necks, sunburned arms and a thick coating of dirt on our heads :) It was fun to be greeted by the crowds of precious brothers and sisters awaiting our arrival. We got cleaned up as fast as we could and went straight to the first meeting. I preached Mark 14 to about 300 riveted people. The Lord seemed to really work. We trust in God's promise that His word will not return


Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Today is a good day to ask the question: Where are the men?!?  Where are the men that love their wives unconditionally?  Where are the men that pass on a godly heritage to their children?  Here's a quote by C.S Lewis about the sorry state of manhood today:  "We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and then bid the geldings to be fruitful."

We had a great Father's day here with the church in Tarapoto!  At our morning service I preached on Biblical manhood.  After church everyone came over to our house for a BBQ.  Before eating I took advantage of the "hungry crowd" and preached on the importance of men loving their wives.  At the evening service we had a lot of people come out to see the movie "Courageous".  When it ended I preached on the necessity of Godly father's. 

Please pray that God would raise up a new generation of men that fear nothing but sin in their own lives and want no one but God and God alone.  Pray that we would see more men with chests' that lead their families, love their wives and invest everything they can in their children.

-Micah for the Tuttle's 


Dear friends and family,

Thank you for your prayers! We are doing much better here in our jungle town of Tarapoto. No kidnappings, no robbery's, no falling into the septic tank, and no encounters with the police. Our neighbors have been able to keep their adopted son and are getting all the legal papers in order. We were able to move into our house last week and while the living conditions are still a bit rustic we are feeling quite comfortable. There is still A LOT to do but at the same time A LOT has been accomplished.

Now that we have a home, life is becoming a bit more stable and I can focus more on ministry while Amy and the kids are focusing more on home-school. Our small assembly is doing better and there is a general spirit joy and love for one another. We have gone from about 25 to 40 adults in the last two months or so. There are a few new believers too ! One of them (Robert) who said he heard me open air preaching two years ago has just now come to repentance and faith in Christ. He showed up at our prayer meeting a few weeks ago with a real hunger for God. Now Robert and his wife are growing in the Lord and never miss a meeting (they even come to the youth group.... and they're not exactly youth.... :)

A few nights ago I had the opportunity to preach at a wedding. The place was packed with almost all unbelievers that were planning a huge drunken fiesta that was to take place after the formalities. Almost no one knew that the bride and groom had asked me to preach and so the crowd was quite surprised as I was invited up as the “Gringo preacher”. As I shared the gospel you could tell that the crowd didn't know what to do with me. They actually seemed quite stunned and on the edge of their seats, wanting to leave (a few did) but also wanting to listen. It was sort of like John the Baptist and Herod. They wanted to listen because it was so interesting but at the same time they wanted my head. I was great! Please pray that God would work in the hearts of those that heard.

-Micah for the Tuttle's


Check it out! All we need is a lid and then to bury this monster.
We are SO close to being able to use this!! :)

The hall is still mud bricks and cement floor, but swept up looks WAY better!
Now... we just need water hooked up and we'll be all set to break these in! :)


We're SO close to move in day... hopefully this week!
We're just waiting on the septic tank and water hookup!

...to be continued :)

stressful times

Dear friends and family,

OK, normally I would try not to write in discouraging fashion... I don't want to discourage, but after thinking it through for several weeks I've decided that I will share some of our stressful situation so that you can pray more fervently and with more knowledge.

For these past two months of construction, we've been living with the neighbors, a Canadian woman married to a Peruvian. They are adopting a baby boy whose mother had abandoned him. Two weeks ago the mom came to the house and kidnapped him from right under Bria's nose. Everything turned to pandemonium, screams and commotion.  I ran to the car....  and the chase was on.  Four of the construction guys were with me as we caught up to the kidnappers at a gas station about two miles down the road.  We couldn't really do anything as she screamed at us and to everyone around that we were the bad guys.

We didn't touch her, or the baby, we couldn't do anything except just try to stay with her.  She switched motor cars about 4 times to get away. Finally she hid out in a friends house.....   
When our friends showed up they went into the house to rescue their adoptive son. Once again it was pandemonium, screams and commotion.   The police came, and not knowing the truth they hit and kicked the dad and took him to the police station.  Since then our host family is commonly either in court or with the lawyers either trying to stay out of jail or trying to keep their son.

For a few days we were expecting the police to come, who have a warrant for our host couple's arrest. One night they even went to a hotel to escape, and here we were left in the house waiting for the police to come and search the house. This is all new to us and seems to get more interesting (complicated) every day.  We know that God put us in the middle of all this for a reason..... but we are beginning to feel uncomfortable. It has been very stressful for our family.  

To add to it all.... one of the workers fell in the big hole! From the very top... 20 feet down. He dislocated a bone in his wrist, had a big gash on his head and several bruised ribs. But when I first saw him, I thought he was dead at the bottom of the pit. After much difficulty getting him out I ran him to the hospital where he spent a day and a half.  Now he's recuperating at home.  He'll be out for at least a month.  It could have been a lot worse. But even through this difficult time, I have had many chances to share the gospel with him and pray for him too.

The day the brick-layer fell, someone on the job-site stole 160 soles (+/- 5 days wages) out of another workers' wallet. Since then there has been a lot of distrust between workers. 

Through all of this we really feel the spiritual battle and much prayer is needed. I can't mention all the details, but I can say that I don't remember ever having such a time of serious trial... Things are quite difficult right now.... Pray that we would trust God moment by moment, putting all things into His hands.  Please pray... really pray. 

-Micah for the Tuttle's

Micah talks about what they are doing to dig out not one but two septic tanks. One pit is rectangular and about 3 meters (9ft) deep and the other is round and will be 6 meters (18ft) deep!

Almost exactly one month ago we posted here about work projects on the property!
We've been SUPER busy, but we've gotten SO. MUCH. done in the last 4 weeks!
Have a look...

April Projects' status:

  • Fill the open outside walls in with brick so as to be more secure DONE!
  • DIG the TWO septic tanks -- still digging! almost done! will have to line with cement soon! 
  • Finish up the window and door frames so that they can have doors and windows made for them DONE!
  • Windows with screen to keep out the bugs DONE!
  • Doors, inside and out DONE!
  • A toilet, sink and shower DONE!
  • A basic kitchen counter and sink -- this is next on the list! 
New Projects (started by the mini-work team):
  • Mud, sand, prime walls in the big room - DONE! 
  • Wire downstairs with lights and plugs - DONE! 
  • Install, sand, prime and paint rails on front outside wall - DONE! 
  • Front arched windows - DONE! 
  • Guest house - IN PROGRESS (see pictures below!)  
Upcoming Projects:
  • Paint walls in big room
  • Mud, sand, prime walls in small room
  • Glass in arched windows and doors 
  • Kitchen counter and sink
  • Connect water to kitchen & bath
  • Raise water tank on tower for water pressure
  • Line septic tank w/ brick and cement 
  • Wash things in storage & transfer to property
  • MOVE IN!