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As we flew over Fort McMurray Alberta in a tiny six-seater airplane I asked our pilot (Zack) if we had any parachutes on board. When he answered: "No" I asked what we should do if one of our wings fell off. He smiled, shook his head and replied: "the law of gravity is totally unforgiving." Later, when we had safely landed, Zack and I had a great conversation about spiritual things and I found that he was really searching. As we spoke together I reminded him that if he didn't have a parachute and he had to jump out of that airplane "the law of gravity would have been totally unforgiving with him." In the same way if we haven't put on our spiritual parachute the law of God will be totally unforgiving with us when we make the jump from life to death.... which we all have to do some day..... "It is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment." (Hebrews 9:27). The big jump is coming! Jesus is the only parachute that will save you from the unforgiving law of God that you and I have broken! "Put on the Lord Jesus Christ" (Romans 13:14)..... Zack said: "Wow, that makes it pretty clear... Never thought about it like that before."

Since my last post we have traveled from Portland to Seattle to Spokane to Calgary to Fort McMurray and it has been exciting to pass out tracts and share the gospel with many people in many contexts. I've had some great conversations with many people of many races and many religions. Among the many races have been Arabs, Africans, Europeans, Orientals and Latins. The mission field has come to North America! Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and Atheists are everywhere and they all need Christ. What an opportunity! I've spoken with people in the park, at the gas station, on the golf course, in campgrounds, at restaurants, in airplanes and on the street. It's not too difficult when you are armed with tracts and looking to give them out wherever your day might take you. The end of the ages has come upon us... We ought to feel a sense of urgency in reaching the world with the gospel. It's good fishing out there!

Everywhere we go we have had a wonderful time with the body of Christ who has encouraged us greatly. We are thankful for the amazing brothers and sisters that have taken us in and loved us and treated us like family. As we visit with different assemblies in different places I continue to preach about three times a week. There is nothing better than opening God's word with fellow believers and encouraging one another in our walk with the Lord.

Tomorrow we will be leaving Northern Alberta and heading south toward Dubuque Iowa where we will be installing Javen and Cullen at Emmaus Bible College. After getting our boys set up, Amy and I will be involved in some important meetings about future ministry opportunities. After we wrap those meetings up I plan to do another post at the end of this month about how the Lord is leading us. We would greatly appreciate your prayers!

Missions Quote for the day by John Piper: “There are a thousand needs in the world, and none of them compares to the global need for the gospel.”

Micah for the Tuttle's

Tuttle-tidbits from June

Amy and Ellia and I just finished up a wonderful seven day trip to the Dominican Republic! We had the privilege of participating in two different conferences where brothers and sisters from assemblies all over the Spanish speaking world came together for a tremendous time of mutual encouragement in the Lord. It was a great week of worship and prayer and bible teaching and networking and strategizing. The language and the palm trees and the tropical climate all made it seem a bit like the jungles of Peru but the comparisons stopped there as we were pretty much spoiled in every way. Each day we enjoyed incredible accommodations, air conditioning, beautiful beaches, blue Caribbean water and lots of good food...... different.... but Peru is still better :)

In the last few months the Lord has opened up many doors for us to encourage and inspire and motivate His people in the areas of evangelism and missions. In many places we have been able to rub shoulders with "on fire" Christians who have encouraged us more than we have encouraged them. We are so grateful for all the brothers and sisters that have opened up their homes and shown us incredible hospitality. Everywhere that we have gone it has been a real privilege to preach in churches and in houses and at youth events and conferences along the way. At times our schedule has been feverish..... but that makes things all the more exciting.... Two weeks ago, Amy and I were asked to share at the southwest Indian brethren conference in Dallas where I ended up preaching 7 times in one day! It actually felt kind of like our river church conventions where I used to preach and teach basically from sun up to sun down. God seems to be doing something special in a lot of places and we pray that He would raise up a new generation to plow forward with the gospel.

Since our last update we have driven through Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wyoming, Idaho and Oregon. We have put 17,000 miles on our van so far and we've had zero problems. The van and trailer have performed amazingly for which we are very thankful! The few times when we weren't staying with fellow Christians we enjoyed camping in campgrounds along the way. One of our highlights last month was going through Yellowstone national park. On our very first day we saw a grizzly bear, a black bear, a wolf, a coyote, a few big-horn sheep, lots of bison, and elk and deer. All of this has given us a tremendous family time as we try to take advantage of our last few months together before Javen and Cullen begin life on their own at college.

Throughout our travels I have tried to share the gospel with as many people as possible. In the streets, in campgrounds, at gas stations, in restaurants, at barbur shops, on beaches and at tourist attractions. I have given out lots of tracts and had numerous one on one conversations with people in 28 different states. In all this gospel work one thing has really stood out to me: People are the same everywhere! Whether we were in NY City or in Wyoming in or the Dominican Republic or in Canada people are in great need of our great Savior. "Men love darkness rather than light because their deeds are evil" but when you share Christ with them in a loving and respectful way they will usually listen.

Missions quote of the day by Francis Chan: "Simon says: 'Pat your head' and we pat our heads... Jesus says: 'Go make disciples' and we memorize that verse"

Micah for the Tuttle's

Tuttle-tidbits from May 10th

A few weeks ago we were walking through the Arlington National Cemetery in D.C. looking at the tens of thousands of graves and Ellia (our 3 year old) asks: "Dad, these dead people go Heaven or Hell? ........ Sobering question.......

Everywhere we go I think about that sobering question.... Like the prophet Jeremiah I feel like God's word is in my heart like a burning fire. It's shut up in my bones, I'm weary of holding it back and I just can't." There have been tremendous opportunities to preach the gospel and to encourage the Lords people across the USA in the last few months. Thank you to those of you that have been praying for us. The Lord seems to be working in a lot of ways! Our schedule has been really crazy and I have been preaching several times a week but some of the most special times of ministry have been on the street sharing the gospel with individuals in random places.

The following written record took place earlier this week as I looked to share Christ with a few strangers near San Antonio:

As our kids were swimming and playing with friends in the San Marcos river I decided that I would fit in a little evangelism. I struck up a conversation with an older couple that was sitting in the shade near our spot on the shore. Their names were “Richard” and “Tilly”. They said that they were originally from Mexico but have lived in the States for more than 40 years.

I asked: “Do you come from a catholic background?”
Richard: “Yes we do …. but I have little devil horns hiding under my hair.”
Me: “If you were to die today and you were to go up to heavens gate and God was to ask “why should I let you into my heaven?” what would you say?”
Tilly: “Oh, I’d say that I’ve never done anything too bad. I’ve been a good person.”
Me: “Have you ever told a lie? Ever stolen anything? Ever gotten drunk? Ever fornicated?”
Richard: “Well yes, I’ve committed all of the above and actually, Tilly and I are living in fornication right now…… but compared to other people we are squeaky clean.”
Me: “The problem is that on judgment day you aren’t going to be compared to other people. You are going to be compared to the high requirements of God’s law. It says in 1 Cor 6:9 that “no fornicators, thieves or drunks will inherit the kingdom of God.” What are you going to do when it comes time to give an account before a holy God?”
Tilly: “Just a few weeks ago I went to confession for the first time in 30 years and the priest asked why I was there. I said that I just wanted to confess a few things because I’m not perfect. The priest asked if I’d murdered someone. I said “No” and then he said that If I didn’t murder anyone I was fine and I didn’t need to confess the “small stuff.”
Me: Look at James 2:10. “Whoever keeps the whole law and yet stumbles in one point is guilty of breaking all of it.”
Tilly: Wow, that’s a lot different than what the priest told me.
Me: Yes, actually we all are guilty of rebellion against the Creator of the universe and we deserve an eternal sentence to hell.
Richard: "What can we do?"
Me: God in His great love for us has provided a way! In Colossians 2:14 it says: “God has forgiven us all our sins, having cancelled the charge of our legal indebtedness, which stood against us and condemned us, He has taken it away, nailing it to the cross.” ..... You've got a choice to make! In John 3:36 it says: “Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life but whoever rejects the Son will not see life, for Gods wrath remains on them.”...... Repent and come to Christ while there's still time.
Richard: What? .... Nobody has ever told us this before!
Me: They’re not my words, it’s the Bible.
Tilly: Who are you......?
Me: Just one of God's servants sent to share in this divine appointment that He has set with you.

Missions quote for the day by David Platt: "Every saved person this side of heaven owes the gospel to every lost person this side of hell."

Since our last update we have travelled through North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas and now Texas. Our schedule for the next month and a half looks like this:
May 10-18 Houston with First Colony Bible Chapel
May 21 Greenfield Bible Chapel in Iowa
May 22-26 Sioux Falls
June 4 Eastgate Bible Chapel Portland Oregon
June 5-9 Greenwood Hills Camp (Missionary Orientation Program) in Harrisburg PA
June 9-12 Indian brethren conference in Dallas Texas
June 13-16 Lincoln City beach with the extended Tuttle family
June 17-26 Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) Latin America Conference
July ..... Portland Oregon

Micah for the Tuttle's

Tuttle-tidbits from April

Over the last month and a half we have traveled through New Jersey, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Ontario, New York, Delaware, Maryland, D.C, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida. We have stayed with some wonderful brothers and sisters and we have seen some amazing places! It has been a huge privilege to preach God's word and share the gospel all along the way! Our schedule has been crazy as I have preached an average of about 5 times a week. There have been missions conferences, youth conferences, evangelistic meetings, church meetings, home meetings and.... lots of other meetings :) We thank the Lord for the open doors to preach His word, encourage His people, inspire missions and do evangelism everywhere we go. It is exciting to see God working in different places and in different ways.

Our travels
As I mentioned in our last update the Lord has greatly blessed us with a 12 passenger van and a travel trailer that sleeps our whole family. The TT has been very helpful, and so far, hauling it has gone smoothly. Sometimes we feel kind of like a traveling circus but we have had a tremendous time together as a family and it's been a great way to do homeschool and ministry together. In a few places our kids have had opportunities to teach in Sunday-schools and share about their experiences growing up on the mission field. We are thankful for how the Lord is working in each of our kids and using them in different ways. Our family is far from perfect but we want to try to, in some way, give an example of what it looks like to serve the Lord together.

The work in Tarapoto
Our Bible Institute back in Peru seems to be going well under the guidance of Jesse and Janel Mattix. We are so thankful for the good work that they are doing! For the past two weeks the students have been studying a course on "The defense of the book of Genesis". Prior to that they went out on a ministry trip to Yurimaguas to do evangelism and children's work in some of the surrounding villages. We were also encouraged to hear that our assembly in Tarapoto baptized a few new believers last month. We praise the Lord that He is continuing to do great things. It is exciting to hear of the work there in the jungle but at the same time it makes me miss it all the more. I feel like my heart is being torn out and I wish I could be there helping in whatever ways I can.... but we know that the Lord has us here in the USA for a time.

Peru Flooding
Many people have asked us about the flooding in Peru. In the jungle everyone is prepared for rain and this year isn't any different than others for the jungle people. The problems have mostly been confined to the coast where it almost never rains. They aren't at all prepared for this sort of thing and they were hit hard by the "el niño" rains and landslides which have killed about 100 people. Many people are missing, about 15,000 homes have collapsed, another 15,000 homes are not able to be lived in, about 200,000 homes have been damaged in some way, about 14,000 kilometers of roads have been destroyed, another 14,000 kilometers of roads have been damaged, around 230 bridges have been destroyed, while 400 more bridges have been damaged. Many places still need drinking water, food and tents. Where there is great disaster there is great opportunity. Many brothers and sisters who live on the coast are helping the needy and showing the love of Christ in the midst of very hard times. Please pray for the coast of Peru.

Missions quote of the day by K.P Yohannan: "Believers who have the gospel keep mumbling it over and over to themselves. Meanwhile, millions who have never heard it once fall into the flames of eternal hell without ever hearing the salvation story."

Micah for the Tuttle's

Tuttletidbits from February

26 Below Youth Conference
After preaching last Saturday night I was totally exhausted, so I tried to escape back to our cabin to get some sleep. As I left the lodge and began to go through the dark and frozen woods I came upon a young man who was kneeling in the snow and fervently crying out to God in prayer..... I stopped dead in my tracks and thought: "How can you sleep at a time like this?".... I turned around, left the young man alone with God, and joined one of the many small prayer groups that had started in different places around the lodge. The Lord seemed to really work in the lives of many young people last weekend as I preached on the theme: "Don't waste your life". The leaders and organizers and music team were all useful instruments in our great God's hands. He is doing something special in many places and it is exciting to be a part of it. Last week I was able to preach nine times in six days. The bulk of that was done in the aforementioned youth conference at "Hidden Acres" Bible camp in Dayton Iowa. Despite difficult driving conditions more than 200 campers showed up for the CMML sponsored event. Believers came from all over the place such as: Nebraska, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Kansas and even Texas! We thank God for this powerful time and that He was glorified. Please pray that the Lord would continue to work in the lives of those who went to this event.

Driving up to the camp we had an exciting and adventurous blizzard experience! We left Dubuque Iowa at 9:30 pm right after speaking at Student Missionary Fellowship and we headed toward Dayton. What should have been a three hour drive turned into nearly six. In the middle of our journey the storm hit us with nickel sized hail that made me wonder if it was going to break through the windshield! After about 2" of hail built up on the highway, the rocks finally turned into flakes. Intense lightening lit our way through several white-out moments..... it was awesome!!! Nothing at all like jungle travel :) We were driving in a tiny rear wheel drive rental car. It was probably the worst car possible for snow travel and we had no chains! We were spinning and sliding quite a bit with very little visibility as I had to hold the pedal to the metal in many places just to just keep from getting stuck. We arrived near 3 a.m. and it was a real miracle that we somehow didn't get stranded out there. We thank the Lord for helping us to get through the storm safely.

30 days of evangelism
I have had an amazing start to my "30 days of evangelism" commitment. My favorite story so far happened on day two and goes like this..... Brother Diego and I went to the bus station where we went bonkers giving out tracts and speaking to everything that moved with reckless abandon. We were constantly teaming up and handing off and then spreading out. At one point I gave a tract to a young man named Jose, who said he was waiting for a bus to go and visit his two children who live with his ex. I talked with him about God's law, our sinfulness, God’s righteousness and the judgment to come. He listened intently..... After about 10 minutes he burst into tears and began to sob uncontrollably. I asked him what he was going through and if I could help in some way. Through sobs and many tears he said: “No, it’s that I just decided yesterday that I’m turning my back on God…. I decided that I’m going to be an atheist….. and now you’ve come to tell me about God’s love for me and warn me of the coming judgment…. I don’t think that this conversation was by chance." ..... I shared from Isaiah 55 “Seek the Lord while he may be found…” His bus came and as he got on I was able to take him by the shoulders and say: “I’ll never see you again.... God made this conversation happen. It was a divine appointment…. Don’t take it lightly…. Run to Christ, He's your only hope… Read the bible… Read that tract I gave you…. look for a church that teaches the Bible…. Look for some solid Christians.” .... He got on the bus, clutching his tract and literally sobbing as we parted ways. Please Pray for Jose.

Bible Institute
This Monday (March 6th) a new school year of IBEM SELVA institute classes will begin in our house in Tarapoto. The Bible institute that we started last year is continuing under the leadership and guidance of Jesse and Janel Mattix. The team working alongside them will involve Dahly Alday (Peruvian), Sarah Leavitt (American) and Aaron Campbell (American). Please pray for them and the new group of students that will be engaging in intense study and ministry for the next seven months. They will kick things off with a two week course on Old Testament Survey..... Oh, how I wish I was there!!! The following is a picture from last year at about this time on the first day of IBEM SELVA.

Missions quote for the day by C.H Spurgeon: "Jesus DIED for sinners, cannot we LIVE for them?"

Micah for the Tuttle's

Life has changed greatly for us in the last month and a half. Some of the most notable differences are the temperatures, the smells, the food, the language, the technology, the people, the highways (it is laughable to compare the NJ garden state parkway with the dirt road that goes to our house in Tarapoto).... Needless to say, we have experienced a bit of "reverse culture shock". What hasn't changed are the many opportunities to preach God's word and encourage His people. The Lord has opened many doors for us to visit different assemblies and emphasize what every Christian's missions should be: Make Christ's name great wherever you are. So far our schedule has been pretty full as I have been preaching several times each week. There have been youth conferences and missions conferences; there have been evangelistic meetings and church meetings; there have been times of wonderful fellowship and times of deep conversation. We thank God for every one of these precious moments!

Thirty days of evangelism
One thing I have missed from our ministry in Peru is some personal evangelism on the street. I decided last week that I am going to get back on track and commit to "thirty days of evangelism". The goal is to share the gospel with at least one person every day for thirty days. It can be with the guy at the gas station or at the cash register or in the park or on the side-walk.... But the key is; you have to have at least one clear gospel conversation with an unbeliever each day. When you make a conscious effort to do this it really makes life exciting! Please pray for me as I look to share the love of Christ with people I meet as we travel this month to different places (Des Moines IA, Miami FL, NYC).

Everyone in our family has thoroughly enjoyed meeting new people and seeing new places but in the midst of all the pandemonium Amy is working hard to keep our kids on track with homeschool. Javen and Cullen are preparing to take their SAT's on March 11th. Bria and Josiah are advancing in the areas of math and history. Mya is reading and writing better everyday and Ellia is learning to sleep without a pacifier. Our family life has been greatly aided by Christian Missions in Many Lands and their guest house where we have been able to stay since Christmas. It has given us stability as we adjust to a different kind of crazy routine here in the USA.

Missing Peru
We are very much enjoying ourselves here on the east-coast but at the same time we miss Peru a lot! We often times sit down as a family and we remember our church and our Bible institute and the villages and our friends and the culture and the food and we wish that we could be in two places at once. The following video is one that I put together in an attempt to give a challenge and an encouragement towards missions. It gives you a quick look at our life and ministry in Peru during the last few years. We have shown it in several churches and with this posting I am now retiring it to Youtube.

Updated schedule
We have an exciting schedule ahead of us that is very full until September when we plan to head back to Peru. The Lord has blessed us in an amazing way with a 12 passenger van and a travel-trailer that will help us immensely as we drive some 30,000 miles over the next few months! We are so grateful for His provision! Here is what our foreseeable itinerary looks like:

"26 below" youth conference in Dayton Iowa (February 24-26)
South Florida missions conference in Miami FL (March 3-9)
Missions conference in Rochester NY (March 24-26)
Missions conference in Baltimore MD (April 7-9)
Youth and family conference in Ferrum VA on April 15-16
Hispanic missions meetings in Roxboro NC (April 18-20)
Regional youth rally in Raleigh NC (April 21-23)
Missions conference in Murfreesboro TN (April 28-30)
Houston Texas (May 2-19)
Iowa (May 21-25)
Portland Oregon (May 30-June 4)
Missionary Orientation Program in Harrisburg PA (June 5-8)
Indian conference in Dallas TX (June 9-11)
Portland Oregon (June 12-16)
Hispanic brethren conference in Santo Domingo, DR (June 17-26)
Portland Oregon (June 27-July 31)
Calgary Alberta (August 6)
Fort McMurray Alberta (August 8-14)
Leave Javen and Cullen at Emmaus in Dubuque Iowa (August 18-31)
Tarapoto Peru (September)

Missions quote of the day by Ann Judson: "A little while, we are in eternity; before we find ourselves there, let us do much for Christ."

Micah for the Tuttle's