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Fancy Fun contest

I cannot be frothy and foretell that the aforementioned contest will be one with a fantastic prize... but it WILL have a prize... (however frugal and frivolous it may be)

Here's our latest monthly letter with contest rules at the bottom...

Thanks to all of you faithful friends and fellow followers of Jesus for not
forgetting us!

We are feeling some fun coming on! See the PS at the finish for the friendly competition! We just wanted you to know that YOU are among our favorite people in the world! Here is a challenge for you... you must encourage all the people you know to sign up for our feeble attempt
at a newsletter and soon! We will be sending our next letter in approximately 2 weeks to fill you in on what's been happening of late. I know that you are all waiting on pins and needles, but we figure that looking at some of our fotos might tide you over until we can fellowship again. When you click on this link: Our Photo Gallery (if it doesn't work, try copy and pasting it into your browser address bar) you might feel a little flighty or lightheaded at the sight of some of the frightening scenes... I mean, Micah saw it fresh and HE just about fell over and fainted! I've posted pictures of the missions team we just hosted, we were amazingly multi-national around here with five nationalities including a French woman and a fine dentist. He practically flew pulling teeth (seventy-five in one day), and those things are far from fragile! He fed them anesthetic to dull the feeling and then after a big YANK, the teeth practically fell out! Well, visit our Gallery full of fotograf√≠as, and we´ll fill you in on all the fun foibles fairly by the finish of the week following next.

We covet your fervent and frequent prayers on behalf of our family!

Amy Tuttle

PS. CONTEST #1- To play: The FIRST and FIFTH person to e-mail me
with the theme-letter-of-the-alphabet used frequently throughout this
note, will win a fresh flower! Frantic now! You COULD BE the first... or
the fifth!
CONTEST #2- To play: Count the number of times the theme letter is
used throughout this note (PS's included) and e-mail me to win! -By
the way, I haven't the foggiest idea! :)

Feel free to leave friendly feedback!

So to join the fun, post a comment... to subscribe to our monthly prayer/newsletter, look for the link in the sidebar



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