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Heading Back to Peru

We've had a great time here in Camiri, and can't believe the two weeks are already gone by. We've learned a lot about how this Bible Institute works, the students learned a lot about evangelism, our kids learned howto get along with missionary cousins and... well, we'll write more about that soon!

...we're writing now to let you all know that we will seriously need prayer over the next couple days.

Here are some things you can pray for over the next week and a half:

**we have some serious issues with our documents - we need the Lord to work out Mya's visa quickly and smoothly (on Monday morning), and that we'd be able to re-enter Peru with no problem (sometime Tuesday).

**safety in travels - plane rides, bus trips, car and train - there has been a lot of unrest and have been numerous roadblocks in the cities that we'll have to travel through.

**that the kids would experience little/no altitude sickness when passing through La Paz, Bolivia and then a few days in Cusco, Peru (this would be miraculous).

**that we'd truly exhibit the fruits of the Spirit to each other and the people around us during travel - which is a pretty big ordeal for our big family.

Thank you for your prayers,

the Tuttles ~ Micah & Amy, J, C, B, S, and M


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