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On the road again... :)

Please continue to pray for the classes in session in Cajamarca. The students have finished their first week of classes. We have our largest group of students ever this module, which is encouraging.

There has been some difficulty between several of the churches there, and so we are pleased to see them all cooperating somewhat for this module of the Institute. Please pray with us that all involved would see how good and pleasant it is when brethren live and work together in unity.

Dr. Fish from Emmaus has been down for the last week and a half and Micah has kept him busy! We have taken full advantage of having this Bible scholar here, and it is great that he is able to get around with his knowledge of Spanish. He was able to give a missionary refresher session Saturday, preach on Sunday morning, and teach Psalms all week in IBEM. Praise the Lord for this opportunity to have an exchange teacher for the Institute. We also got to have him for 4th of July and spend a day with him at an interesting archeological site here.

This is our last week with Amy (Mimi) Miller (short-termer from IA, attending Emmaus Bible College). We are so grateful for the time she has spent here with us. Her experiences learning about another culture, what full-time ministry in our neck of the woods looks like, as well as taking part in everyday missionary life, are SO valuable and will serve her well for her whole life. Please pray about it, talk to your church leaders and let us know if this is something that you or someone in your church would be interested in doing. Periodically, IBEM will be hosting short-term teams from Europe and Canada as well.

The kids, Mimi and I will be traveling up to Cajamarca to join Micah tomorrow or Monday. Please pray for safety as the roads are all torn up (constuction) and there have been several transportation strikes lately.

God is SO faithful and He is GOOD.

As always, we are so indebted to you for your prayers on our behalf.

Expecting His return,

Amy for all

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