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still in the jungle...keep praying

We are still in the jungle, we decided to take an extra day to see
another city with possible ministry opportunities. That, and it took
FOREVER to get here! Oh my. 17hours over two days is a LONG time!

Thank you all for praying.

The car has held out so far. We have every reason to hope it will do
just fine ´til we get back. We told it we will reward it with a nice
lube job as soon as we reach Trujillo.

The road was fine (as in not muddy), but VERY dangerous in certain
spots. The road is closed for construction except from 6pm until 6am.
Which means, it was pitch black when we drove it both ways. Lightning
kept lighting up the sky, as we were driving home last night over the
most precarious parts of a road waiting to fall into the depths of the
abyss. There were spots of the dirt road that were only wide enough
for one car, and it was SO curvy you couldn´t see if cars were coming.
We endured 2 hours of this! PRAISE the LORD it did not rain until we
were across. We decided to come last night and it was a good decision,
guided by the LORD.

The kids did SUPER, please keep praying that the return will be just
as pleasant. I told them I was SO proud of them for being such good
travellers. And no one has gotten sick!! Praise the Lord!

We are seeing a lot for consideration for future ministry
opportunities, please keep praying that the Lord would guide us
clearly in laying those plans.

We will be driving Today and tomorrow (Friday and Saturday-Mya´s bday).

Thanks again for praying,
Amy for all


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