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Back to high school and other details

I am officially a high school teacher! About two months ago a friend and I walked into the local public High School and asked the principal if I could teach a class on Christian values. At first they didn't know what to do with me and told me to come back the following week. When I came back on the appointed day the Principal - a catholic, and the Vice Principal - an atheist, told me they didn't think I would fit well in their school system. Upon further questioning, they convinced themselves that they not only needed the class, they wanted it! It went thus:
I began by questioning whether there were any morality problems or any lack of values among the students. At once they began to sheepishly share story after story of students involved in drug and alcohol abuse, even rape, abortion, and suicide. After describing all of the numerous problems in their school, they themselves asked me when I could begin. :) So, for the past month, I have been teaching a Bible class to forty 'heathen' sixteen year-olds... and they like it! Instead of kicking me out they are asking for me to pick up more classes! Please pray that the Lord will make an impact through this ministry in the lives of some of these kids.

Picture taken at ice cream shop on Micah's birthday...
Thank you for all the sweet birthday wishes!

As to what else we've been up to:
We have been "spying out the land" here in the northern jungles of Peru for about three months now. Where ministry is concerned, there have been many great opportunities! On the other hand, health-wise, life in the jungle has really taken a toll on our family. Please pray for us as we continue to seek the Lord regarding the prospect of long-term work here.

Exciting events over the last three months include the following: Open air preaching in the main square every Sunday. Treating our kids with weekly anti-lice treatment. Seeing our house church grow to about 40 people. Having what felt like a "near death experience" with Dengue. Getting permission to teach "Christian Values" in the local public high school. Struggling with constant sickness in the family. Cullen becoming the marble champion of the neighborhood. Being pick-pocketed of $400, drivers license, credit cards, etc. Preaching six times every week. Having a drunk driver plow into the back of our car. Discipling several of the believers. Having our city cut off from all outside access by thousands of angry natives. Dealing with extreme heat and humidity. Cooling off in our kiddy pool with the whole family. Frequently killing bats that get into our house... and many more adrenalin pumping activities that perhaps someday we'll have to write a book about :).

Please pray that God would be exalted and magnified in our family and ministry.

Micah for the Tuttle's

PS. A few more prayer requests:
  • Please pray as preparations are being made even as I write, for the River Convention (where several of the churches on the river gather for teaching and mutual encouragement) ... Micah leaves tomorrow morning (with a group from the church here) and will be there until Monday. Pray for protection from malaria, that the Lord would guide in the teaching, and that there would be much blessing experienced by all.
  • Preparations are also taking place for IBEM this upcoming month in Trujillo. All kinds of details go into this as each part of the team does their part to set things in place. Our part involves planning/organizing the practical hands-on mission projects, translation of materials, and of course all the travel entailed just in getting there for this module! Please pray that all would go smoothly.
We hope you all had a WONDERFUL Father's Day!


At June 26, 2009 at 6:35 PM Moses said...

Wow! Talk about open doors! May God bless your new ministry at the high school! Health and blessings to you guys.


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