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Violence in Bagua Grande

Some photos of the conflict in Bagua Grande:

My blog post on how this affects our family HERE.

From what we've heard the numbers in the following article are based on the injured or killed that have arrived in the hospital. But, the news here is that the natives have been carrying off their killed comrades and burning their bodies... the report we've heard (we have no idea of the reliability of the source) has said there are possibly hundreds of casualties. This is all happening in the town we always stay in on our way between Tarapoto and Trujillo. It feels just a little too close to home.

Here are some links to news stories on the situation here in Peru, in Bagua Grande:

Click Here
for article in English
Click Here for articles in Spanish

(This one is the only one I've seen that actually talks about the severe rise in prices and increasing lack of basic necessities... our reality)

Pray for an end to the struggle!

Also, there is now NO gasoline in the city... all the gas stations are out.
Prices on staples have been climbing again, and no doubt tomorrow will double because of the mania.


At June 6, 2009 at 1:27 AM Lacey said...

Wow! I can not imagine the thoughts and feelings you guys are experiencing! I will most definitely be praying for you all. May God keep his STRONG hand of protection around you! God bless.


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