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Travel, Moving and Loss of a friend

Hello Friends,

This is just a quick note to let you all know that Micah made it to
Tarapoto! He met the moving truck there and has been working hard to
get the house in order. What a guy! While we were away, rainwater had
flooded the house multiple times, and the plants were all way overgrown
as the young guys who were supposed to stay there while we were gone
lost their keys at some point :S However, Micah got the phone hooked
back up and has everything pretty much under control now. Yay, Micah!

The girls and I are scheduled to fly back to Peru tomorrow, Wednesday
morning at 5:30am and will be traveling/layovering until Friday 9:30pm.
That's 63 hours LONG! But all is not sorrow and sadness as my mom is
traveling back with me :) Please pray that all the details of the trip
will fall together and that we would actually be able to enjoy our time

I will mention a big sadness that our family is experiencing. We just
lost a good friend. On the way to Tarapoto, our family dog Sam died.
He was having trouble breathing for several hours and then died in the
night. He was a very sweet dog and we all love him very much. Please
pray for our family (especially the kids) as this was a difficult blow
in the midst of such big life change.

Please keep holding us and our new ministry endeavor up in prayer. We
have exciting yet difficult days ahead.

Thank you for praying,
In Him,
Amy for all


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