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First off, we want to thank you all sincerely for praying for us. We have never been more keenly aware of our desperate need of prayer than in these last weeks. Yet, all the time God has been, is and will be faithful. We are so thankful.

So, let's see... Last we talked, we'd told you how we've moved to the jungle. We mentioned our building project (which is going well, by the way... still lacking a roof and floor, but we'll get there). We mentioned that we live near where the Elliots worked for many years and that we're close to some rivers... But perhaps some of you are wondering more specifically where in the jungle we live?

So where in the world IS Tarapoto?

You'll have to get out your atlas to find Peru. Next, try to imagine yourself on the coast of Peru with your back to the Pacific ocean. From there you can actually see shadows of the foothills to the Andes Mountains. If you were to get into your car (and believe me, it is MUCH better than taking a bus), you'd want to try to find the highway heading out of Chiclayo toward Motupe and afterwards Bagua Grande (do those names help some? heheh. To see a cool interactive map go HERE ). Being the nicest road we've found in Peru, it will take you over the first range of mountains then the second and finally down towards the jungle. After driving for about 15 hours in a easterly direction, over mountains, around precarious curves, through streams, dodging landslides and various construction vehicles; after making various potty breaks (don't forget you have 5 small children with you :), Lord willing, you will arrive in Tarapoto. .

Located on the eastern side of the Andes Mountains, in something of a valley, Tarapoto is an hour away from the Huallaga River. Also, we are just a little over two hours from the end of the road. Yep. That's right. The end. After us, with exception to the area immediate to the city of Iquitos, there's just river. And lots of those, I might add. No roads. If you look at the smaller map above, you'll see how huge of a section of Peru is traversed only by rivers. You could even bend the southern arrow quite a ways to include pretty much all the southern parts east of the mountains, but we'll save the rest for another lesson ;)

Though perhaps difficult to envision, except for those who visit, I hope this helps you to visualize even if only a tiny bit. We will do our best to send lots of pictures as time progresses as well. And of course, if you feel led to make a trip, by all means, please let us know :) We are especially in need of medical teams, and/or teams interested in bold evangelism through drama or music. Any Spanish-speaking musically inclined folks interested in challenging longer-term ministry opportunities may also apply :) heheh.

So, Micah would have me give at least a little bit of an update, so please keep reading.

Our days have been very full of late with church meetings, discipleship courses, homeschool, the construction of the building and Micah's preparation for the upcoming module of IBEM in November (and we mustn't fail to mention the numerous marble tournaments). In off moments we make sure to keep cool by a quick jump in the pool. These days the thermometer seems stuck in the range of upper 80's to lower 90's, even at night. However, the periodic rains afford a delightful, even if only a brief respite from the heat.

*(see youtube below for a very blurry update on the construction)

Items for prayer:
We are anxious to see what the Lord provides in the way of a meeting place while we are in Trujillo for two weeks of IBEM at the end of November. We are hoping that the construction will be finished, but that entirely depends on available funds for materials. So, we wait. If it is not ready, we fully trust that the Lord will provide another option. Please also specifically pray for the brothers and sisters and all who come, that our fellowship would be marked by Christ-like love, humilty, bearing with one another, and unity. We doubt not that the enemy would so love to tear us to pieces. And lastly, please pray for our health. Currently the two girls are sick with fevers, and the rest of us are wavering on the brink. Endurance.

Can we build it?  Yes we can! I am Incredi-boy

Thank you so much for your partnership with us in the work here in this little corner of the world.

Eagerly awaiting His return,
(on behalf of the whole Tuttle tribe)

A link with info on Tarapoto, and a cool interactive map:


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