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On the road again...

Formula for FUN!
2 days x 9 hours driving each day
+ 2 adults
+ 5 children in one red Isuzu Trooper
+ uncertainty of road conditions because of recent rain
- a working cd/tape player in the car
= need for prayer and patience and lots of activities to do in the car!

Today (not yesterday...) we are leaving to complete another long journey over to the coast. So, do please remember us in your prayers, specifically for safety and sanity. :)

This first weekend (11/21-22) will be spent in a big evangelistic/mini-mission trip put on by IBEM and students. Next week, Micah will be teaching through 1 & 2 Peter for IBEM. The 29th, Micah and I celebrate 13 years of marriage! Yay! The second week in Trujillo we will be resting... hah! Resting IS relative :) We are so THANKFUL for all the Lord has blessed us with to do.

We sincerely thank you for your love and prayers,
Micah and Amy Tuttle and family


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