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On the Chipurana with Micah Tuttle

Micah has worked hard this last week and we'd like to share with you a video he made live from the river (literally)...

Doesn't he sound exactly like Man vs. Wild?!

We're thinking to post a journal entry a day for the next several days. We hope you enjoy them and can be inspired to do the work the Lord is calling you to do today in your own sphere of life.

Here's the first page in his journal:

Monday, April 19 2010

Left for the Chipurana valley today with Samuel and Edinson (Edy is becoming a very good preacher). We drove to Yarina and found la hermana Neser very, very sick. Prayed for her and read Psalm 91. Took off after lunch in the 'peke peke' [peh'-keh, peh'-keh: canoe with a motor] and traveled three hours to the mouth of the Chipurana River and another hour more up river to the first village “Dos de Mayo”. Only one believer in this village of about 100 people, and Julio's brand new with only 6 months in the faith. We went to encourage him. Some brothers and sisters from other nearby villages heard that we were coming and about 40 of them gathered on the shores to greet us. After a fine dinner of 'majaz' [mah has': paca, a large hopping rodent], hunted by Julio, we started the open air meeting. I preached Matthew 7:13-14. They hooked up loud speakers to a car battery (that's about all they use them for here) and no one escaped from hearing the message... Edinson, Samuel and I used every spare moment today (in the truck and then canoe) to read out loud the entire book of Luke. Tomorrow we'll get deeper into the jungle as we reach Santa Martha.


At April 28, 2010 at 8:06 AM DanaW said...

Wow! Praying for you, Micah, as you brave the wilds with no sleep in His name! May your trip be fruitful for His kingdom!

At April 28, 2010 at 2:23 PM Anonymous said...

Been praying for your trip all last week. - steven


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