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River Trip... {part one}

This is a series of posts from Micah's journal that he kept on last weeks' river trip.  
The dates of the trip were June 2nd - 5th.  He plans to make at least one week long trip each month.

Here's part one:

Today I left Tarapoto at about 5:30 a.m with Edinson, Ever and Jerlin.  As we headed over the 'seja de selva' [mountain sloping down into jungle plain] in a rented 4X4, we read 1 & 2 Timothy, Titus, Philemon and Hebrews out loud.  Each time the truck had to make a stop, we got out and sang, gave away tracts and shared the gospel to whoever would gather to listen.  When we arrived in Papa Playa a group of brothers and sisters were waiting to greet us.  This village has the healthiest assembly of all of the river towns along the Haullaga due to the presence of long time Peruvian missionary Arturo Napuchi.  He is almost blind, has very limited resources, but regardless is a great preacher.  He also has nearly the whole N.T memorized!  It was a great joy to give him and his family a 110 lb sack of rice, some money and some corrugated metal sheets for his leaky roof.

We spent the afternoon going from hut to hut sharing the gospel, praying for the sick and inviting people to the evening gospel meeting.  After a fine dinner of fish, banana juice, banana chips, boiled banana, and fried banana we hurried off to the meeting.  Many people came out.  Edinson and Jerlin led the music, Ever and I preached (you can't just have one sermon in these villages, they always ask for at least two).  It was a good time and I think that many were encouraged. When everybody had left we set up our tents in the church building and drifted off to sleep to the sound of rats scurrying up and down the tent poles.      

Ever playing guitar in the boat, the next day.


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Enjoyed the update. Praying ~Beth


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