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the River Trip diaries {part four}

this is how they smoke zahino meat

Thursday Sept 23, 2010
After praying with the brothers in Ricardo Palma we headed further down river this morning. We were able to catch a motor boat (11 year old driver) and we quickly made it to Achinamisa where about twenty brothers were eagerly awaiting our arrival. They had asked me to bring a keyboard, 35 hymnals and 10 Bibles. I was glad to finally get rid of all that weight and not have to worry about the keyboard getting stolen or lost or going overboard. We had hoped to just hand over the requested goods and continue on to the next village but it's soooo difficult when they tell you that they have prepared a special meal of fried tucan and yucca spit juice!

After our exciting lunch we continued on to Solterito where lunch #2 was waiting for us. The real problem with eating so much on these trips is that many of these villages (including Solterito) don't have outhouses. You just have to find a tree and then the pigs do the clean up work.

It just so happened that the village was celebrating their anniversary and they had brought in a generator and a set of loud speakers. We asked if we could use the sound system for one hour before the party and the authorities agreed. Not only did all of Solterito come out to listen but also many people from the nearby villages showed up too. I preached on Matthew 7:13-14 (2 doors, 2 ways, 2 classes, 2 destinies... which will you choose?). Everyone seemed shocked afterward and I think I ruined their party. Everyone had come to get wasted on sugarcane gin and ended up getting shaken by God's word and forced to choose which path they would take. God planned it. Glory to Him.

-Micah for the Tuttle's

baptism from the previous day


At October 12, 2010 at 4:48 PM daa_log said...

Micah, you are a marvel!


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