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Javen and Cullen's big trip

The Journey
Last Monday morning Javen (12 years old), Cullen (11 years old), Alec (a visitor from Canada) and three Peruvian brothers embarked on 7 day missions trip with me to 6 different villages. In all we spent 10 hours in the back of a truck, 20 hours in a boat, and 15 hours walking through the jungle.

The Food
We ate deer meat, armadillo, majaz, plantains, coa coa, fariƱa (toasted yucca flour), mazato (fermented yucca spit juice), chicha (fermented corn drink), beans, fish and rice. Sadly, we missed out on the alligator that they had killed in one village. We were just getting ready to trek to the next village when they brought the meat in and gave it to the cooks.

The Pain
-Javen had an bad ear-ache in the second village that led to puss and blood leaking from his left ear.
-On the fourth night Cullen woke up drenched in sweat with an extremely high fever, from which he is still recovering.
-We waded across 3 rivers and swam across 1
-While swimming across the 1 river Cullen got taken by the current. We thank God that Alec was behind him and was able to help him to the shore.
-With no boats available we had to walk a 25 mile stretch (9 hours) through the rain and mud in order to get to the next village. In the end our legs and feet were pretty sore.
-The intense heat of the sun burned us pretty good after being exposed to it for 10 hours straight on our last canoe ride.

The Work
-We were able to preach open air and do plenty of one on one evangelism in each village.
-Each night Javen, Cullen, Alec and I sang English worship songs (this really drew a crowd)
-We sold / gave away many Bibles, hymnals, medicines, and Emmaus courses.
-In one village I preached at a wedding of a recently converted couple.
-I was able to spend many hours encouraging and counseling the believers.
-In the last village that we visited we were able to preach on the river bank and then baptize 2 new believers.

The Fruit
-Upon arrival in one village a guy met us and said “Do you remember me?... You prayed for me six months ago when I was sick, we got down on our knees and I place my faith in Christ. Now my sickness is gone and I'm faithfully following the Lord” …. What a huge encouragement!!!!!

-After I had preached the gospel in one of the open air meetings a man came forward to make a public profession of faith. When I talked with him he said that he had mocked me when he heard me preaching in a different village nine months ago. He said he could remember almost everything in the message and that God hadn't left his conscience alone since that moment..... God's word does not return void!!!!

The Verse
Him we preach, warning every man and teaching every man in all wisdom, that we may present every man perfect in Christ Jesus.” (Col 1:28)


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