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We're still here... :)

Wow. So much has happened since we last wrote... where to begin...?
We kept on thinking of writing an update, but alas thinking about writing is not the same as writing and even though you were all constantly in our thoughts, and though perhaps it is mostly true that it's the thought that counts, sitting down to write is actually quite helpful in the process and that's where we kept getting stuck... no time even to sit... until this week. So, here I am... sitting. rambling. um... right. on with the update already. :)

[feel free to omit the above portion of this correspondence when publishing in church prayer letters... ;) heheh]

December brought with it all the normal holiday busyness, in addition to a regional convention of river churches, and the packing of our entire household for storage, and tying up loose ends at church as we'll be away for a good number of months (here in Trujillo and Lord willing in the US), and in the midst of all the rest, entertaining visitors from the coast for a week (our beloved co-workers from IBEM in Trujillo & family),... well, surely you can imagine how much homeschooling we accomplished last month... uh huh. :)

We had to be out of the house we'd been renting, as well as arrive in Trujillo for classes by the end of the first week in January. After some car trouble, which did necessitate spending the night at a hotel practically in the middle of no where, we did eventually arrive in Trujillo safe and sound. Upon arrival, we made up for lost time by eating Papa John's pizza right away. :) of course.

That first week, Micah taught a class on how to preach for the students in Capacitacion Biblica, and will be teaching a class on parenting to the IBEM students this coming week. The first weekend in February, he'll be traveling back to the jungle for two weeks to participate in the Capacitacion Biblica in Yurimaguas as well as to take advantage of visiting the church in Tarapoto.

Lord willing, we anticipate being able to travel to the States towards the middle/end of March. We look forward to giving a report of what we've seen and experienced of the Lord's work here as well as catching up personally with many of you. If you're interested in letting us talk your ear off hearing more about our ministry in person, please be in contact with us about dates and times. It's gonna be great! ;)

Until then,
Micah & Amy Tuttle {and family}


At January 24, 2011 at 7:24 PM Smiles said...

MISSED YOU SOOOOO MUCH! Glad to hear you are doing well!

At January 25, 2011 at 11:30 AM Dana Wilson said...

Thanks for the update! Yes, I can imagine how impossible it is to homeschool with all that going on. However, remember, you are still homeschooling, just not fitting in some of the academics. Those life experiences are all part of the package. :-)


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