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Remembering the Elliot's

In a day and age when many waste their lives here's one that was made to be useful in the Masters hands from start to finish. Bert Elliot went into the Lord's presence on February 17th. Colleen Elliot followed him into heaven just six weeks later on March 30th. Colleen's main reason for going to the USA was to attend Bert's memorial service which, in God's sovereignty, ended up being for both of them. After 62 years of incredible service for the Lord their story comes to an end.... Is this a tragedy?.... No! No life wasted here! They made the most of the time that God gave them for His glory. This is the story of two lives totally intertwined in their love for our Savior, for each other and for the Peruvian people...... This life wasn't wasted!

I remember Colleen telling me, with tears in her eyes, about how Bert had been up river several days and she was worried about him until someone came to the door with a banana on which Bert had scrawled “I'm in Papa playa preaching, I be home in two days, I LOVE YOU”

I remember the Elliot's neighbor telling me that he no longer had to set his alarm clock because at 4:30 every morning Bert and Colleen woke him up with their singing to the Lord.

I remember being in the Elliot's crowded house one afternoon when Bert got down on his knees to pray. All of us were rather confused as to whether we should kneel or not. Bert sensed the confusion and looked up from his prayer to lovingly say: “Wont you put yourselves in a correct posture of worship before our great God?” …...... This life was not wasted!

Amy and I have had the opportunity to live in the three major main areas of Elliot ministry: The Huallaga river valley, Cajamarca and Trujillo. We have seen, first hand, the impact that Bert and Colleen have had. Both in the jungle and in the mountains village after village was touched by this extraordinary couple. Even the people who hated their message couldn't deny that the person of Christ shined through them. When you ask the people in these villages about “Los hermanos Heriberto y Norma” there are multitudes of stories about their love, their fervent preaching and their real relationship with God...... This life wan't wasted!

The Elliot's first came to Peru en June of 1949. They basically spent 38 years in a ministry plan of half the year in the jungle and then the other half year in the mountains. The last 24 years were spent ministering on the coast of Peru. They preached the gospel, made disciples, planted churches, and loved people. God used them to exalt Christ and to be instrumental in the planting of about 120 churches in the north of Peru...... This life wasn't wasted! 



At April 2, 2012 at 3:45 PM Deb Schneider said...

Such an inspiration and encouragement to press on.

At April 2, 2012 at 11:35 PM Sylvia Stricker said...

Hi Micah and Family, We thank the Lord for your recent safety! God is
good. Just wanted to tell you that we appreciate your letting us know
about Bert and Colleen Elliot. We
feel they have been handing you the baton for a long time now. Truly those they left behind are found faithful to carry on the Lord's work. God Bless! Steve and Sylvia Stricker friends of your Mom and Dad at GSCC. PS we met the Elliots years ago had dinner in their home and met Bert's Mom who was an invalid at the time but a wonderful lady to meet.


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