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River Trip Diaries: June 2012 {day one}

The majestic Andes mountains sloping down into the Amazon Jungle is a spectacular sight to see as you dodge huge whirlpools and shoot the rapids of the Haullaga river. Fifteen brothers and I were on our way to the bi-annual convention of river churches. These conferences are always encouraging and looked forward to with great anticipation. Brothers and sisters come from the surrounding villages excited about the Bible teaching, worship and fellowship that takes place.

After a few hours in the boat we spent another hour or so in a 4x4. Mud flew, the truck lurched and we all hung on for dear life as our driver sped us down the bumpy dirt road. Finally, we arrived at the village where the conference was to take place: “Papa Playa”.

We made it safe and sound... but not without stiff necks, sunburned arms and a thick coating of dirt on our heads :) It was fun to be greeted by the crowds of precious brothers and sisters awaiting our arrival. We got cleaned up as fast as we could and went straight to the first meeting. I preached Mark 14 to about 300 riveted people. The Lord seemed to really work. We trust in God's promise that His word will not return


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