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Conference in Trujillo

We are in Trujillo!  A few days ago we decided that the whole family should take the 17 hour journey out of the jungle, over the mountains and to the coast.  We will be here for just one week in order to participate in a conference that has been planned with IBEM (the Bible institute).  So far the conference has been really encouraging!  I've had the privilege of translating several sessions for Danny Crooks, an itinerant preacher from Northern Ireland that has come and is sharing some excellent ministry from God's word.  About 40 students have come from different places in the country and it has proven to be a very profitable time together.

Each day I've taken time to get out on the street and do some personal evangelism.  I have passed out a lot of tracts and had some great conversations.  Please pray for "Renson" who seems to really be feeling the conviction of the Holy Spirit.  He expressed a lot of interest as we talked yesterday.  We will be getting together tonight for a coffee and a more in-depth look at the gospel.            

Missions quote for the day:  "One Way: Jesus! One Job: Evangelism!"    – T.L. Osborn

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Yes, praying for you guys...


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