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River Work

Just arrived back home after visiting several villages along the river where we were able to preach the gospel and encourage the brethren.  The following video is a quick update about some of last weeks events.    


Fellow missionary Christopher Mattix has been visiting us for the last several weeks and he did a great job teaching "survey of doctrine" at our Bible institute that has started up in Yarina. While he taught his course in this key village I was able to go to the nearby villages and preach in each one. In the evenings brother Eber and I preached open air and during the day we went through an Emmaus course with the believers. In one village I set up an electrical generator and wired their church building so they could have some light to work with. It was a lot of fun to use my rusty electrician skills in a village deep in the jungle.

In the course of the week we enjoyed some interesting meals. We ate jungle pheasant (shansho), jungle rhodant (majaz), armadillo, toucan and an assortment of fish and plantains. One brother even caught a sloth and suggested we eat him for lunch..... I convinced him that we should let it go. He was just too cute to eat.

The following is a excerpt from my journal last Sunday, March 3rd

....As darkness crept into the surrounding jungle Eber and I slogged through the mud and battled the torrential downpour that had just hit. After about 45 minutes on the trail we came to a huge bog and had to cross it on some lashed-together logs. The 10 foot long pole wasn't long enough to touch the bog's floor so we had to manage by hand-paddling our way across. Another 30 minutes down the trail and we came to the village of Inayuca. We asked which way to Navarro and then followed the indicated trail. Just when I thought we were about to get lost for sure a drunk came down an adjoining trail and claimed he could get us to Navarro. (Does God send drunk angels?).... We had a flashlight and he had the trail knowledge so we made a good team in the dark maze of paths. It was quite an experience being led through the dark and stormy night by a staggering drunk.... In the end we made it to Navarro where the brothers were anxiously awaiting our arrival. We went straight to the meeting and preached our hearts out just as we were, soaked, muddy and tired, ..but happy to be used by God for the encouragement of His people.....

Missionary quote for the day: "When he landed in 1848 there were no Christians here; when he left in 1872 there were no heathen."
- said of John Geddie


At March 13, 2013 at 2:05 PM Aaron said...

Wow what a trek. Glad you are hard at Gods work again. Love the photos of animals and very glad you did not eat the sloth. Drunk angels??? I thought that was only in hollywood. Anyways God does use all things for his good.


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