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Someone has said:  "No happier, no nobler work exists on earth, in which the energies of youth and the best and brightest years of life may be occupied for God, than in going forth with the gospel message, heavens last and costliest gift to men, seeking to win them to the Savior, to turn them from darkness to light and from the power of Satan unto God." 

Last week we had a team of four wonderful brothers from Great Britain come and help Javen, Cullen and I do a trip deep into the jungle.  The Lord was with us as we traveled by Motokar, canoe, and then on foot to get to the most remote villages on my circuit.  We thank the Lord that we all made it back in one piece.  There were some upset stomachs, bloodied and blistered feet and a lot of sweat but that's all to be expected on these extremely exciting trips :)      

We were able to visit 4 villages in 5 days.  We preached our hearts out each day, begging people to be reconciled to God.  Each night we held evangelistic meetings and the gospel rang out in the village streets.  The British team preached, I translated and the Holy Spirit convicted.  Our goal was to exalt Christ's name whether sinners repent or not.  Our prayer is that He was glorified.      

Hut to hut evangelism is very effective in these villages as people almost always welcome you into their home and willingly listen to the scriptures.  During the daylight hours we were able to visit many, many homes.  We shared from God's word, prayed for people, gave out much needed medicines and left everyone with tracts.  

You might say that we are living in the greatest period of history.  The end of the ages has come upon you!  Don't just sit there!

Missionary quote of the day:  "Only one life to live, soon twill pass, only what's done for Christ will last." -author ????- 

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