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It's a jungle out there!

Thank you for praying! The Lord really blessed our bi-annual convention of river churches! Brothers and sisters came from almost all of the thirty villages that are on my preaching circuit. Brother Mariano and myself spent 5 days preaching until our throats were raw. When we weren't preaching every spare moment was used up (during meals, between meetings and late at night). Sometimes it was marriage counseling, sometimes it was trying to heal church divisions, sometimes it was distributing medicine and at other times it was dealing with false teachers. It was exhausting but at the same time it was exciting to see the Lord work in lives of many people.

Huge vampire bats owned the night sky, and razor-toothed piranhas swarmed the waters of Navarro's lake. "It's a jungle out there!" As I preached during one of the mid-day meetings I couldn't help but notice a commotion at the back of the congregation. I had to stop when people started to jump up out of their chairs yelling: "Afaninga! Afaninga!" After a brief tumult we had one dead snake and about 200 shaken up brothers :) That's one way to keep everyone awake! Never a dull moment in the jungle :)

The boat that the Lord has provided continues to be a huge blessing as we were able to transport many of the believers to and from their villages. I was able to taxi from pueblo to pueblo rather safely and I only hit rocks twice.... I'm still learning :) .... We praise God for His protection! The convention was a great time and I loved every minute of it but my favorite moment was arriving home to squeals and laughter and hugs and back-slaps from from my family. So good to be home with my wonderful wife and kids! Just in time for Christmas. Thank you for your prayers!

Missions quote of the day by David Brainerd: "I care not how or where I live, or what hardships I may go through, I care only that I should gain souls for Christ.”

Micah for the Tuttle's


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