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Greetings from New Jersey

After traveling 14,338 miles through 18 states and 2 Canadian provinces we finally returned our 15 passenger Dodge Ram van to its owners in Dallas Texas. The van served us wonderfully as it guzzled down 1194 gallons of gas, had five oil changes, received two new tires, underwent fan belt surgery and had a new water pump installed. Those stats might sound alarming but we couldn't be happier with how well the vehicle performed for us. It was absolutely perfect for our family and our ministry over the last five months and it never once gave us problems on the road. We thank the Lord for His provision and the brethren that were willing to let us use their van to such an extent!

After dropping that van off in Dallas we flew to NJ where we were lent another van with which we have already traveled more than 3000 miles! Along the way I have been preaching 3 or 4 times a week in various assemblies while passing through 7 different states. We have stayed in the homes of many wonderful people that we previously had not known. The Lord has really blessed us through many brothers and sisters who have so generously helped us all along the way! We are grateful!

In the last two months there have been tremendous opportunities in many places to encourage and challenge God's people with His word. In Portland Oregon there was a certain excitement among many to live a life not wasted and for God's glory. At a conference in Claremont California there seemed to be a real desire among young families for revival. In Dallas Texas we saw amazing love and unity. In New Jersey there has been a real focus on missions. In North Carolina we saw a great work being done with Hispanics. In New York there we noticed a fervency in prayer. It has been a real privilege to be with and to encourage a shining remnant of God's people in all of these places!

We are presently in Wall Township, New Jersey at the Christian Missions in Many Lands missionary house. It has been wonderful to be here and to meet all of the great brothers and sisters that work here to serve missionaries around the world by channeling designated financial funds, putting out a missions magazine, publishing a missions prayer handbook, providing a place for missionaries to rest and many other helpful services.

While we have had a fabulous time here in the States we are itching to return to Peru where we can get back to our "normal" life. Lord willing we will fly on December 10th to Lima where we will stay for a few days to do an evangelistic outreach with one of the assemblies there, and then finally we'll head back to Tarapoto and to the jungles of Peru! We feel like the Lord has used us to encourage many of His people across the country and at the same time He has used them to encourage us.

Missions quote of the day: "Brother, if you would enter that Province, you must go forward on your knees."
- Hudson Taylor

Micah for the Tuttle's


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