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September news from the Tuttles

Youth events
Last month I had a great opportunity to preach at two different youth events here in the Tarapoto area.  My topics were Evangelism and Knowing God (it doesn't get any better than that!).  Each event had about 60 university students in attendance and these "camps" were back to back on the calendar so I ended up preaching 10 times in 4 days.  Each of those messages were two hours long (that's what they asked for) so I was quite exhausted by the end of the marathon.  Please pray that God would raise up a new generation of young people that seek hard after Him!

The Bible school construction project
We are really moving forward with our plans and construction for a bible institute here at our house.  The Lord is providing and we are building like crazy with the hope that we can get everything ready by March 6th when classes will start.  Fifteen students will live, study and travel with us for the duration of a seven month course (as you can imagine this requires quite bit of planning and preparation and infrastructure).  Jesse Mattix has been a huge help in every area, especially with the manual labor as we install lots of framing, sheetrock, tile and wire!  We really look forward to the impact that this missions focused, discipleship course could potentially have.  Please pray for this ministry!  

An encouraging visit
Last month we were blessed by a two week visit from Fred and Kathy McMaahn from First Colony Bible Chapel in Houston Texas.  Kathy was loads of fun for our little kids as she read to them and taught how to paint and to do various crafts.  Her presence and joyful spirit was an encouragement to the whole family. Fred helped with the construction, taught 5 sessions in our assembly about the tabernacle and also did a trip with Javen, Cullen, Bria Josiah and I to visit one of the outlying villages.  The believers in this particular village had been begging us for quite some time to come for a visit and to preach the gospel in the open air.  I was a real privilege to thunder out the word of God to all the village of "Palmeras".

Missions quote for the day by Oswald J. Smith:  "We talk of the second coming of Christ; half the world hasn't even heard of the first."

Micah for the Tuttle's


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