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Tuttle-tidbits from November

Last Sunday Amy and I celebrated 19 years of marriage! I am so grateful for such a wonderful wife and the life that God has given us together. Amy can now say that she has been married longer than she was single. Its amazing how time flies! We could never have imagined that God would bless us with 6 great kids and put us in the jungles of Peru with such an exciting ministry. We thank the Lord for His many blessings!

Trip to the coast
November was a very busy month for the Tuttle-tribe! We traveled as a family through the jungle, up over the Andes mountains, down the coast and back again which ended up being about a 5,000 km journey. Along the way we were able to see spectacular landscapes, visit lots of good friends, share the gospel with many souls and preach in several churches. I had been invited to speak in a total of 12 meetings in Trujillo and in Lima which was extremely exciting and exhausting at the same time. We thank God for His traveling mercies and for opening so many doors to preach His word!

Trip to Bogota Colombia
After arriving back in Tarapoto, Amy and I left the kids at home and flew off to Bogota Colombia where we spent an amazing ten days with missionary friends, Brian and Sharon Killins. We had a great time meeting many wonderful brothers and sisters from many different assemblies. Our time in Colombia started with a leaders retreat where I was invited to motivate evangelism, teach evangelism and do evangelism. After the retreat our trip was pure action going from one place to another, preaching in meetings, visiting new friends and trying to encourage the saints. In the end Amy and I were the ones that were most encouraged as we met so many wonderful people.

Even though we have been busy with ministry this last month we have still been able to continue with our construction project for the Bible institute. While we were away our construction "maestro" kept at it and has accomplished a lot on the floors, ceilings and bathrooms. The few days that I have been around I've been able to do some wiring and fixture installations which has been fun and brought back old memories. We still have a whole lot to do and are determined to get as much done as possible in December. Thank you to everyone that has helped financially with this project. Just three short months left until we start classes! Please pray that we get everything ready by March 6th!

Missions quote for the day by Hudson Taylor: "Oh that God would make hell so real to us that we cannot rest, heaven so real that we must have men there, Christ so real that our supreme motive and aim shall be to make the Man of Sorrows the Man of Joy by the conversion to him of many"

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