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Preaching the word in season and out!

"IBEM SELVA" classes start on March 6th! There is so much to do and so little time to do it. We have been going crazy with construction these last couple of months and we are desperately trying to finish building bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, showers and decks. Most days are pandemonium as workers invade the house and I try to keep them supplied with materials. With everything we need to get done our stress levels have gone up quite a bit. Please pray for us! We have less than 3 weeks till our Tarapoto Bible institute officially starts!

Capacitacion Biblica
Aside from the physical construction going on here in Tarapoto there has also been much to do in the area of spiritual construction. In January I spent 10 days on the coast preaching and teaching in the city of Trujillo. At the annual Bible capacitation course I had a tremendous time teaching through Genesis and 1 Peter. We were blessed with a great group of hungry and attentive students who studied hard and made the most of their time. In the evenings and on the weekends I had many opportunities to preach the Word not only in houses and church buildings but also in the open air. Our desire is to make Christ's name great wherever we can!

After returning to the jungle the next events on the list were planned evangelistic campaigns with the Quechua churches in the area. Each day was filled with great conversations, interesting experiences and strange foods. In the evenings I preached my heart out as I pleaded with souls to be reconciled to God. It was an exciting time as, more or less, 700 people crowded into the main square to listen to the gospel each night. Please pray that God would use His word that was preached to bring about conversion and revival in His timing.

Missions quote for the day by John Bunyan: "We esteem things according to the price paid for them. The soul has been purchased by a price that the Son and wisdom of God thought appropriate to pay for its redemption. What a thing, then, must be a soul!"

Micah for the Tuttles


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