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Walking the trail with a murderer

As we made our way along the jungle trail Carlos explained to me that the police were looking for him because he and his buddies were being blamed for a murder that took place just two days before in the next village over. Mya gripped my hand tighter as Carlos went on to tell us that he had been in jail before and he didn't want to go back. He was in a gang in SanJuan de Lurigancho Lima and had escaped to the small village of Tupac Amaru that myself and ten others "happened" to be visiting for a few days. As Carlos helped Mya across a stream I asked him straight out "Did you and your friends kill that guy in Curiyacu?" He slowly turned and just looked at me with fear and sadness and guilt written all over his face. His silence was telling. Others in the village had told me that his picture and information was on the board in the Chazuta police station as one of those on the most wanted list.

I met Carlos the day before when brother Eddy Solano and I were doing some hut to hut evangelism and we came across five gangster types who were hanging out in a hut near the river. We didn't know what to expect from these young "punks" but as we started to share about "righteousness, self control and the judgement to come" they showed a lot of interest. They were very respectful and had a lot of questions. It was an awesome time of explaining Christ's love and standing in the gap between lost sinners and a holy God. After about 45 minutes of thoughtful conversation Carlos said: "I'm not from here, you're not from here, its amazing that you guys came to this village and this hut to talk with us about the most important message in the universe. I really needed this. This must be some kind of a divine appointment."

That night I preached open air in the village square and among those that came to listen were Carlos and his gangsters! They listened intently as I pleaded with lost souls to repent, trust in Christ and be reconciled to God. The next morning Carlos watched as Whily and Niki Cacho led our institute students in the children's work, He listened as Mark Mattix preached to the adults and he observed as I answered theological questions from the brothers and sisters.... Later that afternoon, while walking on the trail, as Carlos helped Mya navigate the mud and slippery rocks, he commented to me: "I want what you guys have in Christ." We talked more. He had lots of questions. I prayed for him. I gave him a New Testament for which he was very thankful. This is what missions is all about! I felt like I could only take him so far. I didn't want to pick unripe fruit. What better place to leave him than in God's hands? Please pray for Carlos and that God would do his regenerating work in his soul.

Missions quote for the day by Alistair Begg: "Our sins must be absolutely horrendous if it takes the death of God's only Son to fix it"

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