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Mobilizing the the saints in Tarapoto!

Last Saturday we loaded up the boat with about half of our church (40 saints) and journeyed into the jungle to visit one of our assemblies along the Huallaga river. It has been extremely encouraging to see the Tarapoto believers develop an evangelistic, missional mentality and a desire to preach the gospel in our part of the world! After about an hour in the boat we invaded "Achinamisa" with the gospel. We had whole families with their kids come along, there were singles, there were old people, there were young people and each person had a mission. "One way: Jesus! One Job: Evangelism!"

After a delicious meal of wild boar meat with yucca root, smashed plantains and lemon-grass tea we went to the main square for an open air meeting. Our "folkloric" group was a real hit and drew in a lot of listeners as they played their charangos, flutes and maracas. While we sang some of our Sunday school teachers rounded up about 100 children and took them to the church building where they held an exciting kids club. As we continued the open air service two of our leading brothers gave their testimonies which were followed by the youth group doing a thought-provoking skit about the return of Christ. I finished the meeting by proclaiming the gospel and warning unbelievers with Revelation chapter 22. I preached for about an hour from on top of a table and when my voice was gone and I had poured out my heart in pleading with poor sinners we ended by praying for and talking with many individuals. There's nothing better than opening the scriptures and working with souls on behalf of Christ!

The next day we had an awesome time with the church around the Lords table worshiping Him and remembering Christ in His death, burial and resurrection. What a privilege it is to be part of Christ's universal family! After the Lords supper one of our young men, Abram an "up and coming" leader in our church, preached a great message on unity which was a real encouragement to all. It is so exciting to see the Lord raising up many preachers and teachers and leaders in this assembly that God helped us to start about 8 years ago. After Abrams' message we went down to the river where I baptized brother Percy for whom we have been praying for a long time. His wife and kids have been a part of our church for several years now but Percy had always resisted coming to Christ. Finally about two months ago after much prayer and a work of the Holy Spirit in his life he repented and placed his faith in Jesus. It was an great moment for everyone that was watching from the shores as I baptized Percy on Sunday morning.

That river trip we did last weekend wasn't the only missions trip our church has done this month. The week before last I took about 30 believers from our Tarapoto church and drove 15 minutes to a nearby village by the name of "Bello Horizonte" to do a childrens meeting. We have been praying about starting a new work there and this was the first visible step. It was Incredible! I met with the mayor of the town a few days before to ask for permission and he responded by letting us use the municipality building and by offering to personally bring all the kids he could. When we arrived he had about 120 kids and 30 moms waiting for us! We went to work immediately! Some of our youth transformed into clowns, others taught the kids some gospel songs and still others led a bible lesson, all the while the men did door to door evangelism throughout the village. Please pray for Bello Horizonte!

In the midst of our river trips and local assembly work God has opened up other doors too. Just last week I had an incredible opportunity to visit one of the local public high schools that had been begging me to come and "fix" their drug and alcohol and fornication problems.... They gave me two hours to speak to the students.... about whatever I wanted.... I gave them the gospel. I'm not sure how to explain what happened.... It was incredible! I expected to be mocked and ridiculed but Instead there was an astonishing silence and great attention. When the time was up the students pleaded with me to keep preaching! When I talked with several individuals afterward they said that they had never heard anything like it before. Praise God for a clear work of the Holy Spirit! Please pray for those who heard the message that day.

Missions quote for the day by Count Nicolaus Ludwig von Zinzendorf: "I have but one passion: It is He, it is He alone. The world is the field and the field is the world; and henceforth that country shall be my home where I can be most used in winning souls for Christ."

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