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Torrential Evangelism!!

We have some exciting news, Friends and Family!

Sirens began to blare throughout Dubuque, an urgent tornado watch had
just been issued. The 400 people attending the Emmaus Iron Sharpens
Iron conference were herded down into bowels of the school. The tornado
had touched down about 20 miles northwest of our town and was headed our
way (so said the news). As soon as I heard what was going on I knew
that all of Dubuque would be sitting on the edge of their seats and the
conditions would be prime for some serious evangelism. Once I had made
sure that Amy and the kids were safe I grabbed a friend and we went out
to do some door-to-door. As evangelists we must make the most of
current events… and this was really current!

My friend Mike and I went through the pouring down rain across the
street and knocked at the first house. A middle-aged angry looking man
with his two pit-bulls answered the door. I could see his TV in the
living room was tuned to the tornado watch and so I said, "Sir, as
you know there is a tornado headed our way and my friend and I are
interested in hearing what people's thoughts are." I continued,
"Are you a bit worried?" He said, "Yeah I'm worried.
Anyone that's watching the news has to be worried." Then I
asked, "If that tornado hits Dubuque, destroys your house and kills
you, where do you think you would spend eternity?" He gave me an
incredulous look and said, "A tornado is headed our way, you guys
are soaking wet and you're knocking on doors talking about
eternity?!" I said, "What better time?"

After that we were able to fully share the gospel with this guy. He was
extremely open to spiritual things despite his appearance, and I'm
sure that the conversation would never have been possible without the
help of a tornado scare. Our time ended with the man being very
convicted, my friend and I being very wet and the tornado being very

And now on a very different note we are excited to let you know of our
upcoming plans. School is done and we are gearing up to go back to
Peru. We have decided to delay our trip 2 months and we'll be back
in Peru after the baby is born, around the middle of September. In the
mean time I (Micah) will take a trip to Peru to teach at IBEM (the Bible
Institute) and also to find a house for our family to settle into when
we all arrive. In these next three months we will be working, packing,
wrapping up ministries and visiting the Portland, OR area. See our next
letter for dates and details. Please pray for us as we gear up for
these next few very busy months.

Micah for the Tuttle's

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