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It's HOT in the jungle

Hey there!

We just thought we should tell you that we arrived safely with absolutely no problems. We did not get a flat tire, or run out of gas, or get buried by a landslide!! It was amazing. (Our camera broke, Mya´s diaper exploded and the kids were wrestling in the back seat for 2/3 of the way... but that´s besides the point. We´re here now, and happy :)

So, thank you for praying for us!

Last night, Micah met the group of believers here, that have relocated to the city from the churches along the river between here and Yurimaguas. They are a small group of 6 adults and 16 young people and meet in a really small house on the outskirts of the city. They are badly in need of another meeting place where they could meet more comfortably as well as add to their number.

In consideration of moving here, we´re trying to get a good look at the city. Today we´ve gone all around looking at different places to rent to get an idea of what there is, and for how much. We´ve been pleasantly surprised to find that there are in fact many options. There are lots of houses to rent but strangely it seems to be a lot more expensive than in Trujillo. In our search we´ve found a property/building that would be PERFECT for a church really close to where they are already meeting on a main road and 2 blocks away from a really cool house for rent. The property has a huge open building and room for a soccer field, and the house has a huge mango tree, an avocado tree and a lime tree... what else could we ask for?!

We continue to seek the Lord´s leading. We are strangely beginning to think that He must be leading us to win the lottery!! hahahah! We are convinced however that our God owns the cattle on a thousand hills, and if He leads, He will provide. And we would maintain that He is unaffected by economic recessions! Please continue to pray with us!

Micah and Amy

PS. I´m going to try and post some pictures soon, so go check the link below in the next couple of days:



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