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Prayer requested

Hello Friends and Family,

Life has been speeding along as usual. We've been pretty busy over the last couple months but things are just about to speed up! As I write, everything is packed and we're about to leave for another trip to the jungle... driving. That's actually what prompted me to write! Please, please pray again as we're headed back to the jungle.
Here are a few specific requests for this next week:

  • hat we'd see just what the Lord would have us to see; that we'd have open hearts
  • we'd meet the people that He wants us meet
  • that we'd be able to get a good idea if the Lord has work for us to do there
  • safe travel & health (20 hours in 2 days each way with 5 kids! ...hahahah, woohoo!)
The next few months are jammed packed, with hardly any breathing room.
Please pray for the following:
  • November -
    • classes for IBEM (Bible Institute), 4 weeks
  • December -
    • evangelistic campaign in Ayacucho, 1 week
    • conference in mtns (Chonta Alta), 1 week
    • short-termer from Houston for Christmas break, 2-3 weeks
  • January -
    • Capacitacion Biblica - Trujillo, 2 weeks
    • another jungle trip planned, 2 weeks
  • February -
    • classes for IBEM (Bible Institute), 4 weeks
    • Capacitacion Biblica - Yurimaguas, 2 weeks
In the midst of all of this we are considering the possibility of ministry in the jungle in the somewhat near future. Would you pray with us about that? Pray that the Lord would give wisdom and clear guidance. We really are slowly leaning in that direction, and just pray that the Lord would guide us patiently, as we try to be good sheep :) We want to do what He wants us to do. We may not be good at lots of things, but we want to do what we were made for. So we wait for Him, 'cause He's the one who knows us best of all.

We so covet your prayers.
Thank you for loving us,
Amy for all


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