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Chonta Alta with Micah Tuttle

Dear friends and family,

The cold fog swirled in around us as we rode our horses higher and higher up into the majestic Andes mountains. Javen, Cullen, myself and a few friends from Trujillo were on our way to the mountain village of "Chonta Alta". This village is situated at about 11,000 ft. above sea level and has an absolutely amazing view of towering peaks, emerald green valleys and fascinating rock formations. It is in that setting that we would spend the next 3 days preaching, teaching and distributing Bibles, clothes and medicine.

When we finally rode into camp we were greeted by about 200 brothers and sisters that had recently arrived from the surrounding villages (some having walked for more than six hours in order to hear the teaching). After we had shaken hands with countless people and eaten a fine meal of guinea pig and potatoes we quickly launched into a short five hour evangelistic meeting. That night we slept (tried to sleep) on hard boards in quite cold temperatures. The conference had officially begun!

The next day Steve Twinem (Canadian missionary friend) Ruben Quispe (Peruvian missionary friend) and myself (American missionary friend) took turns preaching in an accumulative 10 hours of meetings. Javen and Cullen had a good time being missionaries-in-training and helped in many ways. They participated by helping to teach the "campesino kids" a few songs, helped with the Bible story lessons, hiked all around the countryside with the other kids and ate Pringles and Oreos in the tent while I suffered through sheep guts soup in the church. It was a great time (besides the vomiting and headaches from altitude sickness) and the boys were saying that they want to go again at the next opportunity :)

Thank you for praying.

-Micah for the Tuttle's

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