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Dear Friends and Family,

Peruvian Food

Giant toasted ants taste a lot like bacon-flavored popcorn. Quite good. Much better than criadillas (sheep testicles) or mazato (chewed up yucca spit juice). Of course nothing beats ending the day with a good hot cup of coca tea (not "cocaine", but both do come from the coca leaf). Please pray that we* continue to not get sick from any of the strange things we* eat. J

*editor's note: should say, "...pray that Micah continues to not get sick from the strange things Micah eats"*


I love my wife! Amy and I celebrated 12 years of marriage last Saturday and in that time God has blessed us with 5 wonderful kids and given us an exciting life of ministry in Peru. Amy is a really amazing woman. First of all she walks with God and is truly a virtuous woman (an exact fit to Proverbs 31). Secondly, she not only puts up with me, she loves me too! Thirdly, she is the ultimate mom! I mean, I just really lucked out** when I married her! That's why we got married so young. I knew that I had to get the gold before someone else did. Please thank the Lord with me for my wonderful wife J

**editor's note: we don't believe in luck, but if we did, I (Amy) would be the lucky duck. And though I'm flattered, I fall far short of the ideal, that is Christ... perfection IS my goal through HIM though :) **


We just wrapped up a crazy 6 weeks of, maybe, too much ministry.*** Upon returning from a "spy out the land" trip to the jungle, we had an intensive month of training at the Bible Institute here. I taught Paul's missionary journeys and Bibliology. It has been great to invest in these Peruvian preachers, evangelists and missionaries. Please pray that God would continue to use them to His glory.

***editor's note: Despite being super busy, we did end the month wishing we had could have done more. It is an ever-changing process to learn how to best use our time to glorify HIM. So many things we could do at any given moment!***

This month I was also able to do a lot of one-on-one evangelism and open air preaching (this is extremely exciting and will infuse the Christian with all kinds of energy). This energy (God's fuel) has helped me to continue preaching in the jail, the drug rehab center and in several of the local churches. Altogether, I was able to preach or teach about 70 times last month. Please pray with us for my throat/vocal chords,as with all this usage, I've been struggling with throat/voice issues lately.

We thank all of you who pray for us and support us financially.

Please pray specifically that God would continue to provide for our needs in these uncertain times.

Micah for the Tuttle's

****final editor's note: See photos from this last month's trip to the jungle here:


These are the believers that are gathering in Tarapoto where we are considering moving to. We are standing in front of the property they've purchased to build a church on. The building will have to be demolished, it was severely damaged in an earthquake.


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