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busy, busy

Hey there Friends & Family!

We hope you are all relishing the winter! Maybe by now, you are more likely relishing thoughts of impending spring!? Well, we thought we'd give you an update from down south where we are thoroughly enjoying the long-awaited much longed for summer heat!

We are right in the middle of all the fun. January was spent getting ready for and teaching in Capacitacion Biblica here in Trujillo. Micah taught 1&2 Samuel over two weeks. Since then he's been finishing up preparations on his other two classes.

This last Sunday, Feb. 1st was the official start of the Institute AND the Capacitacion in the jungle is going on simultaneously! Micah will be teaching Apologetics next week in IBEM and then will go by bus and hopefully arrive in time to teach a condensed 1&2Samuel and Nehemiah in the jungle the next week. All the while, he's also the coordinator of practical studies at IBEM, so he's working out evangelistic events, work projects, involving the students in a variety of different ministries, etc, etc. So, busy, busy. Phfew! That's been fun! :)

We are still praying and dreaming of the jungle... please keep praying for us! As we get closer, we're looking at the possibility of spending several months there this year. Our goal would be to spy it out, give a boost to the believers there in Tarapoto, do at least one river trip (visiting the churches between Yuri and Tarapoto) and to capture a better idea of what ministry possibilities could be developed further in the future. Please pray specifically in this regard that if this is the next step in this Grand Adventure, that the Lord would put everything into place... financially, practically, etc.

As for family news, we are very much enjoying the fact that it is really warm here, and we want the kids to enjoy it too, so we bought a pool and boogie boards... now there's a way to help with the heat!! Mya is now walking and subsequently getting into everything. Javen is a huge help to us and is beginning to take interest in piano again as well as drawing Narnia characters. Siah is such a sweet boy and is learning his letters and numbers. Feb. 1st was also Bria's 6th birthday! She is learning to read and can now swim under water! Cullen is learning some guitar basics and does everything with all of his might, especially swimming and surfing! Amy continues to school the kids right through the summer albeit at a slightly relaxed pace. We are living FULL!

We're sorry this got kind of long. Maybe we should have combined it into two...
but we thank you for reading our news and please do pray for us - your prayers are so valuable!

In Christ,
Micah and Amy Tuttle


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