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Classes update

Dear friends and family,

Things at the Bible Institute are going well this month. Lots of studying, lots of evangelism and lots of fun. I just finished up with teaching an Apologetics course in which we learned to defend the Christian faith when dealing with Atheists, the cults, and the false religions of the world. After class each day we tried to put things into practice and went into the streets to do some evangelism. In five days we were able to give out more than a thousand tracts and share the gospel with hundreds of people.

Please pray for the remainder February´s classes here in Trujillo and this upcoming week of classes in Yurimaguas while I´m away from Amy and the kids.

-Micah Tuttle

Here's a link to a video we just uploaded onto youtube of the Institute... CLICK HERE or copy and paste the following address into your browser bar:



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