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Hey there!
Thanks SO much for all your prayers for us over this month, we sure have benefited from them!

* We're more than halfway done with the crazy month of February!
* More than half done with classes at the Institute...looking forward to our first graduation of students in the last week.
* And we're through the first half of Micah's 12-day stint in the jungle. Only 6 more days!! hooray!

He says things are going well, and I know they are, even so, I can still tell he's tiring out... even mile-a-minute Micah!!

He said on the phone last night, "I've had a headache pretty much every class. It's because I've been talking so fervently... it hurts your head to talk fervently for two hours." He's been teaching 4 hours a day.

Please pray for us on both ends. Pray that Micah would present those things that would cause most growth in the students and that he'd be relying on the Lord for strength. Pray that I would also have endurance and be able to accomplish the most important things while he's gone.

I wish I had pictures to share with you from there... maybe we can figure that out in the next day or two.

Love you all,
In Him,
Amy on behalf of the rest of us


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