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Ready for rest

Dear friends and family,

Javen, Cullen and I have just arrived back from a trip to the jungle where I was teaching at a Bible conference. I also preached in several churches, evangelized in the markets and tried to encourage believers in some of the villages along the river. The boys had lots of fun searching for giant boa skins, swinging on palm tree branches, playing soccer, eating ice-cream, chasing rats and swimming in the river.

Several of the men who studied at the conference traveled for 3 days to get the Bible teaching. Two of the men who live up river cut down some trees, lashed them together, piled the raft high with bananas, jumped on and just let the current take them down towards town. After 24 hours of floating on the mighty Huallaga they arrived at the towns port, sold the bananas and with their earnings paid for the classes.

The area of the jungle we were in is where Bert and Colleen Elliot worked for many, many years. There are lots of small assemblies in the region. Now (20 years after the Elliot's left the area) there is a real need to train a new generation of leaders, elders, pastors, and national missionaries. The students, the churches, and the villages were hungry for God's word so there were plenty of opportunities. I love to preach and teach the bible and that's what I did last week ….. about 45 times. Now I'm quite tired and ready for a rest.

Micah Tuttle

Editor's note: We've been waiting on a youtube video to upload to attach a link to this e-mail, but it is taking forEVER (13hrs so far), so we'll send that along as soon as it is ready :)

Oh yeah, this is cool. Just a little nervous about tipping...

After falling out of the dugout ;) heheheh.


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