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Soul Fishing and Opposition

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord,

"Too often we are content to be keepers of the aquarium

and never go out to be fishers of men."

With those words in mind I try to make a conscious effort to get out there and evangelize as possible. The last few weeks I have been given several opportunities for both one on one and open-air evangelism. The devil doesn't like it when we engage in serious soul fishing and for that reason he sometimes sends opposition.

While open air preaching in the last few weeks the opposition has come in different ways. Once it was an angry drunk yelling that we all must keep the Sabbath. On another occasion a man did us a great service by telling me to shut up and then threatened me with his big boa constrictor (that made the crowd double in size instantly). There was also an American tourist who began cursing me in English, but when I asked him to explain, in Spanish, why he was so upset he promptly went away.

My favorite opposition of the week was a man who turned a one on one conversation into a full on open-air meeting without even realizing he was doing it… I was sharing with one man who was seated on a bench in the plaza when another man came over to listen for a while. After about five minutes he called out to a group of people nearby and said, "Hey, come listen to this lying gringo, he is fooling everyone into believing the Bible." Immediately a crowd began to gather and for the next half hour that same man kept going around telling everyone to come listen the liar gringo. It was great! I preached the law, righteousness, judgment to come, repentance, and faith in Jesus Christ and the entire time the crowd grew bigger and bigger. Please pray that the gospel would bear fruit.

-Micah for the Tuttle's

PS. We've had at least 4 people (that we know of) in the last month show up for church on a Sunday, who have come
as a result of our invitation at the plaza. Praise the Lord! Pray that He would continue to bring them
and that they would recognize their need of a Savior.


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