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Urgent prayer requested


Please be in prayer the next few days for the following items:

Most urgently, we ask you to pray right now for God's healing for our dear little friend Dorcas. A friend and co-laborer just called us to ask for prayer for his little 5 year old daughter Dorcas. She has had an excessive fever that they just cannot get to come down. They've ruled out malaria and dengue, but the doctors can't figure out what she has besides it being in her blood. The word cancer was mentioned, but we have no details yet. They will fly her to Lima in the morning to see what there is to be done. The family lost one son a few years ago (he died near his first birthday) and only 2 months ago they welcomed a new baby boy, they have 3 girls. Please pray for a sense of the Lord's sweet comforting presence and of course for complete healing. As would be expected it is weighing heavily on the mother's heart.

Secondly, and not AS important, but still pretty important is the following...
Many of you know that we have been planning an extended trip to the jungle, April - June. For the last several months, we have been praying, and working in that direction. Well, this last rainy season, there was a larger than normal landslide on the only road to that city (there are landslides ALL the time, but apparently this was a bigger one). We have recently heard rumors that they will be closing the road to only commercial traffic for the next three months, starting next week. This could be not true, or if true it either means that God is closing the door, or He is saying, hurry up! Today when we were talking with our friends in Tarapoto, they hadn't heard about any road closure, but they had found a great house for us to rent near the church. So, please pray for clear guidance in these next days as we make this decision.

Dependent on Grace,
the Tuttles

Here's a picture of Mariano in front of the crowd at an open-air evangelistic meeting with Micah in the market a few months ago. Dorcas is his youngest daughter.


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