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Hey there all,

Yesterday we heard from Dorcas' dad that she is stablized! She's not out of trouble, but her body's defenses have kicked in at least a little and her parents are able to relax ever so slightly. We wanted to contribute to their expenses and they don't even have their own account to make a deposit into, so they are borrowing someone's bank account! It is so foreign an idea to us not to have a bank account isn't it? We thought it was sweet. :) Please keep praying for her.

Plans are also falling into place for our trip. According to the Ministry of Transportation the road closure rumor is myth. So, we continue to plow ahead with plans and hope to have things together by next week to travel. We are anxious to see several houses that our friends there have found for rent/to buy. One they said is a missionary's house that has recently moved and even has all the furniture! Wow, wouldn't that be a blessing. God is generous... and WE are His children, praises, praises!

Amy for all

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