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Tuttles in Tarapoto

We've received many inquiries on our status...
And, by God's grace, we are alive! :)

I'm just going to give a quick sum up here. Of course, we want to
encourage you, that you are free to e-mail us, as always, at any time,
with whatever else you want to know!

We arrived in Tarapoto! after 4 days of travel (normally 2) - Car broke
down, and landslide problems.

Once in Tarapoto, we stayed 3 nights in a hotel.

Found a house, unfurnished - the others wouldn't allow less than a year
contract :( - but it is a block away from the church, big and nice,
which means nice floors and ceilings with no cracks for creatures and
such to get in. Though as I'm typing, I just killed a good sized
spider... I can't figure out where it came from, urgh!

Spent the first 3-5 days getting screens put on all the open windows,
foam mattresses to sleep on, a fan for each bedroom, a two burner
stovetop, water.

Meetings every day. Getting to know the believers and their situation
here. The neighbors also - there are millions of little kids who are
ALWAYS outside our house playing marbles or soccer, ringing our
doorbell, asking for our kids, etc, etc. *(millions might be a slight
exaggeration... emphasis on slight. But they are ALWAYS outside our
house - rain or shine)

We have our first guests since Thursday and probably at least until
Monday. (Mariano and daughter Dorcas)

As of today, we now have phone and internet installed... Micah thought
this necessary, I kind of enjoyed the simplicity of the
unplugged/isolated life :)

So, there you have it!

Please keep praying.
We are ever aware of our need for the Lord's grace and power in all

the Tuttles in Tarapoto


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