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Update on Dorcas

Praise the Lord with us! Dorcas is well. She and her dad, Mariano are staying with us here in Tarapoto this weekend on their way back home from Lima. All roads, rivers, airports are blocked to their town because of a strike. Please pray that the Lord would open the way for them to get back home, they've been 3 weeks away (remember that Mariano's wife stayed at home with their newborn son - 2 1/2 months old, and other daughter).

Her family has really felt your prayers and are truly thankful for the Lord's healing. Everything seems perfect. The doctors suspected leukemia, heart trouble, and/or other problems, but the tests have ruled everything out!! Yay! Praise the Lord. They will follow up with more tests in a month to confirm.

I just wanted to let you all know that your prayers have been effective.

Also, the technician installed internet in our house this morning (another miracle ;) - they said it would be at least a month!), after less than a week. So... we'll be able to be better in touch with the world and fill you in on all that's happening here.

By His Grace,

the Tuttles in Tarapoto



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