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Just a quick note, as we know that you all are busy people...

The mototaxistas have let up on their strike giving the government a week or so to resolve the problem! The natives continue to be restless, but we've heard there's a meeting in Lima today hopefully with a resolution coming in the next days. Chicken prices are still through the roof! And we were SO glad to get out of the house today for the first time in 5 days!! :)

With open roads, we were able to take Micah to the hospital to confirm that he does have Dengue. The doctor said that was good news because the alternative was something that has a tendency to go on for a longer time. My dizziness seems to have disappeared for the time being! Yay! Praise the Lord!

The airport is now open and flights are available if we end up needing to go with that option... just so costly. But preferably, this week the road will clear, and we'll jump at the first chance to drive to Trujillo. We're hoping the car won't complain. We have things that we need to get in order there... particularly, Sam, our poor orphan dog. Though we've heard from friends that he is doing just fine ;) After a week or two in Trujillo, we hope to be back here again until July (IBEM in Trujillo).

So there you have it, your prayers have been effective, and we are super thankful for the reprieve!

the Tuttles

PS. Below are some pictures of a trip we took to Laguna Azul on our family day last week... probably where Micah got sick?!

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