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A turnaround in plans

Thank you all so much for praying for us!

Here's what happened today...
We worked all morning, and got the car all packed up. We wrote you all an e-mail as we headed out the door, got lunch and snacks for the road and were driving out of the city, when Micah decided that he really didn't feel good about going. I'm sure that the Lord was influencing this decision, even though it was a little bit disappointing after having got all ready and looking forward to seeing loved ones in Trujillo.

All morning, Micah had been in touch with the office that keeps track of the road conditions in Peru. Just as we were headed out, they informed us that it didn't look like the new roadblock would be lifted today afterall, possibly not even tomorrow (which might put us at risk of not being able to re-enter Tarapoto because of the mototaxista strike scheduled for Monday). They then also informed us that part of the road will only be open from 6pm-6am, because of repairs... so in light of this, Micah decided that we will not go back to Trujillo now, but in all likelihood wait until July (our regularly scheduled return).

Who knows but that perhaps the Lord is protecting us from some disaster that could have befallen us on the road today... we'll just never know 'til we get Home.

Thanks again for praying,
We'll be in touch.

Now we'll get back to our regularly scheduled programming :)

the Tuttles

PS. We hope that sending out this many updates isn't getting TOO annoying... but we're glad if it reminds you to pray for us more, even if you're praying that we'd stop filling up your inbox!!! ;)

This photo was taken not far outside of Tarapoto the other day... that is one really big rock!
Here's some more fun road scenarios... you know, just the normal everyday kind of stuff...
boulders in the road, pavement falling out, and gigantic landslides! heheh.

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