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5-Day River Trip

Micah is off down river again.. or is it up river? I'm sorry that I do NOT know the exact terms. I've got to become more informed of these technicalities!

Anyway, the team, consisting of my two eldest children {insert muffled sob}, 4 believers from Trujillo (including one fabulous doctor), 1 American boy (volunteer at the orphanage in Trujillo), a Tarapotino boy and Micah, left this morning by car. They arrived early in Chazuta and will have by this time already taken to the river from there making a stop in one village each day for the next 5 days. They've planned evangelistic meetings, doctor visits, children's meetings and general visitation/encouragement of the saints. Lord willing, they'll end up in Yurimaguas Friday night, and take a car back here Saturday morning. I miss them already!

Please pray for...
Safety {in particular for my little chicks}
The Lord to work mightily in and through the different team members, we know He wants to!
Smooth travels and the working out of all the small details involved

Thanks so much!

PS. I've written another thankful post about their departure, with a few pictures, on my personal blog, you can read that HERE.


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