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See us from space

Okay, by request I have worked on getting a picture on Google Earth so that you can see not only our house from space, but also where Micah is currently on the river! If you zoom in far enough maybe you'll even see Micah in the boat... heheheh. Just kidding.

Technology is SO cool :)

Here are the still shots:
Google Earth Image
(click maps to see enlarged images)
Google Earth Image
The first photo is the zoomed out version where you can see Trujillo, Cajamarca, etc.
You'll notice how we are on the edge of nothing but jungle. The second one is more zoomed in and you can see Tarapoto and Yurimaguas as well as markers along the river where Micah is at this moment.

Now, something REALLY cool... If you have Google Earth on your computer, you could even watch a little video tour I made today! If you have Google Earth software on your computer, you can download this little file RIGHT HERE, (right click and save file to your desktop, then click on it and it will open up in Google Earth**) and you will see where we live!! You can then use the little toggle on the right to zoom out from there and see where Micah is right now on the river! Wowza. Technology!


*(you must have the google earth software on your computer for the video tour to work)


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