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River trip report

Dear friends and family,

Javen, Cullen and I got back the other day from our very exciting river trip. Our team of nine people visited five villages in five days as we tried to make the most of our time. In each one of those villages a doctor friend who went along with us set up his clinic and treated the sick form morning till evening. Each day’s ministry consisted of six hours of Bible teaching for the believers, hut to hut evangelism, a children’s meeting, a women’s meeting, a men’s meeting, an elder’s meeting, and an evangelistic open air meeting where most of the villagers came out to listen. There were several professions of faith and in one village I was able to baptized five new believers. Pray with us that they would grow in our Lord Jesus Christ.

The believers took good care of us feeding us their best foods: Wild jungle pig, armadillo, piranha, and big, juicy, furry worms called “Awiwa”. Yum! We slept comfortably (although not very much) in our tents for which I was very thankful. The tent kept out the rats which you could hear scurrying around all night long.

Javen and Cullen had a lot of fun swimming, hiking in the jungle and going on numerous boat rides. They even got to take a shower in a hot water spring waterfall! On the ministry side of things they did great job helping to plan and lead the children’s meetings and also working a bit as the doctor’s assistants.

Thank you for your prayers and your financial support which make it possible to do these things. Please pray especially for my voice that is now suffering the results of preaching for six hour’s each day for six days straight.

John Wesley said: “You have nothing to do but to save souls. Therefore spend and be spent in this work. And go not only to those that need you but to those that need you the most. It is not your business to take care of this or that society; but to save as many souls as you can, to bring as many sinners as you possibly can to repentance.”

Micah for the Tuttle’s

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